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This short video shows how to install solid wood flooring onto a concrete base using Rewmar MS Polymer flexible adhesive. This adhesive is so easy to use and contains no solvents. Perfect for sticking down both solid hardwood flooring and engineered hardwood flooring. For more information please vist the website www.rewmar.co.uk

This product can be bought online from: www.wood2u.co.uk

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Any good deals currently available on solid oak wood flooring?

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I want to buy some solid oak wood flooring and wonder it anyone has noticed any shops with good genuine sales where I can purchase some?

www.ifloor.com and lumber liquidators are our biggest competition for hard surfaces and the main reason we stick to carpet and rugs. Just make sure you have it in writing that these are first quality if you are paying for first quality.

How do I lay solid wood click flooring, hints and tips please?

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I have solid wood tongue and groove flooring, a flooring fitting kit, a hammer, and a jigsaw.

The door is needing about a half inch taken off the bottom as well, whats the best way to do that?

Please forgive me, ive never laid flooring before, ive made store displays but always 2m squared for Homebase (where I work)

OK – take the door off it’s hinges in order to shave off the bottom – get help to do this as it is quite difficult.

If you can easily remove your skirting boards, then do so, as the finished job will look better. If not, leave a gap between the first board and the skirting board (for expansion). Lay the boards along the longest wall first – you will have to cut the last board to fit – use the bit that you cut off to start the next row. Continue until the floor is covered – the last row is the hardest as you will have to cut each piece lengthwise to fit.
Make sure that there is a gap all round then cover this up by tacking wooden beading to the skirting boards (that’s why it’s best to take them off if you can as you can just use them to cover the gap when you re-fit them.

Good luck – it’s not that hard if you have some DIY skill.

How To Install Hardwood Floors

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Let Lowes help you install your hard wood floors.

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How hardwearing is Solid Wood flooring?

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I’m looking at putting a wooden floor down and prefer the look and feel of solid wood over laminate or vinyl, but we have a 1 year old and will have more in the future, so will the floor stand up to it? I don’t want to spend a load of cash on something that won’t last.

Hi, I’ve had my hardwood flooring for 13 years now and I still love it. It has stood up to 2 children (now 14 and 16), numerous friends over and two dogs and two cats. The finish is worn buy the sink where I should have had an area rug to protect from splashes especially when my kids do dishes. It has a few scratches and dents from life but still looks great. I may in the future get it refinished but for now I like the character of it.

Hardwood increases the value of your home and lasts forever. The finishes today are harder than when I purchased mine. You do need to take care of it and use some preventative maintenance. Like using are rugs at entrances to trap dirt, felt pads on furniture and wipe up spills right away. Sweep or vacuum regularly. Mine stood up and I played more than I cleaned. I also loved that they camouflage more than a white floor. I have oak whereas a really dark floor would show more. Hope this helps.

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