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How do I remove sticky double-sided carpet tape residue from bamboo flooring?

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We have a carpet runner at our office that has been taped down to a bamboo floor with double-sided carpet tape and masking tape. We want to get rid of the runner, but the carpet and masking tape have left a heavy, sticky residue on the bamboo floor. How do I remove the glue without compromising the clear floor finish on the bamboo?

Goo-Gone…works like a champ.

Cleaning Tips : How to Wash Laminate Floors

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Laminate floors are best washed with a combination of vinegar and water, which can be combined and kept in a spray bottle. Clean up debris before spraying and mopping laminate floors with vinegar and water with help from a professional house cleaner in this free video on floor cleaning tips.

Expert: Rachel Yatuzis
Contact: www.greenkleeninc.com
Bio: Rachel Yatuzis is a professional house cleaner in Nashville, Tenn., specializing in using everyday household items for cleaning purposes.
Filmmaker: Tim Brown

Duration : 0:2:37

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Best method to install bamboo flooring on concrete?

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I recently bought bamboo flooring, not laminate, it’s 4 inches wide and 37 3/4 inches long. I’ve read of two methods for installing on concrete, either with a urethane glue, or floating type floor and gluing the joints as you assemble.

Which method is the best method? The room is about 350 sq ft, and about 200 sq ft of hallway. I would like to do this myself.

Glue down w/ a urethane glue..Special glue trowel for this.. Hope you have strong arm. It will test your arm strength..Cement must be very clean and dust free..Is this an engineered bamboo? Only an engineered flooring can be glued .. Full 3/4:" flooring needs to be nailed down. You can glue edges on only flooring made for this. And I m real sure it isn t available any more. E mail me thru my avatar if you want some hints and suggestions on glueing a floor down GL

How durable is bamboo flooring?

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My husband and I are building our first home and decided to get bamboo flooring. I figured since they make cutting boards out of bamboo, then bamboo floors would be an awesome idea. Now some people are telling me that bamboo dents/scratches easily and also stains easily. Anyone have any experience with bamboo? Ps. we have a dog that loves to run and play- are our floors doomed?

Some of the other posts above are correct – the younger the bamboo, the softer it will be. Bamboo should be harvested at maturity which is normally between 5 and 7 years.

There are different types of bamboo flooring – solid, engineered and strand woven. If you have a dog, you want strand woven bamboo which is the hardest type of bamboo flooring made. Other things to consider when buying bamboo floors besides pets – where in the home will it be installed and what type of climate are you in.

For more information on bamboo flooring including how it’s made, bamboo types, bamboo floor care, buying and installation guides, I would recommend visiting the below site. Here is a direct link to bamboo flooring and pets which should help with concerns of your dog and bamboo.


How to Install Laminate Floors in Your Home – Do It Yourself

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Lowe’s home improvement expert, Mike Kraft, demonstrates the installation of laminate wood flooring after proper subfloor preparation. To learn how to prepare your subfloor or to view more instructional views, visit http://www.Lowes.com/Videos

Duration : 0:5:48

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Woodworking Information : How to Bend Wood to Make Furniture

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Bend wood to make furniture using a bent lamination technique that involves cutting wood into the desired shape, ripping wood strips, applying glue with a roller and clamping wood pieces into place. Find out how long to let bent wood pieces dry in this free video from an award-winning woodworker on basic carpentry.

Expert: Kent Perdue
Bio: Kent Perdue is a senior in the furniture-making program at VCU, and has received many scholarships and awards for his work. Perdue sells his work at various furniture stores in Richmond, Va.
Filmmaker: nate thompson

Duration : 0:4:12

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Can you put bamboo flooring over ceramic tile?

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I am thinking of putting a new bamboo floor down but currently have ceramic tile on the lower level of my house. Do I have to take up the tile or can I lay wooden flooring over the ceramic?

Yes in theroy but no

It is possible but not recommended

you might spend as much time on prep as you would on demo

the floor will be too high

that will cause you to cut your interior doors

all transition’s will be trip areas a transition is one floor area to another

It will look bad

A home improvement should be just that an improvement.

Don’t cut corners you are going to have to live with it.

Does anyone have experience with Yanchi Bamboo flooring?

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I really like the look of Bamboo flooring, but I’ve read horror stories about some of the bad Bamboo that has found its way onto the market. Yanchi certainly seems to be doing all the right stuff (e.g. ISO 9002 certification) and the reviews on the web site are excellent. However, I take those with a huge grain of salt. Is Yanchi a premium product like they claim it to be?

no experience, but i saw some @ sam’s wholesale, it was beautiful!

Is there such a thing as Bamboo flooring?

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Bamboo can be made into counter tops.
Can the same type of thing be done as an alternative to traditional, hardwood flooring?

indeed there is, ask your local flooring supplier.

What are your thoughts on Bamboo flooring?

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I’m looking to install a type of flooring in my home, and I’ve been considering bamboo flooring because it’s supposedly a fairly decent hardwood which looks good, relatively cheap, and a renewable type of wood unlike cherry or teak.

I was wondering if you DIY-ers would know the pros and especially cons of this relatively new flooring material.

I live in the Boston area in a 1980’s built condo complex, so the interior is fairly maintained year-round.


Happy New Year!

I will say you have good taste.I installed a bambooo floor 3 years ago in a kitchen. Two weeks ago the home owner called and asked me to come by. I found the bambo splitting. I am going to install maple flooring next week. I have checked with other home owners I did a bamboo floors for and I am finding the same problem in some of them. The ones with a problem are in a kitchen. So for your kitchen I would suggest another type of wood.