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ifloor.com Truckload Sale on Hardwood Bamboo and Engineered

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iFloor.com founder Steve Simonson talking about great prices on solid handscraped hardwood flooring in maple and oak, strand woven bamboo, and wide plank distressed wood floors. All these are marked 50%-75% off! Check out www.ifloor.com for more details.

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How do i get scuff marks off engineered wood floors?

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the scuff marks are clear and can seen when like is reflecting off the floor
p.s. i’ve used tennis ball, mr.clean eraser, and mopping and nothing has worked

polish wipes have worked for me or just mop entire floor with laminate cleaner it should re coat evenly and not leave residue

Would you recommend installing engineered wood floors in the kitchen?

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I’d especially appreciate answers from people who have done this and can tell me of any potential benefits/pitfalls.

I have engineered floors in my library and hallway and it looks nice when it’s new but I would definitely NOT recommend it to anyone. (especially in a kitchen) Anytime something is dropped on it, it will chip the top layer of veneer off and it will show the exposed particle board underneath. I know this because it has happened to me and when my floor was first installed it was beautiful but when they were installing the doors on the hall closet, they dropped one of them and it took a chunk out of the floor. This cannot be fixed. When you drop something on a regular wood floor it might dent it but it will not take the top layer off or the stain color. Also, it scratches really easy and it is much more noticible than on a regular wood floor. I would not use it again and I am single and live alone and a very neat person but accidents do happen. If money is an issue for you I think you would be much happier going with a laminate floor. But then again, If your dishwasher leaks it will ruin the laminate too. I bought my engineered wood on clearance at Lowes because it was discontinued and I got it at a very cheap price. Now I know why. Good luck whatever you decide!

NBA ‘Hardwood Heroes’: Glen Rice

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NBA ‘Hardwood Heroes’ feature on Glen Rice.

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When Installing engineered wood floors on a concrete slab with same length borads, do I need to cut boards?

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All my boards are in 3ft lengths. Do I need to cut them to various lengths before starting? What lengths should I cut them in? Does it look weird having a 3ft borad then a 8 inch board? Please help!

First of all I am going to mention something that others probably won’t.
Moisture in the slab.- Many engineered wood floor manufacturers will not cover their product if installed below grade on concrete. You may want to check that first if a warranty on the flooring is important to you.
To check for moisture in your slab, take 4 pcs. of aluminum foil about 12" long the full width of the roll. Duct tape down all 4 sides of foil to concrete slab 4 area away from each other. Let sit for 24 hrs. and then pull up. If there is any moisture on the floor or on the undside of the foil, then I would not put down this type flooring. If it’s ok – then it’s safe.

You want to "stagger" your joints in the flooring. What you don’t want is a small pc. on either end. You can start with full pcs. if it does not leave you a pc at the end of 12" of less.
Lay out your first row of all full pcs. Now check how much your end cut will be. If it is 12" or less than cut about 12" off the wall end of your first full pc. of flooring, now shift the rest of your full pcs. against this first pc. Now your end pc. (cut pc.) will be at least 12" long.
Now start your next row with a pc. cut to 16" or less – continue on with full pcs. – now measure your cut pc. If it is 12" or less -alter your first pc. longer or shorter to make your cut pc. to be 12" or more.
Do not repeat a starting cut pc. length until the 4th row. Then you can repeat the starting lengths and follow your pattern if you want, or simply keep changing the length of starting pc. as long as you don’t have any pcs. shorter than 12".

Hardwood Floor Dustless Sanding

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checking out in detail wood floor sanding with a dustless system at a near Beverly Hills home

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Is it possible to place wood floors (or engineered wood floors) or ceramic tiles on existing ceramic tiles?

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We have ceramic tiles in the living room and kitchen. We would like to have wood floors in the living room and new ceramic tiles in the kitchen. Is it possible to do this without taking out the old ceramic tiles? The old tiles are in great condition with no cracks or loose tiles.

Yes you can.
Most wooden floors come with a backing or underlay system.
If your floors are level straight on will do if you have a slight drop between rooms you can use a ply underlay to level this section.
For tiling over existing you may have to sand down the gloss/waxes
to allow the glue to adhere.
Most tile shops will put you on the right product available no matter which way you go.
Good Luck

Our engineered wood flooring is buckling and popping when walked on, just weeks after installation. Solution?

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Floor was installed on top of concrete slab with adhesive.

Another thing is to make sure you check the humidity of the room. Also did you guys acclimate the wood? We recommend you acclimate the wood at least 3 days before installation. Some manufactures recommend up to 1 week.


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Client’s Testimonial Below:
Amazing job with my hardwood floor. This company is super helpful; totally dependable; and incredibly efficient. My hardwood floor is beautiful without a doubt. I would recommend it to everyone.

Software Engineer,
Hong Q.

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Installing TORLYS Hardwood Floors In A Standard Room – Part 1

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Dave shows the proper installation of TORLYS Hardwood – Twin Peaks with proper preparation of the floor underlayment and correct installation technique of floor planks. This is part 1 of 2. For more information, visit us at: http://www.torlys.com

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