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installing floating bamboo flooring?

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i’m having a problem with a gluess lock & fold floating bamboo floor when i keep installing a new row the boards keep snaping off why is this? i will lay the first board of the row snap it in fold down than the next board the end goes on then i elevate the board at about 25 degree angle which causes the other board to lift snap in place tap slightly .when i start the third board doing same the first board would come loose this even happen to the whole row one time; just don’t understand what i’m doing wrong.

Are you sure you started with the correct edge on the very first board. As I recall, one edge is intended to be the "down" board and the other is the one you snap into it. Try reversing what you are doing and see what happens. You should not have to lift any board other than the new one you are snapping into the other which is flat on the floor.

Another way to put it is, if you are starting on one wall, it is important which edge is against (of course allowing for the required expansion space) the wall and which is toward the room side.

Can just a few pieces of laminate wood flooring be replaced?

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We had a water leak in the kitchen and three or four pieces of the laminate flooring have buckled when water leaked into our living room. Is there a way to replace those pieces without removing most of the floor? It just happens to be in the middle of the floor where the damage happened.
I don’t want to take up the whole floor to put the new pieces in. How do you do this when they snap together like a puzzle?

You must start and remove all the pcs from the damaged area to the nearest wall or cabinet. No other way to do this. Remove the shoe molding or base that is covering the end pcs at the wall/cabinet. They ll lift and unsnap. Place a pc of masking tape and number it on all cuts to replace the pcs just as they were.
Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar . I ve attended several installation seminars as well as installed a couple 100,100 s/f. GL

Hand-Scraped Wood Floors by HSW Floors | DFW

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Beautiful. Classic. Durable. HSW Floors specializes in the installation of authentic Hand-Scraped Wood Floors in the North Texas area. Hand-Scraped Wood Floors typically start as solid unfinished 3/4″ Red Oak then are finished by hand to create a unique, distressed texture which is reminiscent of antique wood floors in Old World Europe. Truly an icon of American style and durability, hand-scraped wood floors offer unique advantages and work well with many Interior Design styles. While there have been prefinished imitators of hand-scraped wood floors, consider the real thing. You might be surprised by the reasonable price. With proper maintenance, real wood floors will last for 100 years or more. That’s right! 100 years.
If you’re thinking about an upgrade in your home to wood floors, consider the American original: solid wood floors. And for that classic one-of-a-kind hand-scraped finish, consider a company that has Hand Scraped Wood Floors in their name, HSW Floors.

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Floor Finish Application – www.padco.com/floortools

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Padco t-bar floor coaters apply a smooth, streak-free finish at up to 10,000 square feet per hour. For use with water based and solvent based finishes on hardwood, concrete, vinyl, tile, stone, terrazzo, and all other hard, flat floor surfaces. See us at www.padco.com/floortools . (800) 328-5513

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sanding and oiling a wooden pine floor dust free

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NBA ‘Hardwood Heroes’: Glen Rice

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NBA ‘Hardwood Heroes’ feature on Glen Rice.

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Crankin’ Up Da Floor…

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More work…

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Floor Wars 2009 – Super Naturalz VS Cockroach Crew

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HipHopRevenge presents Floor Wars 2009 – BATTLE 04
Super Naturalz (Canada) VS Cockroach Crew (Norway)

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Tacinelli Hardwood Flooring

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Hardwood floor refinishing. Dust containment system.

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How to Lay hardwood floor

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There are a lot of tricks to lay a engineered hardwood floor and this will save you loads of time and money. Shows tools, prep and set up, materials needed, and time saving procedures.

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