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How much does it generally cost to put down wood flooring?

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Just the labor part; how much does it generally cost to install wood flooring? Not laminate, solid wood floors. Materials not included, just the labor.
Oh, BTW…for a space that is about 700 Sq. Ft.

It depends. I have had people charge anywhere from $50 to $100 an hour labor. It is the labor that usually costs you, but if you want it done right it is worth it.

whats the best way of laying solid wood flooring like Oak on a concrete base?

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The best way I have found is to lay down a layer of asphalt felt and then screw down some 5/8" plywood. I have done this many times. If the floor is up and down put some ashphalt shingles in the low spots before laying plywood. Use Tapcons to screw the floor down.

Hoover FloorMate Hard Surface Floor Cleaner – Item: 824-352

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Prices subject to change. Please visit www.hsn.com or call 1-800-284-3100 for the current selling price. Clean your flooring surfaces as easily as your carpeting with our Hoover FloorMate Hard Surface Floor Cleaner. Use it to vacuum, wash and dry many surfaces such as vinyl, ceramic tile, sealed hardwood, slate, stone, marble and more. It can clean and pick up wet and dry debris – virtually eliminating the need for a mop, bucket, broom and dustpan. And the front-mounted squeegee speeds pick-up and drying effort.The FloorMate’s two tanks detach for quick filling and emptying. And the brushes and nozzle also remove easily to make cleaning up your machine as easy as cleaning your floors. You’ll love the…

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is there a type of solid wood flooring that would be suitable for bathroom installation?

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I had never heard of this jarrah wood so I looked it up. I didn t find anything other than its more of an exotic wood. I have to assume its like any other wood and not recommended for wet or bath room areas. GL

What hard wood flooring is better solid or engineered?

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What hard wood flooring is better solid or engineered. The flooring is going to be placed in a bed room and family room

The question might not be which hardwood flooring type is better; but which one is best for you?

I would start out by asking if you are going to live in the house for the rest of your life, or at least a significant amount of time. The reason – more than half of all homeowners never sand and refinish hardwood flooring. It is normally the people who buy an existing home with hardwood flooring who do the work.

The issue of how many times solid or engineered can be refinished has everything to do with the quality and thickness of the top layer (above the tongue and groove). I have seen engineered floors that can’t be refinished at all because they have a paper thin top layer, but I have seen others that could be refinished as much as any 3/4" solid tongue and groove hardwood flooring. Many engineered floors can be fully sanded as much as solid. Why? Because the top layer is the same as solid hardwood. You can only sand hardwood flooring down to about 1/8" of the T&G, so if the engineered has a 1/8 to 1/4" wear layer, you can sand it just about as much as a solid floor. So, if you were to consider engineered, you might want to look at one with a thicker wear layer if sanding and refinishing is a concern for you.

The next question I would ask is where you live. This is important because of the climate. Hardwood flooring is sensitive to humidty or the lack thereof. For example, if you live in the desert, I wouldn’t suggest solid flooring as the possibilities of it shrinking and having issues from lack of humidty are much higher than engineered. If you live in Hawaii, both types; solid and engineered can work well, but solid requires a lot more care when installing. This is because solid hardwood flooring has more mass and therefore can have greater changes with humidity levels.

The third question would be, how much traffic are you anticipating in these areas. A bedroom is usually light traffic where the family room can be moderate to heavy. Solid and engineered (quality) are about the same. It doesn’t really matter. It all comes down to the quality of the finish used, the material (aluminum oxide, ceramic, etc). Having 7 coats or 11 coats is just a sales pitch and it is much more about the procedure on how it was manufactured. For example UV coatings are very durable. If the traffic was heavy, I would consider a harder wood. You can look at the Janka Hardness Chart (link below) and find the hardness of woods. For example Ipe and Brazilian Cherry are much harder then North American maple or red oak. If traffic is light, then almost any floor on the chart might be suitable for you.


The fourth question would be about installation. If you are a homeowner doing it yourself, engineered is the way to go. It is MUCH easier to install, especially if it is a floating flooring (meaning no glue or nailing). If it is a glue-down, then solid or engineered may be about the same. If you have experience installing flooring and you want to nail down the floor, then solid might be your choice. With solid wood floors (if you are nailing) you will need more tools (nailers, compressor, etc).

Here is a link to instructions on how to install hardwood flooring yourself.


As you can see, there really are a lot of factors that go in to talking about the differences between solid and engineered wood flooring. The last statement I would make is about how much more environmentally friendly engineered flooring can be over solid. This is because you can get a far greater yield out of the finished hardwood with engineered because you are only using the finished hardwood type on the top layer. This is why engineered flooring has seen a dramatic increase in sales over the last 7 to 10 years and solid has declined. Most manufacturers inside and outside the US are retooling their factories to handle more engineered as solid will have a much smaller role in the future. Of course, like anything else, you can’t make a blanket statement on this as well. Engineered, while more environmentally friendly (in concept) is a manufactured product. You have to take into account the glues that were used to press the layers together, the finish in the top layer, etc. But overall, the industry would agree that engineered hardwood flooring is the way of the future.

I hope this helps you. It was a lot of information but in my opinion, the information needed to make an informed decision about what is best for you.


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Learn How to Steam Mop HARDWOOD & LAMINATE Floors with a steam cleaner. Learn the benifits and how to avoid damaging the floor! HOW TO, HOW DO I Steam cleaners with a steamer Wood Floor

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Solid wood flooring from B & Q, any good?

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We’re looking to lay a new floor in living room and hall way and we’ve seen a floor we like in B & Q, but not having a clue about wooden floors, this a good idea? or better to go somewhere else, and if so where?

I’m sure it’s a good floor covering. I’d wait about another month and let asll the retailers have their spring sales. I wouldn’t be to sold on the warranty as much as the quality.

What is the very best brand of solid hard wood flooring?

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What is the very best brand of solid hard wood flooring

In brands, I ve liked to install Bruce and Mohawk. There is many other good brands on the market too. Just remember , all brand names will sell a low end product along with the higher end product so don t be fooled there. Width usually doesn t effect quality, just price ,so get what you want and is in budget.
Width only comes into play if you live in a high humidity climate.
Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar. GL

Typically, how long are the staples or nails used to nail down 3/4" solid wood flooring?

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Two inch cleats or two inch staples are a minimum. Any longer and you shoot thru the 3/4 more than necessary .At the angle you drive them in at its perfect..GL

Top Parquet – Luxury Solid Wood Floor & Hardwood …

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Visit http://www.top-parquet.com/ Top Parquet Ltd is a company with more than 20 years experience in producing wood floors. We specialize in oak and ash woods that can best fit all the different tastes of our customers.

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