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Acoustilay installed with MDF panels for laminate & wood floors

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Acoustilay is one of a large range of acoustic product supplied by Trim Acoustics for reducing noise problems through floors, walls & ceilings in your home. Branches nationwide, visit our website www.trimacoustics.co.uk

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Can I use Redgard with Bamboo Flooring?

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I am installing bamboo flooring in my house and I have a plywood subfloor. I was told I can use Redgard to waterproof before I install the bamboo flooring. I did some research and could not find anything on this. Is this true? Can I use redgard on the plywood before I install the bamboo flooring?

Red Guard is excellent for tiling. But I m not sure as to why you d need to do this. If your gluing the bamboo down, I m not sure if the wood glue is compatible w/ the Red guard as far as not reacting to each other and causing the glue not to stick.. If your nailing the flooring down then your not doing anything as far as water proofing or using it as a moisture barrier since your driving nails/staples thru it..And then you still should have a felt ot rosin paper under the wood to keep the sub flooring and bamboo from rubbing together. Although the Red Guard may act in this way. So at 40 $ a gallon and 120$ or so for a big bucket , I d question this practice. Plus to properly put it down you need 2 coats ..E mail me thru my avatar if you have any questions GL

Rejuvenate Floor Restorer on Laminate Flooring

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We installed laminate wood flooring in our hall, kitchen and family room. Shortly thereafter, our dishwasher overflowed and the shine never came back on our flooring. We saw your commercial and my hubby decided to try the floor products and WOW, the floors look brand new. We got such compliments and our floors are so shiny and rich looking. Thanks so much for making such a great product. We recommend it to all our friends with wood or laminate flooring. We don’t normally write about products but this really protected a big investment in our house. Keep up the good work.
Mr. & Mrs. C. Discenza
Beachwood, NJ

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Anyone have a strong opinion about bamboo flooring?

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Have you installed it in your home? Know someone who has? Does it stand up as well as hardwood flooring? I want to hear your opinions.

We put Bamboo in our house a year ago. we like it. we have a small Terrier, and we see some scratches in the floor. 1st thought "uhoh" not a good choice. But then we have some friends though that have a Hard wood floor… noticed it also has scratches from their dogs.

Home Improvements & Repairs : Scratches on Hardwood Floors

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Scratches on hardwood floors can be removed with a cleaner and buffer if they are shallow, or with shellac for deeper scratches. Try melting beeswax into large scratches on hardwood flooring with instructions from a remodeling contractor in this free video on home repair and maintenance.

Expert: Tim Gipson
Contact: www.inhisstepsremodeling.com
Bio: Tim Gipson is a home repair specialist and remodeling contractor in Franklin, Tenn.
Filmmaker: Tim Brown

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where can i buy good bamboo flooring in manila?

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i’ve read that it is nice as a flooring material. where can i find details about it? design, cost?, where to find? i am in manila.

You look for the Alfonso Farm in Cainta. They sell bamboo furniture and can surely supply you with bamboo floorings, too.

How can I stop my new bamboo flooring from buckling up on me ? tonge and groove ,mastic glue down on concrete.

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I followed manufactures instructions , cleaned concrete floor pryer to installing. opened boxes, stacked criss cross, waited two day for flooring to adjust to room temp. trowel down with mastic glue. checked floor for leveling (o.k.) Should I have left room for expantion between the tounge and grooves ?

Did you use a block seal on the slab to prevent moisture from bleeding through? You didn’t mention that in your preliminary list of steps you took. The slab should have been sealed first before anything was done. Where you leave a 1/4 inch gap is around the outer perimeter of the room where your baseboards would be placed over that gap…not between the boards.

Install Quick-Step Laminate Flooring 1

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Quick-step laminate flooring is very cool laminate flooring brand. Here are first part of how to install it guide. The process is very easy

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Can you install 15 mm bamboo flooring with the Bostitch MFN200 flooring nailer?

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Are there any special modifications that need to be made to the Bostitch floor nailer to install flooring of other thicknesses besides 3/4"? (i.e. 3/8", 1/2", 5/8", 33/32", and metric bamboo)

yes,they have a block that can be removed from the bottom of your nail gun ,which come in different thicknesses to compensate for the thickness of the wood.uaually find them at lowe’s or the depot.

Housekeeping Tips : How to Clean Laminated Wood Floors

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The best way to clean laminated wood floors is with a combination of vinegar and water, while traditional wood cleaners should be avoided. Prevent wax buildup when cleaning laminated wood floors with help from a professional house cleaner in this free video on housekeeping tips.

Expert: Rachel Yatuzis
Contact: www.greenkleeninc.com
Bio: Rachel Yatuzis is a professional house cleaner in Nashville, Tenn., specializing in using everyday household items for cleaning purposes.
Filmmaker: Tim Brown

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