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Cool Concrete Kitchen Floor-DIY

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See a gorgeous acid-etched concrete floor installed in a kitchen. This video is part of Rock Solid show hosted by Dean Marcisco, Dean Marsico, Derek Stearns . SHOW DESCRIPTION :They’re expert masons and real-life comedic cousins, and they’re only on DIY Network’s Rock Solid! With irreverent humor, practical jokes, and luckily for us, lots of masonry expertise, Derek Stearns and Dean Marsico show you how to build sturdy stone top tables, sensational outdoor showers, fabulous fire pits, and rare rock gardens. This is not your average do-it-yourself show, but Derek and Dean ensure every project is Rock Solid.

Duration : 0:2:56

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Hardwood floor installation

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Our hardwood floors being installed. Time lapse photography over an 8 hour period set to “Powerhouse” by Raymond Scott. Camera was a Nikon 8700 set to a 5 minute interval.

Duration : 0:0:31

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Install Quick-Step Laminate Flooring 1

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Quick-step laminate flooring is very cool laminate flooring brand. Here are first part of how to install it guide. The process is very easy

Duration : 0:6:13

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Housekeeping Tips : How to Make Hardwood Floors Shiny

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Making hardwood floors shiny requires cleaning them with water and vinegar, which helps to disinfect the floor, but wood conditioning treatments can also be used periodically. Keep hardwood floors looking new with a demonstration from a professional home cleaner in this free video on housekeeping.

Expert: Rachel Yatuzis
Contact: www.greenkleeninc.com
Bio: Rachel Yatuzis is a professional house cleaner in Nashville, Tenn., specializing in using everyday household items for cleaning purposes.
Filmmaker: Tim Brown

Duration : 0:3:9

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LP Engineered Wood in the Colleyville ECO House

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LP Building Products “I beams” are installed in the Colleyville ECO House.


Watch in this video higher quality here:

Duration : 0:2:27

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Home Improvement Projects : How to Install Wood Fences

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To install wood fences, locate where each main post will be, dig holes three times the post diameters, secure each post in poured concrete and locate where the gates of the fence will be. Use extra runners to reinforce a wood fence gate with advice from a licensed remodeling contractor in this free video on home maintenance.

Expert: Tim Gipson
Contact: www.inhisstepsremodeling.com
Bio: Tim Gipson is a home repair specialist and remodeling contractor in Franklin, Tenn.
Filmmaker: Tim Brown

Duration : 0:2:53

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Easy Engineered Wood Floor

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Learn the basics for installing a new engineered wood floor.

Duration : 0:5:34

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