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Anyone know the best bamboo flooring product?

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I want to install bamboo floors and was looking for a durable product as I have kids and a dog. I read somewhere the woven type was the best but I was also looking for brands that are recommended.

I just put in bamboo flooring and this site gave me a lot of good information! The floors look great and I am very pleased! The site will give you different ideas and where to get floors in your area.


Pravada Floors: How To Install Laminate Flooring

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Install laminate flooring with the help of this Pravada laminate floor installation video. www.PravadaFloors.com

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Where is the cheapest place to buy bamboo flooring?

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I am thinking of buying bamboo flooring for my room which is 12ft X 12ft . Thanx <3

iFloor.com is a great place to buy! They are reliable. They have A LOT of options too…Here’s some bamboo flooring information you may be interested in as well.
Tips and tricks on installing, a full installation guide, care and maintenance, and other bamboo flooring related questions and answers for the new floors you’re getting! Have a great day!

Does Contemporary bamboo flooring smell?

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I have chemical sensitivity and sensitivity with smells. I want to know if Bamboo flooring has any chemical smells to it. I want to rent a beach house but don’t know if I should because it has bamboo floors which I heard could have a smell.

By now, there’s been a lot of regulation of bamboo floors. When they first came out, there was a concern with formaldehyde emissions. But, now European and US standards have all but phased out the old floors to make room for ones with emissions that are low-to-none. It should be said that most flooring is finished with some kind of treatment to keep moisture out. Bamboo is no exception. My suggestion is to visit the location you’re thinking renting and see if you notice any noticeable odour. Ask about how long the floors have been installed. If they’ve been in for a while, chances are that they will have finished outgassing.

Over the long-term, modern flooring is designed to keep the air free of irritants. This is the advantage of natural flooring, so it is in the interest of the industry to make sure that emissions are not a problem, even to senstive noses like yours.

Good luck!

Installing Laminate Flooring – A How-To Guide

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A video step by step guide to installing laminate flooring. Everything you need to know about how to install laminate floors. Presented by BuildDirect.

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Where does bamboo for flooring come from?

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I hear that the latest trend in going green is bamboo flooring. Is the bamboo farmed, or is it harvested from wild bamboo? I ask b/c panda bears only eat bamboo; harvesting from the wild would be an endangerment to this species…

Most bamboo comes from Vietnam and China, with China being the largest producer of bamboo. The way bamboo is harvested there is pretty responsible and they don’t clear cut the forests. Bamboo grows back automatically in 5-7 years if the root stays in the ground. There’s no replanting. It’s a very controlled technique. It has been used for centuries there. So, they’re pretty good at it. So I would say China is certainly the #1 producer by a long shot, but Vietnam is not too bad either.

Gluing and Trimming Plastic Laminate Countertop

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Applying spray contact adhesive to wood, gluing plastic laminate to make a counter top.

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Where do I find the ECO Bamboo flooring-tiles?

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I saw on DIY Bamboo flooring squares being installed by the owner of the house (a female).

Try the link below


What do you think about Bamboo Flooring?

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Lately I’ve been considering putting bamboo floors in our kitchen. They seem like a good looking alternative to hardwoods that also happens to be pretty good for the environment. What can you tell me about them?

Bamboo flooring is unique look, and while it is environmentally friendly – please note….it is fingernail soft. Meaning you can make a dent in it with your fingernail. Also, bamboo being a woody grass and not hardwood – should it need to ever be refinished…the results are not always so hot.
And in high traffic areas, tend to look worn very quickly.

If you want an environmentally friendly floor, consider either and engineered hardwood, or cork. Engineered hardwoods are considered environmentally friendly because they are not solid wood, and the layer of wood is thinner…therefore they get more flooring out of a board.

Cork is an EXCELLENT floor choice in a kitchen! It’s easy to stand on, it absorbs sound, if you drop something – whatever you dropped stands a chance of survival. It absorbs the warmth from you heating system in the winter, and it absorbs the coolness from the air conditioning in the summer…giving you a comfortable floor all year round. It comes in many styles and colors, if it gets dented – it will spring back…(think about a cork in a wine bottle), it’s hypoallergenic….AND it’s environmentally friendly because only the bark of the tree is harvested, and the bark regenerates every 10 years. It’s a very old flooring product that has developed a resurgence in popularity because we are becoming more careful with the environment. You’ll find cork floors in places like the Mayo Clinic…the Guggenheim museum…the Library of Congress…..so you know they will take a beating and keep on going! Every kitchen I’ve installed it in, the homeowners have been thrilled.


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