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How To Install Hardwood Floors

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Let Lowes help you install your hard wood floors.

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25 Responses to “How To Install Hardwood Floors”

  1. beendanked Says:

    @floorsander1951 – …
    @floorsander1951 -what dont you like about bruce?

  2. jriveaux Says:

    very goog …
    very goog information

  3. venturec Says:

    great video
    great video

  4. Renchmonkee Says:

    xPilotxHellfire, I …
    xPilotxHellfire, I wouldn’t be so cocky if I were you. LEARN HOW TO SPELL!!! It’s “through”, not “threw”. You nail “through” something, and if you throw a? football, you “THREW” it! Got that, Newbie? It’s a free tip…you’re welcome.

  5. ajhnson Says:

    No joke there! I …
    No joke there! I used to work in the business 15 years ago and even the owners of the business talked about how “Bruce Wood Flooring” sucked. It was a common knowledge.

  6. floorsander1951 Says:

    lowe’s and home …
    lowe’s and home depot sell bruce flooring sucks!!!!!!!!

  7. Usernameinvalid16 Says:

    I like lowes so …
    I like lowes so much better than home depot?

  8. tuffman832000 Says:

    I’m a floor man…. …
    I’m a floor man…………. and why the are you worried about expansion if your nailing the boards eh? It aint gonna move son! ya nailed it durrrr!

  9. slashman5 Says:

    how many times do …
    how many times do you nail it in

  10. uncoverbrother Says:

    exactly! “nail …
    exactly! “nail threw the tongue”? wtf?

  11. enid0116 Says:

    If you’re going to …
    If you’re going to have an attitude, then at least spell correctly. Now who’s the ‘newbie’ now!

  12. xPilotxHellfire Says:

    its ok.. i know …
    its ok.. i know your going to use the way i said now.. its a free tip.. ur welcome

  13. valkhorn Says:

    Thanks for being a …
    Thanks for being a jerk!

  14. xPilotxHellfire Says:

    How about not even …
    How about not even nailing threw the top like a retard newbie..
    Brad nail threw the tongue till you can’t angle it enough to go threw the tongue without coming threw the bottem of the tongue. then glue the last rows. pull it tight, put shims against the wall.. and put a box on the floor where its glued.. take out the shims after an hour and do quarter round. your welcome for the daily tip.. newbie

  15. xPilotxHellfire Says:

    As long as the vent …
    As long as the vent flange covers the hardwood complently and theres no gaps.

  16. xPilotxHellfire Says:

    I glue the first 2 …
    I glue the first 2 rows away from the wall. Brad nailing the first row close to the wall enough to be covered by quarter round and brad nailing threw the tongue. I do 5 more rows with the Hardwood floor nailer I put a box of wood on the glued peices…

  17. xxlaosdudexx Says:

    man who da …
    man who da uses nail n a hammer to put down da quarter round when u have nail guns lol

  18. janafortune Says:

    you said wood… 😀
    you said wood… 😀

  19. thebrickinator Says:

    you could use 2″ …
    you could use 2″ micro pins, with some pl premium.

  20. splitlevel Says:

    listen to what he …
    listen to what he said. The pneumatic nailer wont be able to be flush against the planks… it will bump against the wall. the planks need to be held down so face nailing is your only option.

  21. brieghz1 Says:

    I have looked at a …
    I have looked at a few different videos on this and this one has been very helpful! This is my first hardwood floor and I had questions about the spacing of the face nailing and going around the vents. Thank-you!

  22. valkhorn Says:

    Pre drill is always …
    Pre drill is always a good practice when nailing any finished wood product. The last thing you want to do is split the wood when nailing anything and pre-drilling always prevents that.

  23. bfunkyp Says:

    simple and VERY …
    simple and VERY helpful.
    Thank you Lowes.

  24. thefiresinside16 Says:

    the second row you …
    the second row you could nail through the tongue, but if you nailed just through the tongue on the first row there wouldn’t be anything to hold the back of the boards down which makes it easier for them to buckle

  25. thebrickinator Says:

    why face nail the …
    why face nail the first two, when there is a tongue?

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