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What product can I use to seal crack between wood planks in real wood flooring?

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We moved into a flat that has beautiful real wood floors, but between each plank is a gap of 1 – 2mm which just collects dust and small particles and makes the flooring not look as good as it should. What product can I use to seal the gap and enhance the flooring?

They make caulks and fillers to do this in matching colors but they may stand out and show more than the cracks do now.
Have you check or had checked the humidity level in the place? Most often this is a cause. The boards can be dry and shrunk and having the correct humidity will have the boards " re swell".
Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar.GL

How much does wood laminate flooring installation cost per square foot?

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I’ve seen the laminate flooring that is an alternative to hardwood floor and I would like to get some put in. I have a square room just under 200 sq. feet that I will be putting it in.

My question is, how much should I be expecting to pay per foot for the installation? Also, are there any questions I should be asking my contractor when shopping?

I can help you with numbers in South Florida. Here, this 200-sq-ft-job could cost you about $1.50 to $2 a square foot for the floor only and a little bit extras for the perimeter trim if necessary. Now, it is important to know that if you live in a high-rise condominium, you will need to install an insulating pad, which is extra cost. Make sure to ask for a written estimate which specifies the complete scope of work to be performed. The installer must clarify the scope of work. This job should be half day of work.

If you are renting, consider a pvc removable floor which you can install yourself and take away with you when you move. You can get more info at www.astorconstruction.com

bamboo flooring- what is the best reason to use this material compared to others?

bamboo flooring 4 Comments »

durability?aesthetic?low cost?

well..I would say bamboo has more aesthetic value compare to others and it cheaps too. You can try this site:

Cleaning wood laminate flooring?

laminate wood flooring 9 Comments »

What is the best way to clean it? I’ve got a dog so it needs to be something thats gonna shift dirt, smell nice, and polish & sterilize.
I’ve been using a soapy solution made by pledge which is specially designed for use on wood and wood laminate floors but it leaves my floor all streaky. Has any one got any ideas?

I use floor wipes by domestos. They are very good and they leave a nice smell.
I also use an old tea towel to dry it off sometimes if i’m in a rush to walk on it

How to fix gaps in hardwood floor?

hard wood floor refinishing 2 Comments »

I plan on refinishing the hardwood floors upstairs. I noticed some large gaps in the middle of the floor, some are 1" or more. How do I fix the gaps before I refinish the floors?

Wow, for a second I thought this was my question I just asked a few days ago coming back to haunt me!
I have the same problem, although the spaces between my floorboards is much smaller – 1/4 inch wide.
I haven’t gotten any good answers yet, although I am hoping someone comes up with a solution to the problem.
So far, someone suggested using rope to fill the gaps!!! Since your gaps are sooo much larger than mine, have you considered buying a plank of similar wood, using paper and a wide pencil to outline the perimeters of your larger gaps and sawing matching pieces of the new wood to fill the old gaps and gluing them in place?
That is what I would do if I had that much gap in my floor boards!!

Would you recommend installing engineered wood floors in the kitchen?

engineered wood flooring 5 Comments »

I’d especially appreciate answers from people who have done this and can tell me of any potential benefits/pitfalls.

I have engineered floors in my library and hallway and it looks nice when it’s new but I would definitely NOT recommend it to anyone. (especially in a kitchen) Anytime something is dropped on it, it will chip the top layer of veneer off and it will show the exposed particle board underneath. I know this because it has happened to me and when my floor was first installed it was beautiful but when they were installing the doors on the hall closet, they dropped one of them and it took a chunk out of the floor. This cannot be fixed. When you drop something on a regular wood floor it might dent it but it will not take the top layer off or the stain color. Also, it scratches really easy and it is much more noticible than on a regular wood floor. I would not use it again and I am single and live alone and a very neat person but accidents do happen. If money is an issue for you I think you would be much happier going with a laminate floor. But then again, If your dishwasher leaks it will ruin the laminate too. I bought my engineered wood on clearance at Lowes because it was discontinued and I got it at a very cheap price. Now I know why. Good luck whatever you decide!

Another solid wood flooring installation question?

solid wood flooring 3 Comments »

I will be installing 3/4" x 3" wide Bellawood solid Brazilian Teak flooring over a sublfoor made of 3/4" thick x 3" wide tongue and groove boards in my kitchen. The new flooring will be running in the same direction as the sub-floor and I’m hoping I can nail directly to the sub-floor instead of laying down 1/4" luan first. I’ve heard that the luan can be soft in some spots and isn’t as good of a quality as it use to be. Plus it’ll just add to the height issue going into the next room. If I were to center my first course of the new boards over the seam of my sub-floor boards, would this add to the strength and prevent any dipping? Or would that make a difference at all? My sub-floor feels real sound, it’s smooth and about as even as possible, and I’ve added ring shank nails at the joists to ensure they are down tight. I haven’t bought anything yet and will be making some calls tomorrow to the distributor and hopefully the manufacturer to see what they say. But I wanted to see if anyone else has done this with success.

According to the flooring’s specs. it’s 82% harder than oak. Though that might be due more to the finish than the actual wood. And I am running the new flooring in the same direction as the sublfoor boards, perpendicular to the joists. The house was built in ’28 but I think the sub-floor was replaced in the kitchen during a remodel in the 60s or 70s. The old lenoleum floor was glued directly to the sub-floor and there was no sign of any splitting in the flooring before we ripped it up and sanded the sub-floor to remove the old adhesive.
And each of the sub-floor boards run the full length of the 11′ long room. So the only joints I have are length wise, perpendicular to the joists.
Oops…the room is 15′ long….sorry.
I agree, I don’t have all the clues to what I am doing. But I’ve managed to learn more than enough to get it done as I go. I’ve reframed walls that were hacked up from previous remodels, raised a sagging corner of the house, fabricated and installed new mudsill, new joists, repiped the house in copper, done my own electrical, dwv piping, windows, siding, drywall, including a hand made range hood surround and arched doorways, window casings, replaced my sewer, gas and water main lines…. Maybe that’s too much work? Maybe I should sit on my ass watching movies or playing video games all day and let someone else do things for me?
You really think with the kind of questions I’m asking that I don’t have at least some idea of what to do? The way I see my situation, as I stated, I have a couple different directions to go. I’m just looking for people who have done this and what their results were. And if YOU have some experience then help a guy out and share what you know.

i installed a similar floor in my living room and i did the same as you and got a lot of advise first. you don’t need the luan, just lay a tar paper or red rosin paper on the sub-floor first. i would recommend running the hardwood perpendicular to the sub-floor if possible but you always wanna run perpendicular to the floor joists. you are already nailing through one of nature’s hardest woods, you don’t want to hit a joist. if possible chalk lines where the joists are so you don’t hit them with the nailer as the nail could spin around and ruin the plank. good luck, keep my email if you run into a snag or you need any tips southfloridaslate@yahoo.com

How do you lay an ‘engineered’ wood floor (step by step if poss!?)?

engineered floor 3 Comments »

Is it an easy job for an amateur?
The floor it is going on is half original floorboards and half solid concrete (all flat and level).

This site has all the best installation guides. Type engineered wood floor in the search and up pops a load of videos, some are very well documented. You’ll find it difficult to get a tutorial on laying onto concrete though, most of the tutorials are about laying engineered ontop of wood. But good luck

real wood flooring?

real wood flooring 7 Comments »

laid in house next week
how do I care for it to keep it looking good

Depends how precious you want to be about it. Obviously you don’t want girlies walking in in their stilletoes or the kids bikes etc. But I find that a weekly sweep or vacuum followed by a wash with a well wrung out mop does the trick. We’ve had ours for about a year now and it still looks great.

Translate: "Hardwood Floors Installation" into Spanish.?

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piso de madera dura instalaciĆ³n