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ifloor.com Truckload Sale on Hardwood Bamboo and Engineered

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iFloor.com founder Steve Simonson talking about great prices on solid handscraped hardwood flooring in maple and oak, strand woven bamboo, and wide plank distressed wood floors. All these are marked 50%-75% off! Check out www.ifloor.com for more details.

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Dust Free Hardwood Floor Refinishing Testimonial – Bob Sidot Floors

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Learn about the experience of having Bob Sidoti Floors refinish your hardwood flooring with the dust containment system.

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Engineered Hardwood Flooring Installation

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http://conyers.floorcoveringsinternational.com We remove the existing vinyl flooring and replace it with 3/8″ engineered hardwood flooring. This small kitchen comes to life with this beautiful floor.

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Refinishing Wood Furniture : Adding Glaze to Wood Furniture

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Glazing wood after applying the sealer gives depth to the color. Learn how to glaze wood furniture after applying the sealer in this free video.

Expert: Curt Martin
Bio: Curtis W. Martin is a third-generation antiques restorer.
Filmmaker: Reel Media LLC

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German shepherd talking to a baritone… and a cork floor!

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Here is my (Chris M’s) son playing with his baritone in our sunroom. Our dog, Reina, is having a crazy conversation with him… the floor is cork, by the way.

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Perpetual Groove-Teakwood Betz 4/13/2007

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A short clip of Teakwood from the LittleJohn Coliseum show.

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Why do my newly refinished hardwood floors have dents and bubbles all over?

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We recently had our hardwood floors refinished by a friend of a friend who said he knew what he was doing. The floor has dents/waves in it and the finish is not smooth but has small pimply bumps on it. Is there any way to fix this without refinishing the floor entirely? We haven’t paid this "friend" yet – what should we do?
The dents/waves were not in the floor before it was sanded. Could the sander have caused them? Is there a way to fix without resanding all of the newly applied stain and polyurethane?

Those dents and waves are a direct cause of the belt floor sander being improperly used. If the belt sander is allowed to sit to long in one spot it will eat away too much wood causing dips and waves in the flooring. You will have to re-sand to fix this unless this guy ate to much into the wear layer of your flooring then you will have to replace it (this usually won’t happen unless you’ve had your floors sanded several times before). From the sound of the pimply bumps you are either looking at particulate (improper cleaning before finish is applied) that has been finished over leaving a sandy like finish or fish eyes which can be caused several things. If it is just particulate that has been finished over this can be buffed out then refinished again after a good cleaning. If it is fish eyes in the finish they may be sanded out depending on their size. But like I said in order to fix the waviness you will have to resand anyway.

How do i get scuff marks off engineered wood floors?

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the scuff marks are clear and can seen when like is reflecting off the floor
p.s. i’ve used tennis ball, mr.clean eraser, and mopping and nothing has worked

polish wipes have worked for me or just mop entire floor with laminate cleaner it should re coat evenly and not leave residue

laying solid wood flooring with adhesive?

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u can install hardwood with an adhesive, but i recommend that u use what the manufacture suggest so as not to void the warranty…if u didnt buy it from a company and u got it as raw wood then i would check with installers and ask them what they suggest……

lic. gen. contractor

help, what di i clean my engineered hardwood floor with?

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i dont want to ruin it, i bought this stuff called scotts liquid gold that just smells delicious! it was like five dollars for this can of spray. is it safe to use? my flooring is called thomasville mahogany. i got it at home depot.

Zep sells a great hardwood floor cleaner as well as the hardwood cleaner that is in the same aisle as the flooring.