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What is the pros & cons of Laminate hardwood floor compare to engineered one?

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I’ve been living with carpet all my life and would love to have a hardwood floor in my new home. However due to limited budget, I could not afford the real hardwood or engineered. I had the Empire Today guy showed me the laminate option and it looks like the real hardwood. According to him it’s better because I have an active little boy (6 yrs old) and more durable than hardwood. But I also heard that it could decrease the value of the house, is this true?

I agree with Catherine…If you live in a very nice house in an upscale neighborhood, get hardwood. If your house is not as nice as that, it will not decrease the value of your house to use the Pergo type flooring.

I might add that the quality of the laminate flooring should be considered. Get one that has a 25 to 30 year guarantee. They are easy to maintain, and look and function extremely well.

Engineered Hardwood Flooring-DIY

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Marc Bartolomeo shows how to install a beautiful engineered hardwood floor. This video is part of Kitchen Impossible show hosted by Marc Bartolomeo . SHOW DESCRIPTION :When it comes to kitchens, homeowners often end up overwhelmed, out of money and frustrated with the renovation process. On Kitchen Impossible, contractor Marc Bartolomeo helps discouraged homeowners transform their terrible kitchens into sparkling new spaces.

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Waxing Engineered Wood Floor?

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Is Ok to wax engineered wood floor?

Yes you can "maintain" an engineered hardwood floor. Check the link for all the correct procedures.

I said "maintain"…does not imply waxing.

Maintaining engineered flooring
Keeping up with your hardwood flooring is pretty easy.

Sweep, vacuum, or use a dust mop every day or so.
Clean spills immediately and make sure the surface is dry.
Place a door mat on both side of exterior doors to pick up as much debris. It cuts down on dirt throughout the house.
Damp mopping is discouraged, but if you must, use a mop that is just barely damp and be sure that no water remains on the floor when you’re done.
Recoat floors to prevent wear to the veneer. If you keep up with them, your floors will be fine for a long time and refinishing won’t be an issue.
Train people to take off their shoes when they come and go. It will cut down on wear and be easier to keep the house clean too.
Make sure dogs have their nails clipped otherwise expect extra wear and unnecessary dings.


can you add on to an engineered wood floor?

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I am removing a built in book case at one end of my family room and found that the hard wood floor does not go under the book case but stops at the book case. This wood floor is what i think is called an "engineered" wood floor where it is set on top of concrete and maybe glued to the floor?
What are my options for either adding on to the floor where the book case will be removed or am i better off pulling up the whole floor and starting over?

What you call engineered wood floor is called plywood in US.
You can just plug in a piece. If any gap exists with the old, just fill it with wood filler and sand smooth. It can be glued or nailed with concrete nails. Be sure to counter sink nails and fill to smooth.
Be sure you buy the same thickness plywood.

As for the hardwood, if you don’t have extra from the original installation, you can rest assured that the new will not match exactly.

The grain of wood varies greatly from one batch to another and sometimes the color as well.

If the cost of replacement for the entire floor is a problem, the only thing I can suggest is to use a complimentary border around the entire room, the width of the book case.
You would only have to remove enough for the border to match the width of the book case..

The other possibility, is a "more narrow border", IF you can salvage enough of the existing floor from the "border removal" to finish the fill at the book case with the "same new border". This may not work.
I hope that’s clear.

You didn’t say if the hard wood is parquet or strip wood.
This may guide your decision.

For possible borders, consult your dealer.

Check these out.


Engineered Oak From OakFloorsOnline

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An introduction to the different engineered oak flooring finishes available from www.OakFloorsOnline.co.uk

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Can I use the same adhesive used for engineered flooring to install travertine floor directly onto the plywd?

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I think that I would get thin set and a notched trowel so that you have some room up and down…if you have to level a piece of the stone………….travertine used to be stone, hopefully I’m reading your ? correctly…………if it’s wood it’s one thing, but stone you need a little cushin…….room to float it around. Good luck…………or by the way they have premixed thin set in buckets………..if you have the tools you can mix it your self if you have a lot to dollllllllllits a lot cheaper by the bag………..but you’ve got clean up and all that stuff:)

How To Install An Engineered Floor

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Check out these easy for follow tips from Lowes that will help you install an engineered floor.

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Do I have to glue an engineered wood floor down?

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What should I look for in a quality engineered wood floor? Where is the best place to buy flooring if I’m installing it myself?

Things to look for are the thickness of the wear layer, as well as the warranty. Engineered floors can be installed floating, or they can be glued, stapled, or nailed down. If they have the "click-lock" joint, they must be installed as a floating floor. If the joints are simple tongue and groove, and you install them as a floating floor, the joints must be glued. There are a lot of different places to get flooring. You can go to a home center, such as Lowe’s or HD, or you can go to a flooring store. Do some shopping around, and pick up samples when you can so you can compare the floors. Hope this helps.

gluing down engineered wood floor over cork underlayment that is glued down to wood subfloor?

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I live in a condo apartment on the 2nd floor. I want to soundproof the floor, but I don’t want carpeting. Therefore, I glued a cork underlayment to a wood sub floor. Now, I want to glue the engineered wood floor to the cork underlayment. Is this reccomended?

If your cork is down well and the glue you use will bond to the cork, your ok. Check out what type of glue your using. Most urethane based glues will work. GL

Easy Engineered Wood Floor

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Learn the basics for installing a new engineered wood floor.

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