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Which is better engineered wood floor , soild wood or laminate?

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I want to replace the carpet in my hallway.

Depends on your life style and where your putting it, which is better for you. Solid wood, good invest ment but the most maintenance. Not always a good idea for a a family w/ pets and kids.
Engineered wood for some one with and older family members and don t mind a little maintenance since it s about the same as real wood.
Laminate I suggest for a family with kids and or pets, It s good since its tough ( as long as you don t get the 99 cents a s/f junk) Easy to maintain . All 3 products are prone to water damage from kids. pets and water leaks with laminate the easiest overall to replace.
If your doing a dining room that s seldom used, wood flooring. But a high traffic area w/ a busy lifestyle, perhaps not.
Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar . GL

Engineered Hardwood Flooring Installation

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http://conyers.floorcoveringsinternational.com We remove the existing vinyl flooring and replace it with 3/8″ engineered hardwood flooring. This small kitchen comes to life with this beautiful floor.

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help, what di i clean my engineered hardwood floor with?

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i dont want to ruin it, i bought this stuff called scotts liquid gold that just smells delicious! it was like five dollars for this can of spray. is it safe to use? my flooring is called thomasville mahogany. i got it at home depot.

Zep sells a great hardwood floor cleaner as well as the hardwood cleaner that is in the same aisle as the flooring.

How do you lay an ‘engineered’ wood floor (step by step if poss!?)?

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Is it an easy job for an amateur?
The floor it is going on is half original floorboards and half solid concrete (all flat and level).

This site has all the best installation guides. Type engineered wood floor in the search and up pops a load of videos, some are very well documented. You’ll find it difficult to get a tutorial on laying onto concrete though, most of the tutorials are about laying engineered ontop of wood. But good luck

Floor Wars 2009 – Super Naturalz VS Cockroach Crew

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HipHopRevenge presents Floor Wars 2009 – BATTLE 04
Super Naturalz (Canada) VS Cockroach Crew (Norway)

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is it necessary to seal a concrete floor when laying engineered hardwood floor?

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You really need to check with the manufacturer of your flooring but many manufacturers recommend that you cover a two or three foot square area of the concrete with a sheet of plastic with all of the edges sealed with tape so any moisture that might be migrating up from below the slab will be trapped. You let the sheet set undisturbed for 24 to 48 hours. If there is a moisture, you will see drops of water or at least the concrete will be damp.

If this test shows no moisture then you don’t have to worry about sealing the concrete.

In any case most engineered floor systems use a thin plastic foam sheet that when completely taped at the joints serves as both padding and a vapor barrier.

Catalina PEFC Engineered, FSC, GBC, Green Hardwood Flooring

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Catalina PEFC Engineered, FSC, GBC, Green Hardwood Flooring

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How do I remove a glued down engineered wood floor on a slab foundation?

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hammer drill or jack hammer with a flat end. grind the glue off with a Diamond bit floor sander

How shall I cure damp in a concrete floor (inside my home) before laying an engineered wood floor?

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Cement by nature is damp if the air is damp. Are you sure the dampness isn’t just the air. If its only a slight dampness from that try a dehumidifier. They work well but put heat into the room. Not much thou.
Your french drains need checked. Make sure they aren’t clogged.
If you DON’T have french drains then you might have a bigger problem. If drains are in good shape and you still have water then you might have some underground water seepage problem, and you might want to contact a contractor. Also talk to other people who have lived in the area… you would be surprised how much they know about the water run off and things like that… believe me if they are older they will know tons of things that will be helpful.

Cutting an Engineered Wood Floor System

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Our computer aided design and manufacturing equipment allow us to cut floors to exacting standards.

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