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installing wood laminate flooring on second level of home?

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We currently have carpet on our stairs and second level. we would like to put in laminate in our upstairs. my husband says that our floor is slightly unlevel and that we would not be able to unless we have it leveled. any one know if that is the case? also what would anyone recommend for our stairs? can you put laminate on stairs? Under the carpet, the stairs are wood, but not a nice finished wood. keeping the current carpet on the stairs is not an option if we decide to go ahead with the laminate as it is old and worn. my husband is planning on installing the flooring himself.

As everyone has said already, laminate on your second floor (level or not) is not a problem.

As for the stairs, sand and varnish/stain them.

8 Responses to “installing wood laminate flooring on second level of home?”

  1. John Says:

    you will have no problem putting laminate flooring down.go for it! as far as the stairs find something else,laminate is slippery and it will be difficult to finish the edges.
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    25 year carpenter

  2. Mickey.Slick Says:

    cant help you with the stairs, we have a one level house – but i would assume you cant use the laminant since it wont have a finished edge to it.

    as for the floor not being level, if you put the padding down and do a floating floor (dont glue or nail) then you can hardly tell its not level after you’re done. we had to do that being that our floor was cement, we did a vapor barrior then put down the plasticy foamy padding sort of stuff, it really helped. there is only one sppt in our bedroom (thankfully against the wall) that there was an issue and thats only because there was a huge blob of dried cement that would cpip out so we just hoped for the best! in our living room we have a big slope (like when you put a pen on the floor it would roll to the wall!!) so we just did two layers of the padding in the really low spots and one in the higher spots and it helped level it a lot and you cant feel the difference at all when you walk across the room.

    and you can totally do it yourselves, my husband and i did. it was my job to use the saw :) i had never done that before and now i’m a pro and my husband was totally impressed with my skills lol
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  3. Tiddles X Says:

    Hello. Not sure about leveling floor – your hubby could be putting you off as laminating is a job that I know many people hate doing. Personally I really REALLY recommend you looking into laminate look vinyl. You can often find vinyl that looks like better quality wood than the laminate you can afford. Plus its easy to clean and won’t be as loud downstairs to walk on!

    steps? – even a not nice finished wood can look good with some good varnish on it. Otherwise, sand wood down, paint it white or cream then put a tastefully stripey carpet down the main middle section
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  4. al Says:

    you should not have to level the floor that is the great thing about the floating floor, but i do recommend a good pad they make one i use that looks like carpet pad it helps deaden the sound and will help with the irregularrity in the floor , where you get the flooing you can get transistions that will help with the stairs i have done about 8 stair situations with the laminate. good luck
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  5. fixitall Says:

    I have laminate in 3 upstairs bedrooms and it looks good even though the floors are not level. I had carpet removed on my stairs and new carpet installed as I feel like the carpet and pad saved me from a bad injury when I fell going down the stairs. I tried both Home Depot and Lowe’s for carpet and left feeling like they don’t want to be bothered with small jobs as the price they gave was ridiculous. I found an independent installer who put down a great carpet with pad for a total of $230.00 which was about 1/4 the other prices I got. The stairs only took the installer a little over an hour.
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  6. Northbender Says:

    My only suggestion, other than I agree with not putting laminate on the stairs, is to use the laminate flooring that you glue together. I prefer it over the snap together style, if you would have a spill on the floor the glue seals the edges between the pieces so it wont seep through to your subfloor. Read the directions and take your time, it really is a do it yourself project. Good luck!
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    20 years home building and remodeling

  7. Jerry Thunder Says:

    As everyone has said already, laminate on your second floor (level or not) is not a problem.

    As for the stairs, sand and varnish/stain them.
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  8. resercher Says:

    I have been in flooring installer for over 17 years, you defiantly need to level your floor, it is very easy just buy some self leveler from Home Depot and and put it there, anyone can do it since it is very easy. you can put laminate in stairs you but you need to buy stair nosing for your flooring and need to be purchased where you buy your floor so they can matched, it is a little harder than flooring installation i recommend installer to install the stairs or look online for how to install stairs. this is a great web site to learn how to install http://www.unitedwholesaleflooring.com/index.php?searchword=stairs&ordering=&searchphrase=all&option=com_search . they also sell online they are great. you can change the carpet also that would be cheaper also and if you fell down you get hurt less specially if you have old person in ur house.
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