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Installation of Laminate Flooring in the Bathroom

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Dave shows how to install TORLYS laminate floors in the bathroom with the proper underlay and techniques. For more information, visit us at: http://www.torlys.com

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wood flooring

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nail down wood flooring

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Hardwood Floor Dustless Sanding

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checking out in detail wood floor sanding with a dustless system at a near Beverly Hills home

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COURTSPORTS INC. – Gym Floor Sanding & Refinishing

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COURTSPORTS INC. is America’s premier gym floor refinishing company. Specializing in maple court floor installations, sanding, and refinishing. Call COURTSPORTS today for a free price quote at 503-320-7281. Or go online to www.courtfloors.com to view more of our beautiful projects.

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Catalina PEFC Engineered, FSC, GBC, Green Hardwood Flooring

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Catalina PEFC Engineered, FSC, GBC, Green Hardwood Flooring

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Superior Wooden Floor Refinishing

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Superior Floor Care provides superior Wooden Floor Finishing in Colorado

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Full Spread Adhesive Vinyl Flooring

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Installing full spread adhesive vinyl flooring

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beautiful teak wood carvings wall deco from thailand Buddhas and flowers

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www.thai-wood-interior.com I took this video today to show you what kind of beautiful things are available here in Chiang Mai. I can go and buy them for you if you dont have time to come to thailand… please visit my website: www.thai-wood-interior.com

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I need some advice on refinishing my old hardwood floors.?

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My husband and I bought an old house built in 1950 . We have recently discovered that there is hardwood flooring under the carpet. We have since ripped it up and have decided to refinish the floor ourselves. We have called the local hardware store and have found they have a sander we can rent. Can anyone give me some advice on the proper method of getting these floors to look great again?

First sand the floors, taking off any old varnish and stain. The sander you are renting should be special for this purpose, and it should come off smooth and fairly easy. I work at and rented my sander from Home Depot. The main, big sander for most of the work I did worked very well. For the edges and corners, the sander they gave me was a pain, going in a circular motion and difficult to control. For that, I wished I used a lighter grit sand paper. Ask the rental people which sand paper to use as far as grit is concerned. The next question is, what do you want the floor to look like once it is sanded down? Do you want to stain it? You don’t have to. You definately need to put on a polyurthane, which comes in a satin, semigloss, or gloss. Even though this is clear, it will darken the floor a bit, which can’t be helped. Read the back of the can for how to best apply it, what to use, etc. You will probably need to sand between coats of the poly, and using a sanding block that can screw into a broom handle is nice for doing this (it’s only light sanding between coats, so you wouldn’t use the machine for this part). Putting on the poly, you will probably use a lambs wool pad. Don’t shake any stain you may use, or the poly, because it may cause a small bubbling effect.

At Home Depot, the paint department has almost everything you need for this, and I imagine other stores are like this as well, unless they keep it in a flooring department.

Is it possible to place wood floors (or engineered wood floors) or ceramic tiles on existing ceramic tiles?

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We have ceramic tiles in the living room and kitchen. We would like to have wood floors in the living room and new ceramic tiles in the kitchen. Is it possible to do this without taking out the old ceramic tiles? The old tiles are in great condition with no cracks or loose tiles.

Yes you can.
Most wooden floors come with a backing or underlay system.
If your floors are level straight on will do if you have a slight drop between rooms you can use a ply underlay to level this section.
For tiling over existing you may have to sand down the gloss/waxes
to allow the glue to adhere.
Most tile shops will put you on the right product available no matter which way you go.
Good Luck