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I am considering installing a hardwood floor. What can I look for as a cost per sq ft/yd for a quality floor?

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Installation will be on a slab. I have two dogs, (nails scratching floor). Is hardwood or laminate better?

Hardwood is always better.

I have 2 dogs too.

Try build direct http://www.builddirect.com/

Sometimes they have sales as low as 99 cents a sq/ft

German shepherd talking to a baritone… and a cork floor!

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Here is my (Chris M’s) son playing with his baritone in our sunroom. Our dog, Reina, is having a crazy conversation with him… the floor is cork, by the way.

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How much does wood laminate flooring installation cost per square foot?

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I’ve seen the laminate flooring that is an alternative to hardwood floor and I would like to get some put in. I have a square room just under 200 sq. feet that I will be putting it in.

My question is, how much should I be expecting to pay per foot for the installation? Also, are there any questions I should be asking my contractor when shopping?

I can help you with numbers in South Florida. Here, this 200-sq-ft-job could cost you about $1.50 to $2 a square foot for the floor only and a little bit extras for the perimeter trim if necessary. Now, it is important to know that if you live in a high-rise condominium, you will need to install an insulating pad, which is extra cost. Make sure to ask for a written estimate which specifies the complete scope of work to be performed. The installer must clarify the scope of work. This job should be half day of work.

If you are renting, consider a pvc removable floor which you can install yourself and take away with you when you move. You can get more info at www.astorconstruction.com

Translate: "Hardwood Floors Installation" into Spanish.?

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piso de madera dura instalaciĆ³n


How to Lay hardwood floor

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There are a lot of tricks to lay a engineered hardwood floor and this will save you loads of time and money. Shows tools, prep and set up, materials needed, and time saving procedures.

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Installation of hardwood floors $2.75 square foot?

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I was refered to someone that charges $2.75 a square foot to install hard wood floors. Is that a good price? That price does not include material.

It is actually a good price, however, is this guy actually licensed, insured (so he wont sue if he gets hurt doing the job), and competent to do the job? If he isn’t an actual contractor, he can screw it up all he wants and then just walk away. If he is, you’re getting a good price. Make sure to get a total job price before he starts. Also, DO NOT pay him everything up front. Pay up to half and then the rest when finished. This way you aren’t completely robbed if he takes off on you. Just use your better judgment. Good Luck.

Full Spread Adhesive Vinyl Flooring

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Installing full spread adhesive vinyl flooring

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Flooring product with easy installation like laminate, beauty of real hardwood?

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My husband and I would never attempt installing real hardwood flooring between the glue and all that. However, laminate (Pergo) is easy to install for us. Is there any product out there that is either real wood or bamboo or some other natural material that looks great yet still is just as easy to install like pergo (no glue). Thanks.

Engineered wood flooring (Bruce, etc) can be installed "floating", meaning no glue (like laminates). It’s not solid wood, but has a layer of real wood on top of a plywood type base. We had our maple engineered wood floor installed glue-down, but the installers said that floating is just fine, except you still get that slight hollow sound during footfalls (like floating Pergo installs). One note, be very very very cautious about moisture levels when installing on concrete slab, and opt for the vinyl moisture barrier versus the liquid roll-on type. We learned this the hard way… :(

would like hardwood floors , the surface of my floor is cement what would have to be done before installation?

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I found this website after reading your question. It has an article on installing a wood floor over concrete. Very infomative. I learned something here; thanks for asking.


How to float a concrete floor before a hardwood floor installation.

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http://www.austinflooringstore.com for all of your hardwood floor installation projects.

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