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What color laminate wood flooring should I use? ?

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I want to put laminate wood floors down but cannot decide on which color to choose. My walls are west minister gold from benjamin moore paints (It’s more yellow than gold) with white moldings.Should I go with a medium brown tone or a dark. Please suggest a color that will make the walls pop but still give the room a sense of warmth.
Can somone be specific with a particular color and brand.

I’d go with something either dark brown tones or deep red tones.

5 Responses to “What color laminate wood flooring should I use? ?”

  1. chicagirl51 Says:

    Ever since wood floors came back into play alot of people went with the light colors and are now regretting it. I would go with the darkest color that you like. Remember you can always change the wall and trim colors but the floor is there for many years. I would just paint your trim a tan(off white or darker)color and you will be fine with the gold walls.
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  2. Katrina H Says:

    I would go with a dark cherry, but walnut will probably match better.
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  3. Brandon L Says:

    You said you have white moldings, and if you have white baseboards as well you should deffinatly go with a darker colored wood, it woud look better with the yellowish walls. More of a darker brown would look nicer with the wall color, and will also go with plently of color choices if you ever repaint.
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  4. sugamusiklove Says:

    I would recommend a dark chocolate color. It will look fabulous agains the warm color on your walls. Further, your wall color will stand out.
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    I was in Home Depot looking at colors and furniture. Those two colors will complement nicely.

  5. llazyiest Says:

    I’d go with something either dark brown tones or deep red tones.
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