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real wood flooring or laminated in bedroom? I know real wood is very easy to damage but I don’t like smel and?

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feel of laminated floor. Any advices?

Your bed room doesn t get the foot traffic that will do the normal damage to real wood.So you won t get the wear and tear that you ll get if the wood was in the kitchen or a hall way.
A good laminate will cost the same as your less expensive woods. There are very nice , good looking laminates on the market but they do cost a lot more.
Consider doing the wood yourself if possible. That way you can spend a bit more on the wood and have a great looking floor.
The cost, per s/f for labor on either product is close to the same so thats a wash.
Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar..GL

can i install real wood flooring using 2mm foam underly, glue(to glue the boards), and some nails?

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do i need to use special underlay?can i glue the boards together? The sub floor is floorboards ,pretty mush flat.

im a builder …over 40 years …you never use underlay on a proper wood floor …it will creak for evermore …you only use under lay on laminate flooring ..and thats a floating floor …not nailed or screwed ..you do not normally put one wooden floor on top of another ..you normally remove the old first …or the new floor will be too high and will be a trip hazard ..you will allso have to cut down the door …if your new floor is going to be a show floor …no carpet ..then you can hire a special secret nail gun ..this allows the floor to have a nail free look

Krono Twin Clic flooring

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How to fit Krono Twinclic flooring

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how do I lay a real wood flooring on a concrete base?

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Your going to want to put in what they call a floating floor. First you put 2×6’s aroung the out side of the floor, then you put supports in the middle to help prevent sagging, the last step is to lay a piece of plywood onto and then screwing it to the 2×6’s

Do you like laminate or real wood flooring?

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Real wood. Sounds, looks, feels and lasts better. Some buildings have original wood floors that are hundreds of years old. How many laminate floors are going to last that long?

Simple Floors Hardwood Flooring Installed on DiY Network’s Sweat Equity

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Check out how Simple Floors Heritage Woodcraft’s Vintage Couture Hand-scraped Hardwood Floors looks like after the installation has been completed. Amazing transformation with this engineered real wood flooring from Simple Floors.

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Real wood flooring- glue or click?

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I am getting quotes at the moment for wood flooring. I have been advised to go for click wood as with glued panels, irregularities in the shape of the wood will result in gaps between the blocks a few months down the line. Can anyone shed any light on this matter?

Realwood is tunge and groove, and if installed correctly, should not have gaps.

Is laminate wood flooring made of real wood or is it like linoleum?

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Laminate flooring is made of particle board. The top and bottom of the fiberboard are covered with laminate, similar to a kitchen countertop. Pergo is a type of laminate flooring. It isn’t a wood floor; it is a picture of a wood floor printed on high quality paper, protected by a sheet of melamine laminate and a clear plastic coating.

Is wood laminate a good buy if you cant affford real wood flooring?

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Hardwood flooring is one of the most beautiful, economical and practical flooring surfaces. My favorite. Tried and true it’s been in peoples homes for centuries. 3/4" hardwood can be refinnished multiple times for a permanent flooring surface for the lifetime of the home. If you don’t require a permanent solution for flooring, laminate can give you the look you desire with many benefits. Laminate flooring doesn’t stain, is very scratch resistant and durable. The density of the core will determine the overall core strength of the flooring as will the wear layer surface applied to the surface. Some laminates are designed to last 20 years or more some cheaper brands from China will last only 5 years depending upon the traffic level and lifestyle of your home. Over the long term real wood is more economical. Short term laminate will be an easy hard surface floor to take care of and clean.

Dustless wood Floor Sanding Dust Free Wood Floor Sanding Wisservac Video

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The Real Vac

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