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What are the diffrences between bamboo flooring, and wood flooring?

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can you also give pro’s and con’s of both?

Wood flooring is made directly from trees, while bamboo is actually a fast-growing grass. Some say it is even harder than hardwood! Bamboo comes in various qualities – from bamboo laminate, to the more expensive, woven and carbonized bamboo flooring.

There are several pages discussing the pros, cons and varieties of wood and bamboo flooring listed on the following Quick Click Green Flooring Guide.

Specific pages on bamboo are the following:

Hope this helps.

Installing hardwood flooring

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Tn Wood Flooring carries a variety of hard wood flooring. We manufacture all types of hardwood floors including distressed wood floors,hickory wood floors,oak wood flooring & custom wood floors.Visit our showroom& see your floor made Call 800-238-1009

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bamboo flooring- what is the best reason to use this material compared to others?

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durability?aesthetic?low cost?

well..I would say bamboo has more aesthetic value compare to others and it cheaps too. You can try this site:

installing floating bamboo flooring?

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i’m having a problem with a gluess lock & fold floating bamboo floor when i keep installing a new row the boards keep snaping off why is this? i will lay the first board of the row snap it in fold down than the next board the end goes on then i elevate the board at about 25 degree angle which causes the other board to lift snap in place tap slightly .when i start the third board doing same the first board would come loose this even happen to the whole row one time; just don’t understand what i’m doing wrong.

Are you sure you started with the correct edge on the very first board. As I recall, one edge is intended to be the "down" board and the other is the one you snap into it. Try reversing what you are doing and see what happens. You should not have to lift any board other than the new one you are snapping into the other which is flat on the floor.

Another way to put it is, if you are starting on one wall, it is important which edge is against (of course allowing for the required expansion space) the wall and which is toward the room side.

Floor Finish Application – www.padco.com/floortools

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Padco t-bar floor coaters apply a smooth, streak-free finish at up to 10,000 square feet per hour. For use with water based and solvent based finishes on hardwood, concrete, vinyl, tile, stone, terrazzo, and all other hard, flat floor surfaces. See us at www.padco.com/floortools . (800) 328-5513

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Do you like your bamboo flooring in your kitchen and laundry room?

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How do you clean your floor? Is it sturdy? Do you put something on the furniture legs and appliances that prevents scratching the floor?

Bamboo is very nice flooring (all styles) It is as hard as a rock.(I burnt up two really nice saw blades installing a kitchen) To clean it you just vacuum mostly, or wipe with a moist rag if you spill something. All furniture you put on any hardwood should have little rubber or soft plastic feet on them, to keep any scratches to a mininum. Bamboo is expensive but I think it is worth the price.

Installation of Laminate Flooring in the Bathroom

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Dave shows how to install TORLYS laminate floors in the bathroom with the proper underlay and techniques. For more information, visit us at: http://www.torlys.com

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Can bamboo flooring be refinished if it becomes dull or scratched?

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And how do they hold up in comparison to solid hardwood? If you are a flooring specialist, what type of flooring do you prefer? Why?

if its a full 3/4" floor it can be redone if it gets to that point. The thinner floors ( engineered) , you may be able to have them screened and refinished if their not to bad. As far as holding up, they ll hold up well if you take the daily care they need ( like all wood ).
You ask what I prefer? Good vinyls ,laminates ( not the cheap stuff) . And tile. Tile in all the high traffic areas and bath rooms.
I like the good (quality wise) laminates and vinyls because of the ease of maintenance.
Any flooring questions you can e mail me through my avatar.. GL

Is bamboo flooring compatible with dogs and cats, compared to traditional hardwoods like oak?

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To clarify–I am worried about whether the floors are hard enough to resist the scratches from their claws. I am not worried about their aesthetic preferences.

it will definitely scratch some. Keep your dogs’ nails clipped. Cats don’t walk on their nails so it won’t cause as much damage, but dogs do. Dog nails should be clipped weekly, to just shy of the vein which is usually visible through the nail as a pink section.

The woven (strandwoven) bamboo is the hardest, and will hold up better than a lot of hardwoods, but if you don’t clip your dogs’ nails, it will wear just like any wooden floor.

Even with clipping there will be some wear, but you can minimise it. The darker carbonised, sometimes called coffee bamboo is the softest, and it’s similar to a Tassie Oak. The natural blond colour is significantly harder, closer to a Jarrah. The strandwoven stuff is about as hard a floor as you can get in a wood-style product (bamboo’s grass, not wood, but it looks and feels like wood).

Good luck! We’re thinking about getting some ourselves, so that’s why I’ve done all the research recently and it’s fresh in my head.

Hardwood Floor Medallion Inlays and Compass Rose

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My first attempt(test run) at showing some of my hand made floor medallion Inlays with video.

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