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How to install 3/4" engineered wood flooring?

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Is it acceptable to glue 3/4" engineered wood flooring to a concrete floor?

To be honest I ve never seen a 3/4 engineered hardwood. 3/8s and 1/2 inch yes, both of those which can be nailed or glued. Glue only on cement of course. You ll have to get w/ the manufacture and see what they say to do. E mail me back thru my avatar what you find out for sure, I m always eager to learn something new GL
P S , if you do find it to be gluable, e mail me and I l give some pointers.Have you checked your cement for any moisture/ hydrostatic pressure?

I am an allergy sufferer.Which engineered wood flooring is best? ?

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i know engineered flooring uses adhesives and this worries me. i think hardwood installation over conrete would be complicated (we live in a condo) and we were advised to choose engineered wood. thank you!

You can use the type of laminate that snaps together. This is installed over a pad that is rolled over the concrete. There would be no adhesive required. If you do go with the type of engineered wood that is glued together, the glue used is basically the same as yellow carpenters glue. The formula is slightly different, but for the most part it is very similar. The glue dries quickly, and once it’s dry it should be sealed enough to not cause allergy issues. Hope this helps.

Engineered Wood Flooring-DIY

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Marc Bartolomeo explains how to install an engineered hardwood floor. This video is part of Kitchen Impossible show hosted by Marc Bartolomeo . SHOW DESCRIPTION :When it comes to kitchens, homeowners often end up overwhelmed, out of money and frustrated with the renovation process. On Kitchen Impossible, contractor Marc Bartolomeo helps discouraged homeowners transform their terrible kitchens into sparkling new spaces.

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Should I pay for warranty on engineered wood flooring?

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I have an opportunity to purchase cabin quality engineered wood flooring that comes without any warranty by manufacturer. I’m tempted because I can purchase this flooring for about 700.00 less than 1st quality with 30 year warranty. Is the warranty worth it? Has anyone had the experience of filing a claim against a wood floor warranty?

You’ll probably replace that floor before you would need the warranty. I have never had an experience with filing a claim. But have worked for many attorneys and if you are going to get a warranty make sure you read it before you buy it. It might not cover what you would think it would

How to Install a Glue-Down Engineered Hardwood Floor

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Hardwood flooring adds warmth and beauty to any room, and is also a great way to increase the value of your home. At Lowes, youll find a variety of hardwood flooring styles and colors, from domestic species like Oak and Maple to exotics like Brazilian Cherry and Bamboo. Engineered flooring can be installed on any level of the home, but different installation methods are necessary for different types of subfloors. These instructions will show you how to glue down an engineered floor to a concrete subfloor.

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