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i need a chatchy name for my new business fitting laminate and solid wood flooring?

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im going to be providing a service to residential customers supplying and fitting laminate and solid wood flooring,the number one brand of flooring i would prefer to supply is called quick step and has the uniclick locking system on it.my business will be based in denton greater manchester.

The floor store with a whole lot more.

12 Responses to “i need a chatchy name for my new business fitting laminate and solid wood flooring?”

  1. Ericka Starlight Says:

    how about, I’ve got wood?
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  2. oh my! Says:

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  3. Matt P Says:

    The floor store with a whole lot more.
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  4. BRAEDEN Says:

    Summit Flooring or Solid Laminate…Sounds Cathy doesn’t it…The way I did it was make a list of 20 -30 Company Names come up with a logo, a moto and the whole nine yards before you make your decision, finally and most importantly get lots of input from prospective customers….
    Good Luck!!!
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    Multi-Million Dollar Business

  5. A Military Veteran Says:

    Seems like you are a technical carpenter type.

    Don’t tie it to product, since technology will change. Look at how neon is replacing bulbs.

    Obviously you didn’t go with Denton Flooring. 😉

    Floor doesn’t seem to rhyme. So the attributes of wood or feet or walking.

    Flooring isn’t romantic, like a car, so just saying flooring. nope.
    Something fun, desirable…

    How about Happy Feet Flooring?

    Play up the English Angle..

    Sherwood Floorist?

    Cheers, hey? Seems cute to a yank , here. My wife likes it.

    Hardwood Floorist?

    Hollywood Floorist? maybe with a film theme.. floors of the stars, that "money is no object" type. What is your market?

    Valentine Floorist. Buy a floor for your loved one… Sorry, I can sell a coffin to live people, But I’d imagine selling floors is tougher.

    Good luck, Cheers!
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  6. SALSA Says:

    "Gotcha covered"
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  7. cantwellsam Says:

    Wood Floors-we go down for you!


    Hard As A Rock Wood Floors


    We Have Wood To Fill Your Gaps
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  8. tumbleweed Says:

    How about calling your new company Stepping Up or Floor Masters? You can even combine those two names. Another suggestion might be to use the name Stride right Flooring. Good luck with your new company.
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  9. amadeus Says:

    "Cloud Nine Flooring"
    "Floors To You"
    "The World’s #1 Floors"

    Hope these help.

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  10. gumy bear Says:

    Walk On Wood
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  11. vio_prince Says:

    The Floor Store
    Laminate ~ Solid Wood.

    put the board in this order, pavimento means floor in Italian, then explain what the store is about in ‘the floor store’ , and then ur materials, laminate and solid wood
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  12. Jack Says:

    We take the boring out of flooring.
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