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I would like to know what to charge for sanding and installation of hardwood floor in New York City?

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depends how big the job is and what the current condition of the floor is in. but normally around $3.75-$6.00 per square foot.

How To Install A Locking Hardwood Floor

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hardwood floors are easy to install and can be installed on any level of your home. These instructions will show you how to install a locking hardwood floor.

Remember that a good flooring installation starts with a correctly prepared subfloor. So be sure to watch the subfloor prep videos and download the instructions.

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Hardwood flooring installation?

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Im installing hardwood floor for the first time. I stripped the carpet and cushion and im down to the base boards now. However theres a section towards the end thats raised. Whats the best way to smooth it out so that the hardwood will look even during the install? Will a regular floor sander do the trick?

Fozzed is right but go for the electric planer it’ll be dusty whatever you use but you’ll still be getting the dust up this time next year if you use a sander, even one with a dust bag.
Ray. West York’s. U.K.

Solid hardwood floor installation and quality of wood?

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I am planning on installing a hardwood floor and have a few questions on installations. I am considering purchasing Lauzon hardwood which is out of Quebec Canada (Red Oak Natural). Has anyone had experience with this brand of flooring and are they good? How do I stagger the floor boards? When laying the wood should the grain be in the same direction and how should I lay out the long pieces and short pieces? How far should I be from the wall? I heard it is important to give the wood some room to expand and contract and you shouldn’t lay it right up against the wall. For solid wood should I be laying down felt paper. Thanks for the help!

It’s an excellent wood but you don’t have to go there and afford the expense to get the same quality; we have a number of good U.S. suppliers, Chickasaw out of Tennessee for one has excellent oak flooring. go to http://chickasawbrand.com to have a look. . . it’s what I used in Pottery Barn Stores.

As for underlayment I prefer #30 felt due to it’s insulative and sound deadening values being greater, though #15 is all that’s required. Your spacing from the wall for expansion should be 1/4′ and always pull the baseboards and replace them after laying a finishing a new floor.

Randomly stagger the boards and whenever possible, run the new flooring perpendicular to the joists. We all know this isn’t always possible due to desired directional preferences in rooms and isn’t too much of a concern as long as you have a good sound subfloor and nail off correctly. As to spacing, always keep a minimum of 6" between joint locations from run to run of flooring.

Mike Lonergan
TradesProfessional, Inc.

How To Install A Solid Hardwood Floor

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¾ thick solid hardwood floors can only be installed over a wood subfloor, at or above ground level. These instructions will show you how to install a ¾ thick solid hardwood floor over a plywood subfloor. Remember that a good flooring installation starts with a correctly prepared subfloor. So be sure to watch the plywood subfloor prep video.

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How To Install a Hardwood Floor

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With patience and attention to detail, installing a new wooden floor can be an easy home improvement project.

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Need help to repair hardwood floor installation just finished…?

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hello Everyone, thank you for helping .
I just finished this installation of australian cyprus in my house now when I start cleaning the corners along the walls 2 or 3 lines of hardwood floor are making noise and in some places seems that it is coming up.. I guess the 1/2 in clearance against the walls was not respected. … what can i do in order to fix it ? the baseboard and shoe is already in place :-( I am afraid that the noise will expand along the entire room . the installation was on top of playwood.
First of all thank you both for your answers. Yes it’s Australian Cypress from Bellawood. I am in US and this is not my domain :-) so thank you for your patience. each board goes in the next one like any other hardwood floor I have seen. My husband, the contractor for this job :-) with limited experience, has used a nail gun (with staples) to shoot each line of boards in the plywood. The problem occurred near the walls where I think he did not take the time to snap those board lines correctly or because the space clearance he was forced to use another type of nail gun, with straight nails, instead of staples. I have also read that he was supposed to leave ½ in space between the last board installed and the wall so that the wood can expand and contract. This is the area that has problems, because it’s squeaks badly. I just found out from him that he plans to use deck nails all around the wall edges in order to secure the boards. Do you think this will solve the issue?

First thing I’d do if I were you get get my facts right, you say "Australian cyprus" and then refer to it as a hard wood. 1) It’s called Cypress 2) It’s a softwood
The heartwood is durable with an excellent termite resistance that has made the material very versatile and widely utilised. Like all softwoods, Cypress is immune to lyctid borer attack. Applications include general framing, flooring, panelling, joinery and furniture.

Are you in Australia? Because I’m not sure seeing you said baseboard, you also said "2 or 3 lines" did you mean boards? And you go on to said " I guess the 1/2 in clearance against the walls was not respected" what’s that suppose to mean, I’ve did a course on laying strip flooring and I have no idea what you mean?

does anyone have a document on glueless hardwood floor installation?

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I have just laid an large hardwood laminate floor, make sure the floor is sound and free from loose bits and also clean, and i read the instructions for mine, be careful some common sense is better in some cases.

Hope that helps.

Good Luck.

P.S. the first row is the important one, get that right and you have an good start. Also if you can remove the skirting board, then replace when your floor is laid.

hardwood Floor installation cost?

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I want to replace the old carpet in my living room with hardwood floor and replace the vinyl floor in the kitchen with tiles. Could anyone tell me the per square foot cost for each? Also, what would be the removal cost for the carpet and vinyl? Many thanks

Carpet is easy to remove yourself or should be done for at most a few hundred dollars by installers no matter what floor type you choose. Especially now when home decor sales have gone down due to lower home sales.

Vinyl flooring is about $1 to $2 a square foot to remove if it is glued and it depends on what subflooring it is adheared to.

Tile installation seems to vary by region but averages between $4.50 and $6.00 a square foot to install. If you can find by asking around, a good tile installer with good references, you should be able to get them to do your installation on the side without taxes for $2 to $3 a sq. foot. It will depend on how much they want the extra work.

Wood flooring installation, for real 3/4 inch solid wood floors stained and finished to your favorite finish should run no more than $8.00 a square foot for the best grade. Beware of inferior grades being pushed off on you.

Read up about the different grades so you can sound eduacated when calling. This will help you to know what you want to get and will help prevent someone from giving you a wood grade lower than what you want.

I live in Philadelphia suburbs, what would be the going rate for hardwood floor installation for 450 sq ft?

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They have to rip off carpet and prep the floor before installation

Figure $1.00 per square foot. Add 25 cents per square foot to remove old carpet.