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What is the going price per foot for installation of hardwood flooring ?

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It really depends on several different factors, your location, what type of wood, prefinished, unfinished, exc..
The price of $2 or under would normally be unfinished. Then you would have to add the cost of finishing the floor. So by the time you are done. It would be more like x2 = $4 sq ft
Pre-finished can vary as well depending on the type.
The price range in our area is between $3-5 sq ft.
Normally, you should plan to pay between $4-5 to be on the safe side.

Hardwood Flooring Installation?

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In the old days people used "short" planks for flooring. Not only were they short, but they were also narrow. Does anyone have experience with Gluing Solid Hardwood Shorties, Mortise and Tenon, straight to the sub-floor, no nails?

QUALIFIER: My dad and I did it 30 years ago, and it still looks great with minimal creaking. We glued directly to a bumpy stone floor.
Now current installers tell me it can’t be done, that YOU MUST lay down a proper sub-floor, yet we did it straight to stone 30 years ago with no ill effects. Am I overlooking anything?
This is an upstairs unit, no flooding potential and I am (would like to) glue directly to a cork sub-floor which was laid down with plenty of Bostik.

I know the shorties (unfinished by the way) are labor intensive, but I am the laborer so that does not bother me.
Anyone with experience in this field, I would love to hear from you.

Why are you gluing hardwood floor to a wooden subfloor? You should be able to nail directly through the tongue in the flooring into the subfloor underneath. If you glue your floor to a wooden subfloor, there is no possible way for the new floor to expand and contract with the subfloor during changes in temperature and humidity. Since you glued your floor to a stone substrate, there was no need to allow for expansion and contraction. Using a pneumatic nailer will speed up the labor time as well. It’s just my opinion, but using glue on a wooden subfloor seems like a bad idea. Good luck with whatever method of attachment you choose.


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New revolutionary hardwood flooring now available at www.HistoricRanch.com. It is custom beautiful, eco-friendly, and is a fraction of the cost of traditional hardwood flooring.

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What should you pay per square foot for the installation of hardwood floors?

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For true hardwood floors 3/4" thickness you can expect to pay approx. $2.00- $2.80 per s/f bearing in mind that this does not include the felt underlayment installation, finishing of the floor nor does it include installing the moldings and other accessories such as transition strips, reducers, etc.

Where can I get the best price for installation of hardwood floors in the Memphis, TN area?

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Including wood and installation.

Call 5 or 6 contractors in your area and write everything you want done plus the time frame if the project doesn’t finish on time then charge them a day rate for the time the job is not completed and call the Better Business Bureau to check them out and make sure they are Bonded.

How To Install Westhollow Cork Flooring

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iFLOOR.com shows how do-it-yourselfers can install their own pre-finished cork flooring from Westhollow.

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Wondering about hardwood flooring. Installation details do’s and don’ts.?

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Basically looking for the do’s and don’ts of installation. Does the subfloor need to be perfectly level? Do you need a foam membrane underneath it? It’s not the cheap stuff it’s solid oak i believe. Do you need to nail it to the plywood subfloor? Do you need to glue then together at the beveled edges? I’m pretty sure it’s not a floating floor it’s about a half inch thick with beveled edges they dont snap together though if that helps. What about the stagger of the floor boards i notice they’re not all the same length & some have different grain. Would this job be better left to a professional rather then a do it yourselfer? Can a do it yourselfer pull this off with some luck or would it just be a waste of time & wood flooring to attempt it without experience?
Tongue and groove yeah. Why would you need a jack?

Home Depot is the Best!!! They will even install it for you at a reasonable price too. If you want to go through the process though talk to one of the experts in that department they will give you helpful hints, and easy to follow instructions on how to install. Good luck I would have them do it?

Installing hardwood floor, how do I handle the particle board subfloor?

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I am installing 3/4" hardwood floors. My subfloor is particle board and should not be used for hardwood installation. I should put a new plywood subfloor in. But the particle board runs underneath the walls, and cannot be completely removed. I could cut it out at the closest joist to the wall. Is there any recommendations on an overlayment of plywood, or a procedure to replace the subfloor?

Is this an accident of a keystroke?

Ah no it’s more of what you added as detail in the previous Q.

Remove any Cove base, and install another Sub/Sub floor, If in fact your convinced by others, that the structure was designed with the abstract intent of having sub flooring that would become a sponge.

Steven Wolf

WOOD flooring seems to be a popular trend. I still suggest you tour NEW construction to see what materials are being used. I assume you’ll find a fair amount of "Particle" or MDF being used for sub-flooring.

Soon i will be installing a hardwood floor, bamboo. Is there a site for installation and tool’s required?

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Home Improvement Projects : How to Install Wood Fences

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To install wood fences, locate where each main post will be, dig holes three times the post diameters, secure each post in poured concrete and locate where the gates of the fence will be. Use extra runners to reinforce a wood fence gate with advice from a licensed remodeling contractor in this free video on home maintenance.

Expert: Tim Gipson
Contact: www.inhisstepsremodeling.com
Bio: Tim Gipson is a home repair specialist and remodeling contractor in Franklin, Tenn.
Filmmaker: Tim Brown

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