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How much would wood flooring (or laminate wood flooring) cost in an 18’x20′ room?

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What’s the cheapest price I can pay for any kind or color wood in that size room?

$400 is probably the cheapest price you could pay. depends, call a local lumber store

Cleaning wood laminate flooring?

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What is the best way to clean it? I’ve got a dog so it needs to be something thats gonna shift dirt, smell nice, and polish & sterilize.
I’ve been using a soapy solution made by pledge which is specially designed for use on wood and wood laminate floors but it leaves my floor all streaky. Has any one got any ideas?

I use floor wipes by domestos. They are very good and they leave a nice smell.
I also use an old tea towel to dry it off sometimes if i’m in a rush to walk on it

Can just a few pieces of laminate wood flooring be replaced?

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We had a water leak in the kitchen and three or four pieces of the laminate flooring have buckled when water leaked into our living room. Is there a way to replace those pieces without removing most of the floor? It just happens to be in the middle of the floor where the damage happened.
I don’t want to take up the whole floor to put the new pieces in. How do you do this when they snap together like a puzzle?

You must start and remove all the pcs from the damaged area to the nearest wall or cabinet. No other way to do this. Remove the shoe molding or base that is covering the end pcs at the wall/cabinet. They ll lift and unsnap. Place a pc of masking tape and number it on all cuts to replace the pcs just as they were.
Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar . I ve attended several installation seminars as well as installed a couple 100,100 s/f. GL

How many boxes would you have to buy of Laminate wood flooring to cover a 10×15 room?

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if it says it does 16sq ft per box?

I have a 1400sq ft home. and the math a did at 50 bucks a box, it would be well over 5k to do my home?

and at that price how does anyone afford to do wood flooring… even the fake kind? Am I figuring it wrong?

Are you doing one room or a whole house?? Your question suggests one room 10 X 15= 150 sq ft. You would divide that by the square footage listed on the box. In your example 16 sq ft= 9.37 or 10 boxes @ 50.00 = $500.00. To do the whole house could very well be $5000.00 for materials alone. Add to that the cost of the underlayment about $60.00 for a 100 sq ft roll. Are you sure you were looking at laminate and not engineered wood flooring? Laminate flooring cannot be refinished. Once it is scratched it’s scratched! Engineered wood can be refinished once. I would suggest shopping around a bit more.

What are the Pros and Cons of laminate wood flooring?

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I want to replace the carpeting in my living room with light-colored wood laminate. The only people living in my house are my husband, myself and a small dog (under 15lbs), so there is not a lot of traffic. Is laminate a good choice for us, and if so, do you have any pointers?

Provided you don t get the 1$ a s/f laminate it can last a long time. A quality laminate and with common sense care , it will last a long time.
The ease of maintenance is a big plus. You ll cut down on the dust and allergens in the air by eliminating the carpet.
Don t mop or steam clean it, a mist cleaner along with a dust type "mop" is all you need. You can use the manufacturers spray on cleaner or make one of your own of vinegar and water.
I ve installed a few 100,000 s/f and attended many classes given by distributors and manufacturers .
Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar. GL

anyone knows where to buy good quality wood laminate for flooring here in cavite?

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i want to put wooden laminated flooring in our 2 small bedroom but i was puzzled which is good wood parquet or wood laminated flooring.

Take a look at this web page and it might help.


Hows Cavite now days? Been a long time since I was there.
Spent a long time in Subic, before the U.S.N moved out.

Which is cheaper – Carpet or laminate wood flooring?

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Can’t stand the smell of the carpet in our master bedroom and I’m looking to either re-pad and re-carpet or to get laminate wood flooring.

Does anyone know which is cheaper to do? Carpet & padding or laminate wood?

If they are an average , mid range type carpet or laminate , the cost will be about the same as the others stated . But the cost of labor for laminate will run you more since it is a slower process to install. An mid range carpet, installed, will run about 3$ a s/f ( with a pad to warranty the carpet) . A mid range laminate will run 2.25$ a s/f plus 2$ a s/f for installation. Prices vary from area to area but these will give you a basic idea. GL

How best to clean laminate wood flooring?

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We purchased a house that has fake wood flooring what is the best way to clean them? we also have white ceramic tiles throuought most of the first floor except living areas how can i clean them without getting soap streaks from appering?

Hi, I just use warm water and sometimes warm water and vinegar 1 cup to a gallon. It works well and I prefer something that is natural. I just use a mop that is well wrung out. Soap-based products and citrus based products can leave a residue on laminate making them look dull. It is good to use warm water as it evaporates more quickly. You do need to sweep, swifter or vacuum regularly. Hope this helps.

Can you lay laminate wood flooring next to ceramic tile?

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I’ve never seen it done in person and I’m worried it won’t look right. I have ceramic tile in the kitchen and am remodeling the living room. I want to put in laminate wood. Will the transition look ok from one surface to the next? Does anyone know where I can view pictures of transitions like this?

You can put laminate flooring next to ceramic tile, hardwood, carpet, stone, sheet vinyl, or any type of flooring.
But you must take into account that the laminate floor is a floating floor and must maintain a gap around its perimeter to allow for expansion and contraction. So to allow for dissimilar materials, and differing heights, a transition strip is installed where these materials adjoin. You will also need base shoe (quarter round) around the perimeter and nosing at any change of elevation.
here is a site that explains these various mouldings and their applications.

Installing wood laminate flooring – need to figure out pattern / dimensions to cut?

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I will be using Ikea wood laminate flooring. The dimensions of the panels are 8" x 54".
My entryway is basically 46" by 40".
Do I cut the panel to 46" long (actually less to accomodate the spacers) and lay them side by side?
Or, to add stability, do I cut them to a shorter length and do brick-type pattern?
Thanks for any advice – first time doing this.

First you need to look at the laminate flooring you are going to install. Some company’s use a tongue and groove design on the ends as well as the sides of there flooring. Then others use a over lap design. you will need to be able to cut these designs to alternate from the way the flooring is installed to maintain stability.