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Does anybody know how to refinish hardwood floor ?

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i need to know how to refinish my hardwood floor, it looks simple, but I’m figuring that it must not be , since the companies that offer this service charge so much……i already have a buffer somebody told me all i have to do is attach sandpaper screens ……sand…..then apply polyurathane……..does anybody know

If you live a cheap starter house or an old house to be torn down in a few year, go ahead and diy. But if have a better home, don’t ruin the home by diy. It only looks easy if your are watching an expert

refinishing hardwood floor – help?

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floor sanded – when applying stain they applied 2 coats without allowing to dry inbetween, now it looks like paint and will not dry – what do we do to remove? can this be fixed??

I am going to assume you are talking about 2 coats of stain, not top coats.

So I would proceed as follows
1st) give whomever the "They" are a swift kick in the a**
2nd) determine, whether the stain is oil base or water base.
(if you can’t, use lacquer thinner, with a respirator and lots of ventilation, should work on either kind the only reason not to do this is the cost of the lacquer thinner)
3rd) if oil, start rubbing with mineral spirits
4th) if water, start cleaning up with warm water and lemon juice mixed in equal parts, with a tiny bit of dish liquid to act as a surfactant (keep in mind if you have to go this route the floor will need re-sanding, water will raise the grain esp on pine species

Oh yeah, you will need ALLOT of rags and the longer you wait, the harder its gonna be. Evidently the "stainers’ did realize that most of applied stain should be wiped off minutes after its applied, waiting 24 hours for the second coat if one is required.

The upside of all this is you may find after you gone through all this, is the floor is stained the shade you desire, because without sanding its gonna be nigh on impossible to remove all the stain from raw wood

Hardwood floor refinishing: “Tacking” a hardwood floor

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When applying wood floor finish it is necessary to “tack” the floor to remove all dust and debris which might show up in the finish.

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How do you get the stuff out of the cracks when refinishing hardwood floors?

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I am sanding down and redoing my hardwood floors. How do i get the junk out of the cracks that has accumulated over the years? And any tips or tricks for refinishing hardwood floors?

Use toothpicks and a vacuum to get the mess out. The toothpicks are soft enough that they should not damage the wood the way a metal tool might. Be careful with the sander. It is easy to sand gouges in the wood.

Hardwood floor refinish – oil or water?

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What are the pros/cons of oil vs. water based hardwood floor refinishing?

I’m getting my hardwood floors refinished and am not sure which to do. I’ve heard they look differently aesthetically and that oil fumes last longer, but I’m getting mixed info on which is more durable.

My house has a modern/contemporary style and I’m not refinishing areas that run the risk of frequently getting water on it (i.e., not refinishing the kitchen or bathroom floors).

We have rental properties and we always use oil because of the high traffic. It really does hold up well, thank goodness because we could not afford to have them re-done between tenants.

How to Sand and Save a Wood Floor

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Ron Tanner, from Houselove.org, shows you how to reclaim a damaged wood floor using a belt sander and simple tools.

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Harwood Floor Refinishing with Small gap in some areas?

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I am planning on refinishing bedroom hardwood floors. There are very small gaps in areas. Is there some sort of fillers I can use to fill these gaps. if so, please be specific with names (brand), Thanks for all answers

When I finished my floor on the last sanding I turned off the vacuum then swept off the excess wood dust letting it filter into the cracks and gaps filling them with the same kind of wood the floor is so there is not much color difference, then stained and polyurethane over it.

Refinishing hardwood floors with a toddler in the house?

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We will be refinishing our hardwood floors soon. At first, my husband was going to do all the rooms at once and my 2-yr-old and I were going to leave for a few days due to the house smelling like chemicals. Now, he is thinking about doing one room now, another a different day, etc., just whenever he gets the time. Question is, do my daughter and I still have to leave the house since the smell won’t be as bad and he will only be doing one room at a time? I have no problem leaving, but obviously it would be easier to stay home. Thanks for any info!

As long as your husband is doing it with proper equipment it shouldn’t be a problem. The floor strippers have a very good vacuum system that collect the dust and debris. It would probably be a good idea to leave while he is actually doing the work though. It is loud, and both you and your daughter don’t need to take any chances…go to the mall, or the park!!
P.S. the new finish will smell for a few days as well, but should not be a risk, just a nuisance!

Minor imperfections in hardwood floor refinish?

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I just had my hardwood floors refinished. Upon inspecting the floor, there are a couple minor things that got stuck in the varnish. One is piece of hair, also a couple slivers of wood. Is this normal or should I complain?

It’s normal and if thats it your contractor did a good job.

Refinishing HardWood Floor

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