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Spencer Marston Pool Tables

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Spencer Marston Billiards Company manufactures some of the finest billiard tables in the world. Their manufacturing facility has been making billiard products since the 1960’s, among the longest in the industry. While some tables use plywood support beams, Spencer Marston is a billiard and pool table manufacturer that has committed to only solid hardwood support beams, the most stable on the market. In fact, solid hardwood is used throughout our tables, combining durability with the most beautiful finishes. While our prices are lower than some top name pool tables, our quality is second to none. If you’re looking to buy a billiard or pool table, Spencer Marston is a smart choice.

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Does solid wood floor deform over time?

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I’ve been advised to get engineered wood floor (or top layer wood) because it keeps its shape better with central heating etc over time, as opposed to a solid wood flooring, is this true?

engineered wood is more stable and stronger than conventional lumber. It will hold more weight compared to the same dimensional lumber. Because it is made with waterproof glue, it isn’t as susceptible to moisture as conventional lumber, because of that, it will not warp as easily. It costs more but it is worth every penny.

How To Lay a Wooden Floor

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This is the Nuts n Bolts of how to easily lay a wooden floor

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What are some things that a good high quality solid hard wood flooring should have ?

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Can some one please give me some specific examples of things that a good high quality solid hard wood flooring should have ?
when i am looking different kinds of flooring what are some things i can look for to tell that it is a very good high quality pre finished flooring ? give some examples and what about the warranty ?

I assume your asking about a pre finished flooring..Some things are .. Listed as #1 grade, consistency in graining, few knots ( goes as #1 grading), wide variation in lengths within the box,and an aluminum oxide top coat GL
Since your looking at samples , you ll have to rely on what info they give you. You can t tell quality just by the sample, they ll give a good looking sample on the board. Warranties will help tell you just how hard the walking wear layer is and how many extra coats of finnish is on the wood. Be cautious, some sales people and manufactures will tell you there are X many coats on the wood. They count the stain as a coat .
Ask about the Janka rating of the wood is, this will indicate just how hard that particular species of wood is.GL

Installing & Sanding Hardwood Flooring

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This is a straight forward install, site sand and finish of a 2 1/4″ x 3/4″ common White Oak hardwood floor right on the coast of North Carolina. What a great view!

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Solid wood floor in the bathroom?

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I have just bought meranti (type of Mahagony) recycled parquet floor which used to be the flooring in an old school. It is georgeous and I would like to use it in my bathroom too. As I said it is solid wood not engineered.I just wondering can anybody would be able to advice me using it in a bathroom? Which would be the best treatment for it ?


Being in the bathroom remodeling and flooring industry for 10 years, you may want to heed my advice on this. Do not use wood as your bathroom floor. Moisture WILL find it’s way to the wood (whether it’s humidity, or a wax ring on the toilet goes, to drippings, etc). No matter how much you "treat" the wood, it won’t keep it from warping, and maybe more importantly, growing mold. Wood is a porous material, and damp wood is a prime home for many nasty types of mold and mildew, some of which are very unhealthy to you and your family. Warping would just affect the cosmetics of your home, mold can risk the health and wellbeing of your entire family. Go with tile, there are even some tile’s made now that imitate wood and look good. Email me if you need further help.

Is it necessary to acclimatize solid oak wood for some days before laying down flooring?

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We are getting solid oak flooring, and we wanted to know for how long it should be done, if it is necessary?

All houses are different. Heat, cold, humidity and ya da. It’s a very bad idea to just take it out of the box and lay it down. I had professionals lay my floor and it was the same thing, lay it all down and let it get acclimated. Then they came out the next day to finish. They laid it out over night. I’d say about 18 hours. But that’s what they did, your experience could be very different from mine. I just know from experience that you MUST let the wood breath and get used to your house.

How To Mop a Wood Floor

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Watch this video for a demonstration of “How To Mop a Wood Floor”. To complete the task, you will need:

A broom, or a vacuum cleaner with a floor attachment
A bucket of water
Some wood cleaner or dishwashing liquid

Get started with the first step: Make sure your floor is sealed. If it’s not, it’s probably waxed and shouldn’t be mopped. Check by rubbing a finger across it. If you don’t leave a smudge, the floor is probably sealed.

For the complete guide, go to http://www.howcast.com/videos/280-How-To-Mop-a-Wood-Floor

Also check out Howcast for other do it yourself videos from Darlene212 and more videos in the Floors category.

How can you contribute? Create your own DIY guide at http://www.howcast.com/videos/new or apply to the Howcast Emerging Filmmakers Program at http://www.howcast.com/filmmakers/apply

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What are the different thickness in solid hard wood flooring?

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could you please give me a list of the different thickness in solid hard wood and list them in order of how thick they are

1/2", 5/8" and most common and the best over all to use is 3/4"
Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar. GL

installing hardwood flooring

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having fun workin hard

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