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Wood Floor Restore – The all in one DIY kit to restore your floor

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Wood floor restore is a new innovative all in one kit that enables the homeowner to restore an old wooden floor to its original glory in three easy to follow steps. The kit includes everything needed to bring about a professional result bar the sanding machines thus doing away with the need for flooring professionals saving hundreds of pounds! http://diywoodfloorrestore.co.uk/

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Hardwood Floor Dustless Sanding

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checking out in detail wood floor sanding with a dustless system at a near Beverly Hills home

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Installing & Sanding Hardwood Flooring

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This is a straight forward install, site sand and finish of a 2 1/4″ x 3/4″ common White Oak hardwood floor right on the coast of North Carolina. What a great view!

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Floor Refinishing Cost

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What’s involved refinishing a hardwood floor, how much does it cost, should you do it yourself or hire a floor sander. Learn more at http://www.diyornot.com

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Hardwood Floor Refinishing – Sanding by Service Doctor Northwest Indiana

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Call Today (888) 588-5655 for a FREE ESTIMATE
5150 E US30 Merrillville Indiana
Hardwood floors add beauty and value to your home, and refinishing is the best way to enhance and preserve that beauty. Traditional hardwood floor sanding is typically an extremely dusty process—a dust-storm in your home, lingering dust in your air-ducts, and a clean-up headache that feels like it will never end. But there is a cleaner, healthier and faster process with Atomic Dust Containment Systems from BonaKemi.

The innovative concept of the Atomic DCS® is to have powerful vacuum motors connected to all of the sanding equipment, virtually eliminating the airborne dust generated from the sanding process. The Atomic Dust Containment Systems are the most advanced and powerful dust containment systems available, reducing dust far beyond what the traditional sanding process generates.

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TUTORIAL How to refinish hardwood floors video. The sanding machines, abrasives and know how, explaining how to sand and finish your hardwood flooring. http://www.abawoodflooring.ie

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Recoating a Hardwood Floor

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This is an example of a recoat of an antique Southern Heart Pine hardwood floor. Recoating is a cheaper option to sanding and refinishing your hardwood floor. Having said this, keep in mind that not all floors can be recoated. The type of surface finish that is currently on your floor, floor board servicability and expectations are all factors that play into the decision of recoating. A recoated floor will NOT look like a refinished floor. A recoat will apply a new “top coat” of finish on your floor and should get you another 2-5 years before requiring a refinish.

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Hardwood Flooring: Staining & Refinishing

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What a beautiful home on a private inlet on the East coast in Wilmington, NC. This is a White Oak hardwood floor in need of updating. The finish that was on the floor was peeling in areas and high traffic areas were wearing with unbalanced sheen levels. The stain color was changed a bit and the sheen level was changed from high gloss to semi-gloss.

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Wood Refinishing the Nhance Way. Cabinets, Floors & More

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This video will give you a better idea of what the Nhance Revolutionary Wood Renewal Process is and how it is leaps and bounds better than traditional wood refinishing.

N-Hance addresses the long-standing dilemma for home and business owners with a significant investment in wood floors, cabinets and trim: what do you do when it stops looking beautiful?

The traditional solution was to do NOTHING. Once your wood reached the place where it looked terrible, your only solution was to move out of your home or business for three to seven days while sanders and refinishers would grind off the original finish, and top layer of wood, before refinishing with a petroleum-based varnish. What a mess! Not to mention, toxic!

Moving back in, you can appreciate the beauty of your almost-as-good-as-new floors, cabinets and trim, but must ignore the fact that wood-dust has penetrated every nook and cranny. And there’s a lingering petroleum odor giving you a headache.

Years of research into water-based polyurethane led to the perfecting of a suite of products which offer the home and business owner a new way to regain the original beauty of their wood.

N-Hance can help you restore the beauty of your wood while protecting the wood long before damage occurs. Beauty and protection all in one shot! Sanding is now a thing of the past.

For more info check out www.nhance.com

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Hardwood Floor & Cabinet Refinishing Solution. NHANCE!!

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Wood Refinishing
Enjoy beautiful wood floors and wood cabinets without dust, mess or harmful odors, in just 24 hours and at a fraction of the cost of traditional wood refinishing.

No Dust
Our revolutionary process practically eliminates sanding, which means no dust. Unlike traditional wood floor and cabinet refinishing, with N-Hance, there’s no need to cover your furniture, seal off rooms or vacate your home for days. You’ll be back on your floor the same day and your dust wand can stay in the closet!

No Mess
When we’re finished you won’t be juggling furniture and adjusting your lifestyle to accommodate the lasting mess associated with traditional cabinet and floor refinishing. We are in and out in one day. You are then free to enjoy your beautiful wood floors or cabinets.

No Odors
Our process is relatively odorless compared to the gagging fumes of stains and sealers used by the old wood floor and cabinet re-finishing process. With the N-Hance process, you’ll breathe easier from start to finish.

For more info visit www.nhance.com
Call for a free estimate today!

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