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Teakwood folding baby chair

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This is a replica of an antique folding doll (or baby) chair that we, http://www.artantiqua.org , have made. Very interesting and quite strong! It even takes my weight (60 kilos!)

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What is the average costs for refinishing hardwood floors?

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Unfortunately, I do not have the square footage of the room, but its an average size med bedroom. I’m realizing that if finances permit, it may be best to refinish the wood floor prior to moving in furniture.

If you mean by hiring someone to redo them, try your local yellow pages. It varies from locale to locale. Be sure you get references before letting anyone start working on them.

However, if you want to redo them yourself, you would need to check the specifications of the floor to be sure they are thick enough to handle sanding. You could rent a sander from an equipment rental shop, maybe even Home Depot if yours has a rental service. Then you would need to apply a finish according to its directions.

Which is "better", engineered hardwood or laminate wood flooring?

engineered wood flooring 4 Comments »

I am looking for a good quality wood floor that, if its not real wood, it atleast looks like real hardwood. Like all home owners, I would like a flooring that looks great, is durable, easy to clean, and doesn’t sound like your walking on plastic when wearing heels. Also important to note; 1) I own a large Husky 2) my home is on a concrete slab 3) I would like to maximize resale of my home. All or any advice is appreciated…. especially if you know of particular brands of good quality. Thank you!

Use engineered harwoord, definitely. Laminate wood has a very cheap look, it may be durable but it is not usually appealing to potential buyers. Real but engineered wood is a bit more expensive, but has many advantages to it. God quality wood s just as durable. If it wears out, it ca be scouted and repolished. Most importantly, it definitely looks (and sounds!) much better, as it doesn’t have this plastic glow of laminated wood.

What are the different thickness in solid hard wood flooring?

solid wood flooring 1 Comment »

could you please give me a list of the different thickness in solid hard wood and list them in order of how thick they are

1/2", 5/8" and most common and the best over all to use is 3/4"
Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar. GL

Is there a way to waterproof the joints when installing an engineered hardwood floor?

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just thinking outside the box and wondering if one could apply wax of some sort to the joints as it’s installed? going to put this down in a kitchen
Is paste wax a good thing to work into the joints after installation? Some other product?
i’m not going to use any glue, i want to just a staple gun to put down the boards….

If you are purchasing a factory finished floor, there is no need to do anything other than install it as it comes from the carton. The finish, if it is urethane is good enough to resist moisture as long as the spill is cleaned up in a timely fashion. These floors have about 3 to 5 coats of urethane from the factory and wax will not adhere to it. In about 5 to 10 years if you have heavy Traffic you may have to refinish but following the manufacturers care recommendations should extend the useful life for a long time.

laminate vs. real wood flooring?

real wood flooring 5 Comments »

We have had a flood in the house and now at the stage where the floors need replacing.

It is for a utility room, hallway (from front door) and kitchen.

I obviously want something that is easy to clean with having kids and a dog and am undecided whether to have real wood flooring or laminate. (cost isn’t an issue) i just don’t know which is more suitable/hard wearing etc etc.

Any opinions or personal experience would be greatly received
Many thanks

I would divide this. Tile (rough textured so it is not slippery) for the entrance. It would be the most durable with traffic and the wet that will be coming into this area (rain/mud/gritty dirt/snow). I would then do a good hardwood down the hallway (I will assume you remove shoes at entry) and continue on into the kitchen. I have a similar set up with tile in the entry/powder room (directly off entry) and hardwood throughout the whole house. You have to almost respect the floor meaning taking care–this might not be feasible with young active children. If you choose hardwood, you need to realize it will dent and scratch. The darker the colour the more dust and pet hair will show (I have to do my floors every day because of colour and pet hair). If you cannot live seeing wear on the flooring, then do not get hardwood. Laminate is durable, but no good with wet/dampness so not a choice for the entry. Laminate is fine throughout the rest of the home, and is a nice choice. You could get a great vinyl sheeting for the entry instead of tile. They come in a large variety of patterns/styles/colour for every decor and the high quality ones are very durable/easy to clean. Think about your choices. Wood is my personal favourite, but..if you are not willing to live with the nicks and dents and scratches, and of course ensure your furniture feet are all felted then I would consider a laminate instead. You will not have the worry with that, but realize that furniture feet should also be felted with laminate as it will eventually show wear (not as soon as wood) and you cannot refinish the laminate.

Hardwood floor purchased is defective and unsatisfactorly installed, retailer ignors issues, what can I do?

hardwood floor installation 5 Comments »

A certified floor inspector confirmed majority of hardwood floor is defective material and poor installation. Sent report to retailer in addition to phone calls and letters which go un -answered. What are my options?

first of all,what in hell is a "certified floor inspector"??Ive been in residential construction for 28 years and never heard that term before.
Contact the manufacturer of the product,not the retailer.Contact the installer about the poor work,unless of course you bought the flooring at home depot or lowes and used one of their "professional installers",contact their corporate office and state your case,including the store #where you bought the junk,and the people who you tried to resolve this through.

Can you install 15 mm bamboo flooring with the Bostitch MFN200 flooring nailer?

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Are there any special modifications that need to be made to the Bostitch floor nailer to install flooring of other thicknesses besides 3/4"? (i.e. 3/8", 1/2", 5/8", 33/32", and metric bamboo)

yes,they have a block that can be removed from the bottom of your nail gun ,which come in different thicknesses to compensate for the thickness of the wood.uaually find them at lowe’s or the depot.

Can I resurface my wood laminate flooring?

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I have wood laminate flooring in my house, and it is scuffed up pretty bad. Is there anyway to resurface this type of flooring.

The answer I get from DH who works in a building supply company is that you should find out who made the flooring and ask that manufacturer. It may depend on how deep the scuffing is, how thick the laminated wood surface is, and how extensively it’s damaged. You may be able to simply refinish it if it is only the top clear layer, but that does not mean it could not be sanded down to the laminate surface (carefully) and restained and refinished, but if it’s into the wood below the laminate you may need to replace it.

How To Build a Solid Timber Floor

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The Nuts n Bolts of laying a solid timber floor

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