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I am considering installing a hardwood floor. What can I look for as a cost per sq ft/yd for a quality floor?

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Installation will be on a slab. I have two dogs, (nails scratching floor). Is hardwood or laminate better?

Hardwood is always better.

I have 2 dogs too.

Try build direct http://www.builddirect.com/

Sometimes they have sales as low as 99 cents a sq/ft

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  1. mandysullivan2002 Says:

    Hardwood is always better.

    I have 2 dogs too.

    Try build direct http://www.builddirect.com/

    Sometimes they have sales as low as 99 cents a sq/ft
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    I put hardwood in all my houses and always have and always will! Its worth it!

  2. jmya1030 Says:

    Hardwood is def the way to go. But they have new technology that gives the look and durability, but more affordable. I think they are "engineered floors" . My personal prefrence is Lumber Liquidators.

    Good luck!
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  3. Turnhog Says:

    You’ll pay at least $6 to $7 per s.f. for good quality hardwood flooring. A good quality laminate should cost $4 to $5 per s.f. You can get cheaper materials for less, but you get what you pay for too.
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    Building Contractor

  4. Jennifer Says:

    Laminate and hardwood are both viable choices for flooring with dogs. All floors will scratch. There hasn’t been a scratch proof floor made yet. The quality of the finish and density of the core of the product you select will help to minimize scratches and damage from impact.

    Laminate floors are an aluminum oxide and melamine or polyeurethaned finshed picture of wood applied to a glue and fiberboard core with a laminated back. They are very scratch resistant and hard for the most part. I would stay away from the laminates from China. Laminates have a fiberboard core that can swell from excess humidity or water by installing a foam underlayment with a moisture barrier attached. The thickness of the picture and hardness of the finish will determine how long your floor will perform. Product life ranges between 5-25 years. They cannot be refinished. They will need to be removed to install a new floor or carpet.

    $1.99 – $5-00/square foot plus foam underlayment approx. .35-.65/square foot by the roll and transitions for when the floor stops and another flooring surface begins. $35 per transition 6′-7′ and quarter round approx .50/ linear foot. Figure materials $3.35 – $6.65/ square foot.

    Hardwood is a far superior choice for flooring. If you are able to invest the money in your home. True harwood floors are far more beautiful than laminates. They may also be screened and re-coated if the finish gets damaged. The drawback is hardwood floors scratch more easily than laminates. If you can live with that …

    The quality of a finish applied to hardwood varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. Wear through warranties are 5-30 years. Better quality finishes are noticeably clearer. They contain 5-10 coats of polyurethane with aluminum oxide mixed in. Most decent hardwood floors have a lifetime structural warranty.

    You will require an engineered hardwood product to install over a concrete slab for added dimensional stability. They are added manufacturing proceedures so often cost more than solid products. Try to select one of the thicker products 9/16" – 3/4" for cushion over the concrete. When installing a wood product over a concrete slab caution must be taken to keep the moisture from getting to it.

    You may install them using one of 2 methods. Full spread direct glue down or floating over a foam with a moisture barrier. I’ve seen both and the glue down method is a far more permanent fixture and will sound less hollow. The advantage of a floating floor is greater subfloor irregularity tolerance.

    Hardwoods come from trees a renewable resource. They come in many different species. Engineered hardwoods are hot right now for anywhere in the home you’ll have many choices. Good quality ranges from $5 – $20/square foot depending on what look you like most will be around $8 for something nice. Baseboard and/or quarter round will need to be installed. Choices are painted white pine or matching. Matching Base approx $7-$10/ linear foot White $3.25/ linear foot. Quarter round appox .50/ linear foot primed white, matching $3.00/ linear foot. Figure materials range from $8-$22/square foot. Most good quality choices $10-$12/square foot

    Take care,

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    Studying the flooring industry for over 8 years.

  5. kalamazooqueen Says:

    I sell flooring and have trained a retarded amount on product performance so here’s the total truth….ALL hardwood scratches, no matter how dense it is or what the JANKA rating is. the species doesn’t make a difference either. and being that it is on slab you will have to use ENGINEERED wood and you will pay more for engineered than solid hardwood (there is more technical manufacturing costs with engineered). that being said, wood is warm and cozy and doesn’t look like a picture…it’s all one of a kind and you get bragging rights like "yeah, they are hardwood". cost- anywhere from 5-15 per sf (i’m in michigan, that’s a regional thing). Laminate shouldn’t scratch no matter what you throw at it, take a sample home and tap dance on it and have someone with heels on try to scratch it…throw a burning cig on it…it should remain the same. it is very inexpensive (1.50 sf for something with a 15yr warranty – $6sf with a lifetime warranty) and easy to install. you will need a sound/moisture barrier underneath though (.25cents sf). economically i’d say the laminate…but have you thought about ceramic tile? put it right on top of the concrete slab…maybe splurge on a nuheat mat for some warm feet. ok, did i give too much info? i’ll shut up now. good luck with your purchase! p.s. find what you like in the store, go online and find it and print out the price, make the store match the online price. don’t buy online! if something is wrong with the product it is a HUGE hassel. buy from a local dealer! :)
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