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Can I resurface my wood laminate flooring?

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I have wood laminate flooring in my house, and it is scuffed up pretty bad. Is there anyway to resurface this type of flooring.

The answer I get from DH who works in a building supply company is that you should find out who made the flooring and ask that manufacturer. It may depend on how deep the scuffing is, how thick the laminated wood surface is, and how extensively it’s damaged. You may be able to simply refinish it if it is only the top clear layer, but that does not mean it could not be sanded down to the laminate surface (carefully) and restained and refinished, but if it’s into the wood below the laminate you may need to replace it.

Can i varnish or paint my laminate wood flooring a darker colour?….?

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I have laminate flooring in my new apartment and it is of a light colour. I would like to varnish or paint it to a darker brown shade,is there any way this is possible?…

If it’s laminate, no. If it’s wood, yes.
There is no such thing as laminate wood. It’s either one or the other.
Laminate flooring is the same material you find on most formica countertops. The wood grain you see is only a print. If you try to sand it, you end up with nothing. It is not meant to have it’s appearance changed in any way whatsoever.

I have laminate wood flooring. How do I remove adhesive/glue stuck to the floor.?

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I used double-sided tape to secure scatter rugs on my laminate floor during the last winter. Now I’ve taken those rugs up but the tape is really stuck to the floor. I’ve tried scraping it off with a dull knife but it is very gooey, heavy-duty adhesive. What can I use to get it off that won’t harm my floor?

Try alcohol or mineral spirit on not visible area and see if your floor will not fade. Then try it on your glue problem.
There is also product sold at stores like Home Depot(?) or Sherwin Williams – Google it and see if they are in your area. It’s called Goof-Off.

Where does Empire Today get their laminate wood flooring?

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I am trying to find laminate wood flooring that matches my already done kitchen flooring.
I had the Empire guy out today and he and I were trying to match up the flooring already in my kitchen to a small sample he had. The sample he had looked to match great and was called "American Way." I’m hoping to find it elsewhere and do it a little most inexpensive. Does anyone know where Empire buys their product?

Jenny, his company more than likely gets it from a wholesaler, and they have an agreement only to give discounts on floor products to contractors given their repeat business. So, with that in mind, it will likely be hard to get the kind of price he would be getting on the material. All you can do, really, is show that you are informed. Don’t just stop with one flooring contractor for a free estimate–get at least three, and about your desire to get a better price overall, including on the material try negotiating: If you negotiate well with the contractor–that you give him the installation job–and he buys the materials (i.e., whatever flooring product you want, American Way or not, etc.) for you, you may try to have him pass the discounted cost of the materials to you, as usually contractors get discounts (called "contractor’s discounts" or "contractor’s price") when buying from their suppliers because of the many purchases they make as required by their jobs.

So, to help you out, here is a great link to a handyman site that offers free very resourceful information to assist you in determining the viability and cost of your project, and, of course, finding a local contractor with intention of getting a good deal for you:

Info on flooring contractors:


I’m hopeful the above will provide you with the information that is necessary to make a wise consumer choice, including helpful guidance in obtaining free written estimates from the local contractors in your area so that you can make an informed decision about your project.

The Internet. Just whatever is available online..blah, blah…and what I have on my mind, including the inclusion of relevant sites, like the one cited that came about with my efforts, which intends to be useful. Helping people get the relevant info they want is great.

installing wood laminate flooring on second level of home?

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We currently have carpet on our stairs and second level. we would like to put in laminate in our upstairs. my husband says that our floor is slightly unlevel and that we would not be able to unless we have it leveled. any one know if that is the case? also what would anyone recommend for our stairs? can you put laminate on stairs? Under the carpet, the stairs are wood, but not a nice finished wood. keeping the current carpet on the stairs is not an option if we decide to go ahead with the laminate as it is old and worn. my husband is planning on installing the flooring himself.

As everyone has said already, laminate on your second floor (level or not) is not a problem.

As for the stairs, sand and varnish/stain them.

What color laminate wood flooring should I use? ?

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I want to put laminate wood floors down but cannot decide on which color to choose. My walls are west minister gold from benjamin moore paints (It’s more yellow than gold) with white moldings.Should I go with a medium brown tone or a dark. Please suggest a color that will make the walls pop but still give the room a sense of warmth.
Can somone be specific with a particular color and brand.

I’d go with something either dark brown tones or deep red tones.

How to cover where grout, laminate wood & tile flooring meet.?

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We just installed laminate wood floors & tiles in our open space living/kitchen room. We put ceramic tiles in the kitchen area & the wood laminate in the living area. Due to time constraints we had to get the laminate installed first before the tiles.
Our tiler was supposed to put something between the wood & the tiles but didn’t.
He’s not being very cooperative about completing this, so we are trying to do something ourselves.
What can we put there, so that the grout stops coming apart where the tiles & laminate wood meet?

Hopefully, your tile guy used a metal edge to end the tile. It makes for a cleaner look for a transition to another floor.
If he did not, it just makes it a bit more difficult but not impossible…
My suggestion would be to use silicone in between the two floor types. Grout will always crack there if there is no edge installed. The laminate floor moves and the tile doesn’t (hopefully, or you have more problems to look forward to with cracking grout…) so the silicone allows the movement.
It does depend on what colour the grout is but if it’s white, almond, dark grey/black; you can use silicone right out of the tube in place of the last bit of grout or between the metal edge and the laminate.
You will have to scrape out some of the grout from the transition area… about 1/16 deep where the tile ends and the laminate starts.
If it is not a standard silicone colour, you have to mix clear silicone with some grout powder (on a sheet of cardboard or something… to make a silicone grout that matches…) and force it in the crack with your finger. Use masking tape to cover the laminate edge and the edge of the tile and leaving an open area between… take the tape off while the silicone is wet and rub any excess off each surface. Once it is cured, you can rub off the remaining excess silicone from the tile with your finger.
Even if the colour is not exact, grout changes colour (darker) over time… even if you seal it… the seal wears out, most people don’t keep up with re-sealing etc…
Sounds time consuming yes, but works well and worth the effort as opposed to a threshold trim that will result in a high spot over the joint.
Good luck!

Simple question about installing laminate wood flooring?

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I have searched all over the net and nothing covers my question… When I add that little molding to the baseboard over the laminate wood flooring (I guess it is called quarter round trim?) they say that you have to nail them in, but do they cover up the nails and paint over them or something? Because I never see any lines or nails on that little round part that usually goes on the bottom of the base board.

You can use a finishing nailer, if you have one, which leaves the smallest hole. If you don’t have one then use a hammer, small finishing nails, and a counter sink to set the head of the nail(s) below the finished face of the trim, then use a colored putty stick or wood putty to cover the hole over. Most importantly, pre-drill your holes in you trim(to prevent it from splitting and don’t nail down into the floor, but back towards the wall. Nailing straight down into the floor will prevent the floor from moving, since it’s a float-able floor.

what is your favorite type of wood/ and or laminate wood flooring? and what brand?

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we are getting new floors. we have decided on either wood or laminate. whats ur favorite? and what brand?

It depends if your installing it yourself there is nothing easier than pergo laminate.If money is no object br-111 hardwood floors are amazing.

How to remove cooking oil spills from laminate wood flooring?

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My daughter spilled a bottle of cooking oil on my laminate wood floor in the kitchen. I tried to get it up as fast as possible but it’s greasy and smeared all over the floor. Please HELP ME!!!

oil spills in laminate flooring can easily wipe it up with hot water. Put a little amount of oil spills in your clean cloth and wipe it to the area.