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help with real hard wood flooring?

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i have real hard wood flooring and was told at the hard ware store to use murphy’s oil soap to clean it…well now there is a film on the floor that won’t come off….any suggestions for cleaning?

Your floors were coated with shellac. Water whitens shellac. Go over the floor with mineral spirits, that’ll remove the cloudyness.

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  1. LilSo1287 Says:

    That’s weird I have also used Murphy’s Oil Soap and didn’t notice anything. At the moment I use Pine – Sol which works great it gives a great shine and really deodorizes the whole house.
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  2. chupa Says:

    Is it a Ghosty White? If so Let it dry for a while and it should clear up. Other than that I would say to use a mild cleaner if they are new and have a clearcoat finish on them.
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  3. Jennifer W Says:

    do a google search for "Queen of Clean" or visit http://www.flylady.com and email her this question.
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  4. coconut Says:

    use vinegar and water. makes it very shiny and of course doesn’t leave any type of film. To get the murphys stuff off use a stronger concentration of vin/h2o and let it sit for a while
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  5. Ty Says:

    I would use a dewaxer. these tend to take your cleaning products off and are able to start fresh. then I would use a almond oil or even something as simple as zeps hardwood/laminate cleaner. this will give you a streak free shine and no build ups. I know there is a product from the company that does Oxi clean. I cant remember thename of it though., but I know it works.

    Remember do not let a water type solution sit on your floor, this will cause it to soak into the cracks that may not have a good coating of sealer on it and cause warping thus leading to a void in your warenty.
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    Flooring specialist for Home Depot

  6. djenne53 Says:

    I have had hardwood floors in my home for years we have had them refinished and restained to the color of our preference. The up keep I do is to use a mild solution of vinegar and water. Do Not saok the floor it will raise the grain in the wood. Once a year I use mineral spirits and an old rag like a baby diaper and do it on my hands and knees, using circular motion and small areas at a time. Then follow up with a paste wax. My floors look now as the day we had them done. Hope this helps you. Denise
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  7. Tim Says:

    Try sanding it.
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  8. forjj Says:

    minwax hardwood floor cleaner. I sell a ton of it, and i have never had a complaint, lots of repeat sales, etc. great product.
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  9. michael g Says:

    Your floors were coated with shellac. Water whitens shellac. Go over the floor with mineral spirits, that’ll remove the cloudyness.
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