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Laminate Flooring (Pergo) Vs. ‘Real’ Wood Flooring Question?

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Hello, My wife has decided that we need new flooring in our house. I have done several Pergo/Trafficmaster laminate wood floors at my buddies & friends houses & was wondering how much harder it would be to lay a real wood floor (like those at lumber liquidators)… They look soooo much nicer . . but I have never done one. I am very handy & enjoy working on these types of things . . so if it isn’t night and day tougher I would imagine that I will go for it. Any tips on laying it . . deals on buying it . . would be sure to help me… Thanks!

My opinion, get the real wood, hire a guy who’s laid tons of them and ask to be his helper on the project. You will spend some, save tons, learn a lot and end up with a floor thats REALLLY NICE!!!!! Stew

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  1. marduk D Says:

    they are only slightly harder to lay than pergo, but require so much more maintenance and initial varnishing and coating that i would stick with pergo unless your house is a showplace.
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  2. Stew Says:

    My opinion, get the real wood, hire a guy who’s laid tons of them and ask to be his helper on the project. You will spend some, save tons, learn a lot and end up with a floor thats REALLLY NICE!!!!! Stew
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  3. brambo40 Says:

    most pre-finisned products have plywood construction, look for the thickest surface ply that u can find as it is the area that matters most, you will want it to be thick enough to refinish and or at least touch -up as well as resist warping if it gets really wet. installing at an angle ( 45 degrees to adjacent walls) will help to hide any out of square walls .
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  4. applpro Says:

    If you’re talking about real 3/4" hardwoods, the only difference is you have to lay roofing felt over the floor & rent a nailer (it’s made specially for this-you strike it with a hammer) for attaching the boards.
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  5. jc1129_us Says:

    first of all there is no substitute for the beauty of natural wood. if you don’t have kids and pets, it’s definately the way to go.

    if you are going over a wood subfloor, you have two options. 1: solid wood 2: engineered wood
    over a concrete subfloor, you must use engineered.
    engineered wood floors can be glued directly, or nailed with a hardwood floor nailer
    solid wood cannot be glued directly.

    If you have installed laminate flooring before, the layout process isn’t much different. in fact the only difference is that harwood will be fastened directly to the subfloor and not floating on a piece of foam.
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  6. Lionel Says:

    Hardwood flooring, particularly OAK, has nothing to do with that laminate thing… It’s so beautiful… Might be a little bit harder to lay, but so much more enjoyable, a real handcraft job. if you have already a wood floor you can just nail it on top and across, you can get some special threshold for the extra thickness. if you have a cement floor, you will have to built a wooden frame out of 1×2, put lengths every 16-18 inches both ways to make a "quadrille", then nail it with a special compressed air gun with special nails. It goes to an angle on the tongue in between the boards, so it doesn’t show when finish … Once laid, you will need a minimum of 3 coats of varnish(satin or brilliant, no mat !). They say one coat per person plus one, but, if you have 10 people living in the house, that would be 11 coats ! With a max of 6 coats, you should be good. A good sanding in between, and the little tip, after sanding, every coat, wipe the dust off with a dump cotton cloth, and let it dry good… it cleans the dust off good, and opens the grain of the wood for the varnish to penetrate deeper, better long lasting ! The first sanding, after laid, is very important. After that if you do it well taking you time, you’ll only have to re-varnish every 12-15 years(according to the household), one good coat, and your floor will last for ever !!!
    That’s it.. i hope it will help you, but anyway you wanna do it, GO FOR IT ! You won’t regret it…
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