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What do I do to fix a hardwood floor after refinishing problem?

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We sanded our hardwood floor to refinish it. All of a sudden, the nails showed up – we couldn’t really see them before sanding, now we have black nail heads on nice brown hardwood. How do we fix it so the nails don’t show so drastically?

All you can do now is use a nail punch and counter sink the nails and then fill the holes with a putty. Use a putty you can stain by using some of the stain you used for the hardwood. Then just touch up with the same urethane.
Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar. GL

Hardwood Floor & Cabinet Refinishing Solution. NHANCE!!

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Wood Refinishing
Enjoy beautiful wood floors and wood cabinets without dust, mess or harmful odors, in just 24 hours and at a fraction of the cost of traditional wood refinishing.

No Dust
Our revolutionary process practically eliminates sanding, which means no dust. Unlike traditional wood floor and cabinet refinishing, with N-Hance, there’s no need to cover your furniture, seal off rooms or vacate your home for days. You’ll be back on your floor the same day and your dust wand can stay in the closet!

No Mess
When we’re finished you won’t be juggling furniture and adjusting your lifestyle to accommodate the lasting mess associated with traditional cabinet and floor refinishing. We are in and out in one day. You are then free to enjoy your beautiful wood floors or cabinets.

No Odors
Our process is relatively odorless compared to the gagging fumes of stains and sealers used by the old wood floor and cabinet re-finishing process. With the N-Hance process, you’ll breathe easier from start to finish.

For more info visit www.nhance.com
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hardwood floor company – refinishing?

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Anyone know of any hardwood floor refinishing companies?

I saw a truck that said "hardwood floor specialists" in Shaker Hts in a drive I’m assuming working at a house there. The house was huge – is that a good sign should I still call them?

Can anyone recommend a company?

sure give them a call get an estimate this will give you an idea where to go.

What is the standard price for refinishing a hardwood floor?

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I’m guessing that the room (my living room) is 13×13. There is latex paint covering the wood currently, which would need to be stripped before a natural finish is put on the floor. I don’t want anything fancy, just a routine strip and finish job. How much would you say this job would normally run?

It will run you ( as a ball park figure) 3/5 $ a s/f to strip and refinish the flooring. This will depend on where you live and the going rate there , but this will give you and idea.
Have a flooring persons(s) give you a written quote, after they see the floor. It can be firmed up after they visually see the floor..GL

Refinishing Hardwood Floors

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Timelapse of me and my friend Steve refinishing my hardwood floors.

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Should You Refinish or Recoat your Hardwood Floor?

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A hardwood floor consists of the wood, a stain, which gives it color, and a urethane finish to protect the wood. Doug Robinson, of Certified Carpet Distributors, Inc. (distributors of carpet, hardwood, ceramic, and vinyl flooring materials) explains that with proper maintenance, you should only need to refinish you floor – sand it down to the bare wood and apply a new stain – if you want to change the color. Otherwise, your floor will stay beautiful with a simple recoating — a process where the top urethane coating is lightly roughened and a new coating of urethane is applied to it.

Doug also explains how wood with a factory finish is more scratch resistant than those with a job site finish because of the addition of aluminum oxide to the finish.

Filmed at Molyneaux Tile Carpet Wood in Pittsburgh, PA. http://www.beautifulfloors.com

Email your questions about flooring to vblog@beautifulfloors.com and we will publish them and our answers in video.

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Can I prepare a hardwood floor for refinishing with lacquer thinner?

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The floors are in good shape, but stained and dirty, and I would ABSOLUTELY prefer to avoid sanding.

If the floors are in good shape and flat (use a 6 ft staightedge to check) you can probably use a square vibrating type sander to remove old finish. These are much easier to use than drum-type, and won’t gouge the floor, but won’t flatten any dips, cupped boards, or height differences between boards. Stains may be a problem, though–if the stains have penetrated the wood to any depth, you’ll have to use a drum sander with coarse grit to sand out the stain and flatten the floor around–even then, you may not get it all.

You may be able to hire out the sanding, and do the re-finishing yourself to save a little money. But I think sanding is actually easier for a careful beginner to do right that finishing.

BTW, I’d test any chemical procedure in an unobtrusive place to see if it will work–closet or corner. Lacquer thinner is both toxic and highly flammable, and doing a whole floor will cause a lot of fumes to build up. You’ll need to wear rubber gloves (that the thinner won’t melt), a respirator that filters organic vapors (not just a dust mask), and open all windows for good air circulation. Extinguish pilot lights and take frequent breaks. Personally, I’d much rather sand.

What tips for refinishing an old hardwood floor?

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Any sanding machine recommended?
Stain coloring, applying?
Polyurethane or other finish recommended?
Hope to refinish floors,any suggestions are appreciated.

Tape up plastic sheets to close off all the doorways leading into the room.
Tape plastic around all the heating vents and transitions to other floor surfaces in adjoining rooms.
Set any nails that are exposed and remove any metal grates or grilles from the floor.
The first sanding is not actually intended to resurface the wood, but rather to remove the existing finish. Install a 36-grit belt in the sander and start by moving forward toward the far wall, then turn and retrace the same path back, walking in the same direction as the wood grain. Keep the sander moving. If you rest the machine in one spot for too long, you’ll sand a groove in the floor

How much is too much paint spill prior to dustless hardwood floor sanding and refinishing?

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Going to be getting my hardwood floors sanded and refinished next week. We have painted all the walls and moldings for the rooms being refinished. We heard that paint spill was ok prior to floor sanding and refinishing but now that I look at the floors, we may have gone a little overboard with the spilling and dripping. Is there such a thing as too much spillage. We are getting dustless refinishing and don’t want to incur any extra problems or costs.

It pays to be neat in everything you do. in this case, you’ll pay extra to the refinishers.

Hardwood floor refinishing?

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If I do a spot repair on my 12 year old oak floor (walnut stained, water based poly cover) with about 5% damage due to a dog and it looks bad, have I made it worse than if I just had the whole floor re-sanded in the first place? This approach would save me a lot of money and time if it works, but I don’t want to risk making it harder to fix later.

If you are going to do a spot repair you better make sure that the stain you use matches well with the already finished look. Re-sanding it and staining it will take allot of time but the final outcome will be like a new floor. If it has been re-sanded previously then make sure it is thick enough to sand again without causing permanent damage.