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Flooring Depot: Laminate wood floor installation

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FlooringDepot: Install kaindl laminate wood flooring, using lock joining system.

Duration : 0:3:5

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21 Responses to “Flooring Depot: Laminate wood floor installation”

  1. marekbo Says:

    To all those who …
    To all those who are worried about scratching a laminated panel. TRY TO DO IT! A salesman showed me that: a car key or a screwdriver just slips over the hard surface. The same test on a timber panel leaves a deep ‘gush’. Yes, you can sand and re-polish timber panels but the cheaper ones ( still 3-4 times more expensive than the laminated ones, at least in Australia!) only have 1.5-2mm of ‘veneer’ made of quality timber while the rest is just cheap pine substrate. Good for maybe 1 re-sanding!

  2. tuffman832000 Says:

    this just comes to …
    this just comes to show you that this floor is crap. A good flooring quality product would be capable of installing a full board one at a time and needs no cutting or glue involved. Buy a better product and get better results. this looks fine and dandy until you do it yourself

  3. fontenator Says:

    what kind of accent …
    what kind of accent is that?

  4. xPilotxHellfire Says:

    Then why get a …
    Then why get a floor done if your going to cover it.. a year later you remove the rug and the floor is a different colour from the rest of the floor because of the sun.. Nice try to pitch you own buisness off someone elses vid.. Simple minded retard..

  5. xPilotxHellfire Says:

    What I love is the …
    What I love is the spacers… What is he starts off that wall .. but its out 1 inch from square to the other side of the room where there is tile he has to but into.. now hes mess up having to cut them all on a angle.. making it look lile garbage.. Id pull a tape from the tile.. and chalk a line..

  6. carambazo3 Says:

    sorry laminate …
    sorry laminate floors in not for give some maintanance, if you scrach it is not fixible so why spend money in some thing else….. recomedet by a real woodfloor installer

  7. bandman1967 Says:

    This is a great and …
    This is a great and easy to understand video. It gave me the confidence and know how to proceed in my install. Thanks!

  8. comet0067 Says:

    this information …
    this information really helped me out around my house

  9. dorinflorea63 Says:

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  10. TheBrassHole Says:

    I love persian rugs …
    I love persian rugs too. Great idea.

  11. RUGMANdotCOM Says:

    This flooring goes …
    This flooring goes well with a good quality Persian area rug. I know I have a bias for area rugs however it solves a lot of problems.

  12. shilack2 Says:

    yeah beer and …
    yeah beer and strippers plus some of the green tree keep me happy

  13. atamolotov Says:

    Beer and Strippers …
    Beer and Strippers it is then LOL

  14. cesargore21 Says:

    Please don’t …
    Please don’t install garbage like this. spend you many on beer or strippers or real 3/4 solid wood

  15. pythonflying Says:

    some garbage is …
    some garbage is better than others, check the warranty.

  16. ADDc09 Says:


  17. monkeyman1140 Says:

    The stuff looks …
    The stuff looks okay but its very slippery, unlike real wood flooring.

  18. gonzzalo007 Says:

    where can i find a …
    where can i find a page to learn how to install ceramic tiles?

  19. fuhrc08 Says:

    dont ever buy any …
    dont ever buy any kind of fooring like this. its garbage!

  20. delikanlica29 Says:

    sizin ben beyninize …
    sizin ben beyninize sokay?m daha ne diyim beyinsiz lavuklar kalorifer petegi yüzünden madem sokam?yosun petegin alt?ndan basla öbür tarafa gel o s?ray? hiç di?ini al?p tutkallama hadi onuda geçelim bikere senin dö?ememn ofsaytt sen tr olsan günde kaçmetre i? yapabilirsinki böyle bi oda anca yapars?n biz elimizle dö?üyoruz tak tak tak günde 100 metre atmassam namertim neyse sen bilidigini oku beyinsiz lavuk

  21. mm3861 Says:

    The tips on dealing …
    The tips on dealing with obstacles and doorways are particularly helpful for the first timer. When I did my floors, I first bought a ten dollar undercut hand saw to do the doorframes. I wound up buying a Bosch Fine Cut power saw because the hand saw was not getting the job done. I live in an older home where the door frames were some sort of quite hard wood with wider frames. A small sharp wood chisel helped clear out some of the debris underneath. It was the best hundred bucks I ever spent.

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