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Should You Refinish or Recoat your Hardwood Floor?

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A hardwood floor consists of the wood, a stain, which gives it color, and a urethane finish to protect the wood. Doug Robinson, of Certified Carpet Distributors, Inc. (distributors of carpet, hardwood, ceramic, and vinyl flooring materials) explains that with proper maintenance, you should only need to refinish you floor – sand it down to the bare wood and apply a new stain – if you want to change the color. Otherwise, your floor will stay beautiful with a simple recoating — a process where the top urethane coating is lightly roughened and a new coating of urethane is applied to it.

Doug also explains how wood with a factory finish is more scratch resistant than those with a job site finish because of the addition of aluminum oxide to the finish.

Filmed at Molyneaux Tile Carpet Wood in Pittsburgh, PA. http://www.beautifulfloors.com

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