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Refinishing Hardwood Floors with Bona Woodline Oil Based Floor Finish

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Applying Bona Woodline Oil Based Floor Finish

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How many coats to refinish a hardwood floor?

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We are refinishing 50 year old hardwood floors. The old varnish was just flaking off. How many layers of polyurethane will it take to create a durable finish. Our 70 lb dog will be walking on these. Also does it matter how thick or thin the layers are?

Apply a minimum of 3 coats, scuffing between coats with 000 steel wool. Vacuum the dust and apply the next coat. Oil will give you the most durable finish. Hope this helps.


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What are the necessary steps to take to prep hardwood floors before refinishing?

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More specifically, do I need to actually clean the floor before starting any kind of refinishing/resurfacing?

You want to do this right the first time. It’s a big job! First you will need to remove all foot boards and heating grates and reset any nails that have raised over the years. Next, sand the floors to give it some tooth. If you are going to re stain you need to go all the way to the bare wood. (rent a floor sander it will save you time and be a lot easier on your back.) The most important part is to get all the dust up after sanding. I suggest, first vacuum with an upright then go back in with an attachment with a brush and scrub the brush into the grooves between all the boards where an accumulation of dust will hide. Leave the room for 30 minutes to let all the dust that’s been stirred up from the vacuum, settle. Then go over the entire floor with a tack cloth. I know it’s a lot of prep, but the end result will be well worth the extra prep. If you have the extra money, hire the pros. Oh and use large sheets of plastic to cover door ways to contain the dust another step that is well worth the extra time.

Custom Hardwood floors, inlays, medallions, borders and parquet by Czar Floors

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Gallery of custom wood floors, inlays, medallions, borders and parquet made by Czar Floors. CNC Router produced wood inlays

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Refinishing Old Hardwood Floor?

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Hey I’m looking to refinish my room, it is all old old hardwood flooring rough, with 2 inch cracks inbetween the boards in places. What I want to do is smooth in all the cracks, sand it down and then add some clearcoat or something to give it the hardwood floor shine. I am not completely sure on the steps, but my plan is to use a belt sander to smooth everything out as best I can, and then add clearcoat. This would not fix the cracks though, how would you go about accomplishing this? Thanks.

The best thing you could do is to put some 4×8 sheets of sub-floor down, then cover it with some prefinished wood. There is many manufacturers to choose from. You are in for a major disappointment reworking the old floor. Or cover it with carpet.

Does resanding/refinishing hardwood floors remove signs of water damage?

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I’m going to be rehabbing a house that had some roofing problems and damaged the hardwood floors in certain areas. I was told that I could hire someone to sand the floors and refinish them for a cost. Does this effectively remove the signs of water damage?

Also, what are you guessing the rate is for hardwood resurfacing in Chicago, IL?

Thank you!

Yes , sanding will take out most normal water stains. If the water had penetrated deep into the flooring it would cup and warp the boards. If you don t have cupping then you should be able to sand and refinish to an acceptable level. I don t know about Chicago area but my area it was 3/5 $ a s/f to sand and refinish. GL

Flooring Tutorial – How to Use a Belt Sander to Sand a Hardwood Floor

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Wojtek shows us some simple tips for operating a hardwood floor belt sander. In this video, you are shown how to gently drop the drum of the Lagler Hummel Floor Sander, to sand forwards and backwards, and to overlap slightly into the next pass. Visit http://www.onlinefloorstore.com for more tutorial videos.

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What is the average costs for refinishing hardwood floors?

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Unfortunately, I do not have the square footage of the room, but its an average size med bedroom. I’m realizing that if finances permit, it may be best to refinish the wood floor prior to moving in furniture.

If you mean by hiring someone to redo them, try your local yellow pages. It varies from locale to locale. Be sure you get references before letting anyone start working on them.

However, if you want to redo them yourself, you would need to check the specifications of the floor to be sure they are thick enough to handle sanding. You could rent a sander from an equipment rental shop, maybe even Home Depot if yours has a rental service. Then you would need to apply a finish according to its directions.


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