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Is refinishing my hardwood floor as easy as sanding it and painting it with a new stain?

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Do I have to paint over the stain with something

Been there, done that. It’s fairly easy as far as process but very hard work. We have a house built in 1905 or so. We sanded the floors with a sanding machine and had to be careful or it would dig into the floor until you know what you’re doing. Plus to get as close to the walls the basedboards had to be off. Which for us was fine as those needed to be stripped. After that cleaning up the mess and yes staining it. After staining it though you have to coat it with a clear finish. My in-laws ended up working on the finish coat but used some cheap Polyurethane or something. In a couple of months it was chipping and peeling. So we opted for carpet and not go through that hasle again.

If you do it do plan on lots of hard work, time, and patience. That and use a good stain and a known good reliable sealer for the clear coat. I’d talk to a couple of stores and get an opinion on a good sealer since we ended up having the wrong stuff. Better to reasearch and get it right the first time.



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TUTORIAL How to refinish hardwood floors video. The sanding machines, abrasives and know how, explaining how to sand and finish your hardwood flooring. http://www.abawoodflooring.ie

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How dusty is refinishing hardwood floors?

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I am planning on having my hardwood floors refinished and I keep hearing horror stories from coworkers who’ve had their floors redone. They went through the process 10+ years ago and I am not sure if things have changed. I will be living in the house while it’s being done (with the exception of a couple of days) and am wondering what to expect. Will I be dusting for months just to get it under control? Will I have to clean off the walls because dust has settled on the wall texture (yes, I’ve gotten that story!)? Any information or recent personal experiences you can offer would be much appreciated. Thank you!

Face it girl Your house will get dust all over. No matter if the contractor uses vac bags or not. No matter if he/she closes off the bottoms of the doorways with towels or rags. You will be cleaning dust for days!!!!! It can’t be avoided. Just as a messy kitchen can’t be avoided if you are gonna cook Thanksgiving dinner. I have been through this a few times. First off there was no bags no vac no prep for the mess, next time I insisted in the Vac bags rags, at doorways, and extra men cleaning as the lead man was sanding. It doesn’t matter, the dust will get out and about. It will minimize the damage but if you got to dust everything it doesn’t matter if the dust is just a tiny bit you still got to clean it right? And off of everything.
Just be prepared, Wrap valuables with plastic, cover furniture with sheets, and have plenty of bags for your Hoover!!!!And believe me You will have to clean dust off of everything more than once. I used a gas powered blower to get the fisrt inch of dust out, opened all the windows and doors and cranked up the ole homelite.

Refinishing a floor. What is the best way to remove old hardwood floor finishes such as wax and varnishes?

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We have just started refinishing a wood floor and the sand paper is gumming up very quickly. The floor is quite big and would take a long time to scrape by hand. Can anyone recommend a chemical solution the may help remove a variety of past finishes?

Hello Drainy,

If you have a large area of floor to finish, I would reccommend renting a professional sander, using any type of chemical would probably be more expensive than renting a sander.

Home Depot has drum sanders for hire, they are fast and very effective, trying to use regular sandpaper is hard work, and like you have experienced, the paper gets clogged very quickly, thus making it useless in a short period of time.

I am a self employed contractor and have finished many floors, the drum sanders need to be used with care, they have a lever which you pull towards you to make the machine move forward, and another lever that will lower the drum closer to the floor. NEVER USE THE SECOND LEVER although by using the second lever, it will remove varnish very fast, the drum will carve its way into the floor making a huge dip.

One of my customers ruined her floor using the second lever, and asked if I could fix the problem, once you have a huge dip in the floor, it’s virtually impossible to do anything, other than replace the boards.

If you decide not to rent a machine, Home Depot sells a paint brush cleaner, it comes in a yellow can, the company that produces the cleaner is Barr, and on the front of the can it reads Klean Strip, and it will remove varnish, stain, paints, shelac. It works great but the fumes can be very over powering.

If you decide to rent a drum floor sander, its imperitive that you always work with the grain, just one quick sweep the wrong way, and it will tear up your floor. I have never used the pad type sander, because i own a drum sander, I can sand a really bad floor 12x 15 in about 90 minutes. Generally I would go over the floor with a 40 grit sandpaper just once, then use go back over a second time with an 80 grit paper, then finish with a 120 grit. Using a drum sander, you will not be able to get right up to the edge of the room, either use a belt sander or an orbital one. The orbitial one, does take some getting used to, and once again if you are not careful with the machine, it will scuff up the floor.

I trust this information shall be of benefit to you, and one last thing, you mention the use of sandpapers, have you tried using the Aluminum type,? they are quicker than regular sandpaper and do not get clogged so easily.

Good luck with the project

Paul Message


Hardwood floor refinishing: Buffing between coats of finish

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Buffing between coats of hardwood floor finish is demonstrated in this video. Buffing between coats of wood floor finish can help adhesion of the next coat and makes the floor smooth.

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Looking for a good hardwood floor refinish contractor in the Toronto, ON area?

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I am looking for a good hardwood floor refinish contractor that is reliablity, fair pricing, and has good track record of delivering professional detail-oriented work in the Greater Toronto Area. Did you hire a contractor that worth recommending? I would love to hear.

You might want to contact Debra Gould, owner of Six Elements and the Staging Diva. I’m sure she can help you out. go to her websites:


Hardwood Flooring: Staining & Refinishing

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What a beautiful home on a private inlet on the East coast in Wilmington, NC. This is a White Oak hardwood floor in need of updating. The finish that was on the floor was peeling in areas and high traffic areas were wearing with unbalanced sheen levels. The stain color was changed a bit and the sheen level was changed from high gloss to semi-gloss.

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Is sanding and refinishing a hardwood floor a hard job?

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I have a 10 x 10 room. The hardwood is in great shape, but it is older. It has been covered by carpet since the house was built.

I want to sand it and refinish it.

I will be doing the work by myself – I am a woman.

I called a professional and he charges $425.00 – TOO much for me.

Is it something I can do?

How do I learn how to do it or what the steps/process is?

Thanks a million!!!!

You being a woman makes no difference to your ability to do the job Penny..
Right, thats that bit done..
First hire a floor sander, also an edging sander..
When you switch on to use it make damn sure you have a very good grip on the handle, they bite into the wood and can give one huge kick…Be warned about it…The company you hire from should also warn you of this..
The larger sander will not do the edges , hence the hire of the smaller one..
Ensure the room is sealed off as the dust will cover everything in the house if not..
Cover your hair and wear a mask on your face, also goggles for your eyes.
When you are done sanding , sweep the whole lot into a heap and get rid of it..
Wash it over several times until you are happy with it..
If yo are going to varnish it, do not just do one or two coats…Do several, the more you apply the better the depth of colour you will have..
Done this way it will look superb…
My old house had all the floors done by me so I know I have given you the correct information..
Good luck Penny….
Finally…Please do it carefully, I would’nt want you to get an injury from not following safety rules..

how much (roughly) would refinishing a hardwood floor in a kitchen cost?

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(my kitchen is about 50-75 sq ft)
I had an on-site inspection. He told me it would cost $750, just because that’s the minimum they charge. I’ve never had this done before, so I don’t know if the quote is too high, just right, etc. My floor has not cuts, gaps or gashes. It’s just worn in various spots.

200/300$ depending exactly how bad it is or isnt. Refinishing can run between 3/5 $ a s/f.. Get an on site opinion from a wood finisher. GL

Vancouver Hardwood Floor Refinishing Introduction

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Meet the owners of Silverleaf Refinishing Inc. Your Vancouver hardwood floor refinishing specialists.

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