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Perpetual Groove – Teakwood Betz

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From Perpetual Groove on their album Sweet Oblivious Antidote.

Check them out at www.pgroove.com

Duration : 0:7:34

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25 Responses to “Perpetual Groove – Teakwood Betz”

  1. lucylmf123 Says:

    BOONE 420 :))))
    BOONE 420 :))))

  2. JalenDKellum6 Says:

    im going to one of …
    im going to one of their concerts may 7th with my brother. this band is legit as hell

  3. djm90099 Says:

    word, I was front …
    word, I was front and center, they are sick live

  4. SledgePledge Says:

    saw them tonight …
    saw them tonight blazin
    good shit

  5. MainTightSqueeze Says:

    All Good here I …
    All Good here I come woooo!

  6. dubstepN2death Says:

    goin to see em …
    goin to see em tonight :)

  7. 11986chloe Says:

    This years All Good …
    This years All Good line up is soo sickk!

  8. NanisCamila Says:

    They will be in …
    They will be in BOONE on 4/20 😉

  9. kmk4life86 Says:

    cant wait 2 see …
    cant wait 2 see these dude at ALL GOOD 2010 YE YEEE

  10. CNasty3C Says:

    my favorite song of …
    my favorite song of all time fersure i doont care what ur on its always perfect

  11. Will1am123 Says:

    hey check out my …
    hey check out my videos and subscribe if you like! thank you

  12. joerover22 Says:

    greenville …
    greenville tennessee im assuming

  13. ironman0528 Says:

    what state?
    what state?

  14. dreamofjeanie22 Says:

    GVegas? FOr life …
    GVegas? FOr life!!!

  15. awesomefrankrapid Says:

    song makes me wanna …
    song makes me wanna trip harder than a rock

  16. dudewattf Says:

    nigga you high as …
    nigga you high as fuck.

  17. SofaKing18 Says:

    optical illusion
    optical illusion

  18. turbodub501 Says:


  19. turbodub501 Says:

    no thats just the …
    no thats just the acid lol or maybe thats just me..

  20. househead25 Says:

    trippin balls homie
    trippin balls homie

  21. tdmiriello Says:

    is that pic moving …
    is that pic moving or is it just me???

  22. str8ripa16 Says:

    5:25 is insane
    5:25 is insane

  23. xFamousI Says:

    saw pgroove tonight …
    saw pgroove tonight, was tightt

  24. guns2flowers99 Says:

    favorite song ever
    favorite song ever

  25. brealistic1970 Says:

    Though the …
    Though the beginning of this song makes my stupid cat crazy (-er than normal).

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