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Does anybody know how to refinish hardwood floor ?

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i need to know how to refinish my hardwood floor, it looks simple, but I’m figuring that it must not be , since the companies that offer this service charge so much……i already have a buffer somebody told me all i have to do is attach sandpaper screens ……sand…..then apply polyurathane……..does anybody know

If you live a cheap starter house or an old house to be torn down in a few year, go ahead and diy. But if have a better home, don’t ruin the home by diy. It only looks easy if your are watching an expert

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  1. phoenix Says:

    you’ve pretty much got the job description already. bear in mind that it is easier said than done.
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  2. bonnie Says:

    Listen buddy you better pay the price because trust me you will not be able to stand the smell of the stain that goes on the floor.Number one you have to have a industrial sander that first sands the floor and you have to move your furniture to another room so it will not get all dusty.Then you get the polyurethane and a big 5gallon drum of it.You have to smooth it all over the floor only after you have sanded 3times and cleaned 3times so there is no dust or you will reck your whole floor.After this is all done than you have to put the poly on your floor all over it is very sticky so you have to do this fast so it do not dry with bumps all over you need a cement trawler to even out and smooth the stuff even on the floors.Then wait 3days no walking on floors and you refinished them.or you will reck them and have to do them over.
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    If i were you i would get some one to do them for you and they can do them in one full day.then you could go away for the weekend and come back and they would be done.The smell is what gets you and it is very dangerous.

  3. rlbendele1 Says:

    If you live a cheap starter house or an old house to be torn down in a few year, go ahead and diy. But if have a better home, don’t ruin the home by diy. It only looks easy if your are watching an expert
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  4. Joe Cool Says:

    First, make sure you actually do have through hardwood flooring.

    The process to refinish your hardwood floors is quite simple, but requires skill and patience. First off, I am not sure what kind of "buffer" you have, but what you need to do is sand the old finish off. Go to Home Depot or the like and rent a floor sander. Don’t rent a drum sander or your lack of experience will cut an ungodly groove in your floor. Take it slow and easy and wear a respirator (not a dust mask, an activated carbon filter respirator!).

    Do take care in sanding, as although you may have solid hardwood, you can’t keep sanding it. the tongue and groove of the planks can’t be sanded to thin or your floors will start to split. I think about 3 refinishes is about all a solid hardwood floor can reasonably take.

    Go to your local hardwood specialty store and ask them for a filler material for your hardwood floor (you may have to search for it, as it is a professional product). It will fill the small pinholes and the like to give you a smoother finish. Of course, after sanding and all that is done, you will have to clean up all the fine wood/finish particles. Be thorough.

    As far as the polyurethane goes, use a water-based poly if the stink and clean-up are of concern. Be patient when laying this stuff up. Rush it or take shortcuts will end in horrible results.
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  5. rfxdwg01 Says:

    asked the same question myself a few days ago because I thought I could do it myself, but as told b4 have a pro do it. usually $2 – $5 bucks per sq ft. depending on the area of the country and it’s not as easy as it looks on the tv shows. but you could try a small area yourself and see how that turns out. I hope your buffer has a containment bag or you will have a big mess to deal with. please call a pro
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    tried and failed. also try the design diva on ebay

  6. Rowena D Says:

    I agree with the others, it is easier said than done. I had watched a flooring guy work on my hardwood floor during a remodel and it was back breaking as well as dusty. As far as staining, he used some Swedish stain that he said is very toxic but the results are much better than using polyurethane. He had to sand it 3 times before and after the first staining. Then after the final staining, he had to buff it. Just hire a professional floor guy is my advice.
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