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Access point under solid wood flooring question.?

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Our dining room is currently carpeted. Underneath the carpet is the access point to the two-foot high space under the floorboards, where radiator pipes and electric wiring run. If we wanted to instal solid wood flooring in this room, what could be done about the under floor access?

I am a floor installer and I run into this once and a while . what I usually do is find another part of the house ,usually a closet and create new access. cover your new floor completely wood flooring is not cheap and it will look like poor qualityafter a few months .the best area is a closet or if you are able go in from the side of the house and make an access door .you can easily do this at little cost

just hardwood floors timber floor installation over concrete

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installation of a timber floor over a concrete slab how to products used selleys VBS-(vapour barrier system) used as a moisture barrier and selleys direct stick adhesive a single pot semi rigid foaming adhesive designed specificly for timber flooring

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Is it okay to use solid wood floor in my lower ground floor flat?

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I have read that below grade (ground) level, solid wood floors are not advisable due to fluctuations in moisture levels & humidity. Instead, it is recommended that you use engineered real wood flooring, which will not expand or contract as solid wood might.

In the room in which I want to install wood floor, only one wall is below ground. Is it okay to install solid wood, or will moisure levels still be too high and unpredictable?

If the floor is considered below grade you pretty much have to go with an engineered wood floor. Its not worth the worry and trouble to put a solid wood floor in a place where there may be problems.

Laminate or Solid Wood Flooring?

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We are having are flooring done in the hall/lounge/kitchen – we can’t decide on whether to go for Laminate or Solid Wood Flooring – any opinions much appreciated!

when we did our flooring we chose to go laminate. we installed it ourselves about 2 years ago, which saved lots of money (1500 sq / ft )and it still looks awsome. We have a toddler, two farrets and a cat. this is why we chose laminate.

Its very low maintence actually no maintence just a mop. we have no problems with moisture, chipping scratches and all the other stuff the other guys who are recommending wood flooring are talking about.

wood flooring is beautiful and im not against it all but for us in the long run was just more practical to go with lamentet. with the money we saved we were able to go granite in the kitchen.

I absolutly would not recomnend going with the reenginered wood, we looked into that as well. If you choose to go wood, go with wood. Or lamenant but not reengineered wood flooring.

Create Hardwood Floor Transitions

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Create Hardwood Floor Transitions — Andy Bell of Handyman Matters shows us a couple simple steps for creating transitions from a room with hardwood floor through a doorway. He uses a saddle transition with a rounded edge and a flat top. He also adds a door sweep to keep out cold air. He sets the hardwood underneath the transition with liquid nails, tightly fits the grooves of the hardwood and then nails the surface down. He then sands the wood smooth, sets the transition and uses silicon to seal the gap between the floor and the transition.

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Which is better, solid wood flooring or something else?

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it depends what you are looking for, and what are your constraints.

I don’t like at all carpeting – very difficult to clean, but is a relatively cheap solution. I prefere if at all possible a wood floor with a carpet – can be cleaned and changed at minor expense.
However carpeting is great in a bedroom.. but not in a hot climate.

In a hot climate I would go for tiles / stone floors (marble, if you can!!!), as it is sooo cooling that in the end you save money in the air-co.

With solid wood beware of humidity: it warps and fissures with changes in the air, and it can get quite nasty if not put down properly.

Laminate has the advantage of being low-cost and high resistance: to use for renting property.

Hardwood Floor Repair

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This is a small bedroom repair of some of the worst cupping and shrinking I have ever seen. The cause of this type of damage is from years of chemical exposure. Specifically, this room was used as a wood shop and wood stripper was spilled over the floor for a very long time.

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Would there be problems fitting solid wood flooring on vinyl tiles? do i need DPM with unifelt underlay?

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im thinking of getting the ones which dont click together and fitting them without glue or nails, good or bad? quite confused now…..


vinyl tiles are real easy to get up. You probably would want to take them up, but I don’t know if it will matter. We had the ones that click, but I think when the put it in.. they used some sort of glue underneath and in the joints.

Home Depot always knows!

how much to lay 40 meters of solid wood flooring including hallway two bedrooms cutting doors and skirting?

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what is the best way to lay it

Zacerous is going on about floorboards!

£300 – £600

Ask friends if they no any good carpenters they could recommend that want any work on the side, they would do it much cheaper than a self employed carpenter who needs to make more money!

The more expensive the flooring the more it cost to fit

Remove & Replace Hardwood Floor Board

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Step by step procedures for removing and replacing a single solid hardwood floor board.

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