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Hardwood floor refinished?

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Refinished my hardwood floor and replaced the water based to oil based finish. Now I am having a cupping problem. Please help

Cupping of hardwoods means one thing and one thing only….too much moisture.

Is your home on a crawl space or on a slab?

If on a crawl space….is there visqueen under each and every inch of your floors? Were the windows closed or open upon refinishing? Was there enough time allowed with the oil based finish between one coat and the next? Is your ice maker leaking only when it is on and running under the floor? Is there a toilet running and leaking that you really haven’t noticed?
Where is the water coming from???? Did you have a dehumidifier running and turned it off? Where is the cupping the worst, that will likely be close to the origin of the issue.

While hardwood floors will last forever,they can be terribly finicky about the conditions they are in.

Call the installer or flooring company back immediately!!! Also, call a plumber to make sure that this is not a plumbling issue. A plumber can check for leaks in pipes below ground level to see it that is the issue. If that is the case, once the leak is repaired…put some fans on the floor, and it will settle down.

Although you just had the floors redone….sometimes issues are just a weird matter of circumstance.

Dust Free Hardwood Floor Refinishing Testimonial – Bob Sidot Floors

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Learn about the experience of having Bob Sidoti Floors refinish your hardwood flooring with the dust containment system.

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Why do my newly refinished hardwood floors have dents and bubbles all over?

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We recently had our hardwood floors refinished by a friend of a friend who said he knew what he was doing. The floor has dents/waves in it and the finish is not smooth but has small pimply bumps on it. Is there any way to fix this without refinishing the floor entirely? We haven’t paid this "friend" yet – what should we do?
The dents/waves were not in the floor before it was sanded. Could the sander have caused them? Is there a way to fix without resanding all of the newly applied stain and polyurethane?

Those dents and waves are a direct cause of the belt floor sander being improperly used. If the belt sander is allowed to sit to long in one spot it will eat away too much wood causing dips and waves in the flooring. You will have to re-sand to fix this unless this guy ate to much into the wear layer of your flooring then you will have to replace it (this usually won’t happen unless you’ve had your floors sanded several times before). From the sound of the pimply bumps you are either looking at particulate (improper cleaning before finish is applied) that has been finished over leaving a sandy like finish or fish eyes which can be caused several things. If it is just particulate that has been finished over this can be buffed out then refinished again after a good cleaning. If it is fish eyes in the finish they may be sanded out depending on their size. But like I said in order to fix the waviness you will have to resand anyway.

How to fix gaps in hardwood floor?

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I plan on refinishing the hardwood floors upstairs. I noticed some large gaps in the middle of the floor, some are 1" or more. How do I fix the gaps before I refinish the floors?

Wow, for a second I thought this was my question I just asked a few days ago coming back to haunt me!
I have the same problem, although the spaces between my floorboards is much smaller – 1/4 inch wide.
I haven’t gotten any good answers yet, although I am hoping someone comes up with a solution to the problem.
So far, someone suggested using rope to fill the gaps!!! Since your gaps are sooo much larger than mine, have you considered buying a plank of similar wood, using paper and a wide pencil to outline the perimeters of your larger gaps and sawing matching pieces of the new wood to fill the old gaps and gluing them in place?
That is what I would do if I had that much gap in my floor boards!!

Crankin’ Up Da Floor…

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More work…

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refinishing hardwood floors?

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We have a house with hardwood under the carpet… if the wood is in good condition and we just have to take up the tack boards – is it really hard to refinish the floors??? do we just have to sand the edges or the entire floor.. how does this process work?

ucluelet is right. It’s very hard work though. My hubby and I refilled, sanded the whole floor (edges and corners too), and stained. But WOW – it looked great when finished.
The process:-
1. Pull out nails and refill with putty
2. We hired 3 sanders. A big one for the major floor area, a medium one for the edges, and a small one for the corners. (Don’t sand it yourself if you have back problems…..hire a professional as the large and medium sanders can be very tough on your back).
3. When staining, paint it on, then rub it in with a cloth. ie. brush in one hand and cloth in the other. It gives a much better finish.
4. And lastly we sealed it with a varnish/lacquer.

COURTSPORTS INC. – Gym Floor Sanding & Refinishing

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COURTSPORTS INC. is America’s premier gym floor refinishing company. Specializing in maple court floor installations, sanding, and refinishing. Call COURTSPORTS today for a free price quote at 503-320-7281. Or go online to www.courtfloors.com to view more of our beautiful projects.

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I need some advice on refinishing my old hardwood floors.?

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My husband and I bought an old house built in 1950 . We have recently discovered that there is hardwood flooring under the carpet. We have since ripped it up and have decided to refinish the floor ourselves. We have called the local hardware store and have found they have a sander we can rent. Can anyone give me some advice on the proper method of getting these floors to look great again?

First sand the floors, taking off any old varnish and stain. The sander you are renting should be special for this purpose, and it should come off smooth and fairly easy. I work at and rented my sander from Home Depot. The main, big sander for most of the work I did worked very well. For the edges and corners, the sander they gave me was a pain, going in a circular motion and difficult to control. For that, I wished I used a lighter grit sand paper. Ask the rental people which sand paper to use as far as grit is concerned. The next question is, what do you want the floor to look like once it is sanded down? Do you want to stain it? You don’t have to. You definately need to put on a polyurthane, which comes in a satin, semigloss, or gloss. Even though this is clear, it will darken the floor a bit, which can’t be helped. Read the back of the can for how to best apply it, what to use, etc. You will probably need to sand between coats of the poly, and using a sanding block that can screw into a broom handle is nice for doing this (it’s only light sanding between coats, so you wouldn’t use the machine for this part). Putting on the poly, you will probably use a lambs wool pad. Don’t shake any stain you may use, or the poly, because it may cause a small bubbling effect.

At Home Depot, the paint department has almost everything you need for this, and I imagine other stores are like this as well, unless they keep it in a flooring department.

After refinishing hardwood floors?

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I have sanded, stained, poly’d, sanded, and poly’d again. My question is, what (if anything) should I apply to the floors once the last coat of poly has dried for a few days? Is there anything that needs to go on after? After I did the first coat the floor was like an ice skating rink, I dont want it to be that way after the last coat and stay that way. Thanks for the input.
Ok, thanks a lot EaglesDen.

After sanding and finishing your floor twice I wouldn’t think that you would need anything else added. Two coats of poly should be enough to last for some time depending on the amount of traffic that the floor gets.
But, then again, if still not sure you can contact the manufacturer and ask them. They will be able to tell you exactly what is the best for their product.


Discount Vinyl Flooring What to Do when Cleaning Your Floor

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There are many solid wood floor polyurethane is completed, you should never say polyurethane wax 1st Do not use plastic or ceramic tile floor care products, solid wood flooring.

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