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Bruce Lock and Fold Hardwood Flooring Video

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http://www.hardwoodinstaller.com – Jobsite review of Bruce Lock and Fold hardwood floors. Wood flooring product sold at Home Depot and Lowes as of March 2009. This is a floating click or snap together floor that can be installed over concrete, tile, vinyl, or wood floors. Considered a do it yourself (DIY) time saver. Filmed on location in Tucson, Arizona; enjoy our video what to expect when installing the product.

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What should I expect to pay someone to install hardwood flooring? Just installation.

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2.50/3.50 a s/f. May vary on the room layout Wide open you might get them a bit cheaper (not lower than the 2.50) If more complex layout they may charge mose since it s more labor intense. GL

Shipping Container House – 2nd Floor Installation

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Single Family Residence being built in Upland, CA out of used shipping containers.
For details please visit:
Upland Container House Blog at http://uplandcontainerhouse.blogspot.com

Architects: Jeff Veenema & Erik Peterson (Principal)
Claremont Environmental Design Group
480 North Indian Hill Blvd. Claremont, CA 91711
909.625.3916 – www.cedg-design.com

General Contractor: Erik Peterson (Principal) & Jonah Swick
Oasis Design & Construction
401 E. Columbia Ave. Pomona, CA 91767

Duration : 0:7:45

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What is the pro and con of intallation hardwood floor with "Floating" method?

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I want to install the engeneered hardwood floor to my house. Should I choose the installation method with " glue down" or " floating"? Which one is better?

Floating is good for floors that won’t get "wet" or have dew on the ground. Basements are examples of floors that can’t use floating technique to install hardwood. But the floating method is convenient and not much gluing and is easier to remove if something’s wrong.

As for "glue down" method, it’s good for places like basements, where it will hold even if there is some water dripping on it. I use the glue don method, because I tried the floating method, and when i spilled something, the flooring would lift off the ground and ruin it. So I recommend glue down method, just to be safe of spills. Good luck!

Hardwood floor installation

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Our hardwood floors being installed. Time lapse photography over an 8 hour period set to “Powerhouse” by Raymond Scott. Camera was a Nikon 8700 set to a 5 minute interval.

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Doors and Floor installation?

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I have sub-floors in my condo and want to put in a hardwood floor and replace the interior doors. Should I install the new doors first before the new floor, or, the floors first then the doors?

Thanks, M

This type of question is one that has 2 different answers. If you want a easier flooring installation install the floor first (you see this done alot if it is an unfinished wood floor), if you want a easier door installation install the door first. Either set the height with a scrap piece of the wood floor (or) install the door to the floor and cut the bottoms with a saw. Normally, the doors are installed first (so the floor will not be damaged) but it can be done either way.

5"hardwood flooring installation ?

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Hire a joiner.

Laying Wood Floor

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Roughly one minute of video recorded for each row of laminate wood flooring sped up

Duration : 0:1:45

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Hardwood floor purchased is defective and unsatisfactorly installed, retailer ignors issues, what can I do?

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A certified floor inspector confirmed majority of hardwood floor is defective material and poor installation. Sent report to retailer in addition to phone calls and letters which go un -answered. What are my options?

first of all,what in hell is a "certified floor inspector"??Ive been in residential construction for 28 years and never heard that term before.
Contact the manufacturer of the product,not the retailer.Contact the installer about the poor work,unless of course you bought the flooring at home depot or lowes and used one of their "professional installers",contact their corporate office and state your case,including the store #where you bought the junk,and the people who you tried to resolve this through.

With The Grain is a professional hardwood flooring company offering wood floor installation, re-surfacing, re-sanding, custom staircases, and more

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Wood floor installation, staircases, rail systems, re-sanding, re-coating of existing floors and stairs, Twin Cities, Minneapolis, St. Paul, Twin Cities, With The Grain Professional Hardwood Flooring

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