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when laying solid wood flooring concrete what do i need to do?

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When installing a solid wood floor over concrete you must:

a: install a layer of visqueen(thick, plastic sheeting) over the concrete

b: install plywood over visqueen

c: Install felt paper over plywood

d: If 3/4" solid, nail to plywood. If 5/16" or 7/16" solid, glue using a urethane adhesive, such as Bostik’s Best.

Please do not try to glue a 3/4" solid, I’ve never seen it work successfully for an extended period of time.

The nature of a solid wood floor is to want to soak up moisture…the above steps will prevent the wood from absorbing moisture from the concrete. Don’t forget to acclimate your solid wood for at least one week, but preferably two!

Installation of Wood Flooring in Huntsville Alabama

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Tennessee Wood Flooring carries a wide variety of hard wood flooring. We manufacture all types and sizes of hardwood flooring including distressed wood floors, hickory wood floors, oak wood flooring and numerous other custom wood floors. This video simplifies installing tongue and groove wood flooring. Delivery is available to Huntsville, AL. Visit our showroom and see your floor being made! Need a free sample? Call us at 800-238-100.

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Question about purchase solid wood flooring from China?

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Would you mind to give me some information on how to purchase solid wood flooring from China?
How to get the information about the Chinese solid wood flooring manufacturer?

Try www.linanwindow.com, it’s wood flooring manufacturer in China, I know there are many others also. Many Chinese floor products are available worldwide. Probably the most popular flooring from China these days is bamboo, and for your information and the tree-hugger who previously answered your question, bamboo is a very renewable source and considered quite environmentally friendly, and is the number one choice for today’s "green" builders. You can buy solid or laminated bamboo products and because it is such an easily renewable product, the prices are quite reasonable for bamboo and probably is available wherever you live. A couple of the brand names you might want to do a websearch for are Bamtex and Plyboo, or just type bamboo flooring into your browser. Another big plus for Bamboo is it’s hardness and durability. Good luck!

i need a chatchy name for my new business fitting laminate and solid wood flooring?

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im going to be providing a service to residential customers supplying and fitting laminate and solid wood flooring,the number one brand of flooring i would prefer to supply is called quick step and has the uniclick locking system on it.my business will be based in denton greater manchester.

The floor store with a whole lot more.

Ceramic Tile on Wood Floor

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Tim Carter, of http://www.askthebuilder.com, demonstrates tips you should know before installing ceramic tile over plywood or OSB.

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Installing Hardwood Flooring |FindAnyFloor.com | Installing Prefinished Hardwood Flooring

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Installing Hardwood Flooring Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Video for Installing Prefinished Hardwood Flooring using the Nail/Staple Method. Learn how to properly install hardwood floors with FindAnyFloors.com’s wood floor installation video.

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looking for a good commercial solid wood flooring & carpet flooring tiles manufacturering company?

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looking for a good commercial solid wood flooring & carpet flooring tiles manufacturering company?

A Huge selection of Wooden Laminate Flooring, Parquet Flooring, Flotex Flooring, Laminate Flooring, Vinyl Flooring, Entrance Matting, Carpet Tiles for immediate Installation. CCIL offers complete range of Floor coverings for Residential, Hospitality and Commercial area.i hope its helpfull for u …..

how much of an expansion gap for solid wood flooring?

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how much of an expansion gap should i allow around the edges of a solid wooden floor im going to put down?

1/2 inch is right. Since most dry wall is up off the floor, I use that as a reference to make my cuts ,so its "flush" w/ the drywall but it leaves the proper spacing to the sill plat. Any questions you can e mail me GL

what’s the best way to lay solid wood flooring over floorboards?

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The floorboards are a little uneven but overall the floor is level.

Get it even , and when your satisfied with it start laying on an out side wall or longest site line depending where your laying the wood. Must go perpendicular to the joists. You have no choice there. Clean subfloor and lay a row of felt paper. Get 2/3 rows started STRAIGHT by nailing into the tongue. Then use your nailer or stapler to nail into the tongue. A power/air nailer is the best thing you can rent. Will save your arm greatly since it doesn t take as much hitting on the nailer when using a power nailer GL

what are the advantages and disadvantages of laminate and solid wood flooring?

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I’ve heard solid wood can shrink and dent easily, even hard wood..

It is warm, mellow, natural and improves with edge.
Wooden worktop a bit softer and are able to absorb clatter.
It can be used to soften the hard edges and shiny finished of stainless steel and glass and will also add warmth to a cool white kitchen.
Can be installed by a proficient amateur.
Fairly easy to maintain

All wood will warp to some extent in a centrally heated kitchen, though hardwoods will be less affected.
The joins of end-grain wood can start to open up if not properly sealed.
Will stain, scratch and burn so be prepared to use chopping board.
I will talk to you on other types kitchen worktop in my next articles. To get more information on kitchen, please