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Is there such a thing as Bamboo flooring?

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Bamboo can be made into counter tops.
Can the same type of thing be done as an alternative to traditional, hardwood flooring?

indeed there is, ask your local flooring supplier.

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  1. irish_trout_bum Says:

    indeed there is, ask your local flooring supplier.
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  2. inzaratha Says:

    Yes there are some really beautiful bamboo floorings. I saw some when I bought my laminate wood flooring at Lumber Liquidators. You can look on their web site to check it out. One of my friends installed bamboo flooring and he loves it.
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  3. Eco-Savvy Says:

    Yes very popular in Japan
    For centuries wood and bamboo cane have been used for the floors of certain transition points in Japanese teahouses and sukiya-style residences. Nowadays a new type of "hardwood" bamboo flooring is being manufactured and installed in modern homes
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  4. car dude Says:

    yes and it’s environmentally friendly too. because it grows so fast and is renewable, it makes a great choice.
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  5. Andrew Says:

    Yes, there are lots of bamboo floors. Bamboo (a quickly renewable resource) is a beautiful flooring material, which is relatively easy to care for.
    However, there is a social cost to bamboo floors. Most bamboo comes from Asia, and it is cut into thin strips, soaked in salt water, then placed in molds where it is pressed and glued together. The problem is, your hands are too big to handle these thin strips of wood to place them into the molds. When you were 8 years old, your hands would be the ideal size. Unfortunately, this is how most bamboo floors are made, with child labor.
    On the other hand, the alternative to this labor source, could be that the 8 year olds entire family could starve. It is not neccessarily fair to place our values upon other societies.
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    I have been in the floor covering business for 27 years.

  6. quietgiant Says:

    I am a contractor working in the luxury home market and bamboo floors have been around for quite a while,and every customer of mine who got them hates them, they are a high maintenance floor ,and if you live where there are four distinct seasons the seasonal movement of the house will cause the bamboo to cup within a couple years of installation, it is also much less impervious to water/moisture than other hardwoods.
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  7. cherry Says:

    yes and its beautiful
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