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Hardwood floor refinished?

hard wood floor refinishing 3 Comments »

Refinished my hardwood floor and replaced the water based to oil based finish. Now I am having a cupping problem. Please help

Cupping of hardwoods means one thing and one thing only….too much moisture.

Is your home on a crawl space or on a slab?

If on a crawl space….is there visqueen under each and every inch of your floors? Were the windows closed or open upon refinishing? Was there enough time allowed with the oil based finish between one coat and the next? Is your ice maker leaking only when it is on and running under the floor? Is there a toilet running and leaking that you really haven’t noticed?
Where is the water coming from???? Did you have a dehumidifier running and turned it off? Where is the cupping the worst, that will likely be close to the origin of the issue.

While hardwood floors will last forever,they can be terribly finicky about the conditions they are in.

Call the installer or flooring company back immediately!!! Also, call a plumber to make sure that this is not a plumbling issue. A plumber can check for leaks in pipes below ground level to see it that is the issue. If that is the case, once the leak is repaired…put some fans on the floor, and it will settle down.

Although you just had the floors redone….sometimes issues are just a weird matter of circumstance.

what causes a solid wood floor to swell?

solid wood flooring 8 Comments »

The wood floor fitter says he has never seen a wood floor swell like ours has . It’s only in one place between 3 planks and about 2 feet (60 cms ) in length .The floor was laid October 2005 over a wood floor and was perfect until 3 or 4weeks ago so for one year we had no problem .
We have had a second opinion . He thinks it could be the heavy marble fireplace we had fitted at the same time on top of the floor . He thinks the weight of the fireplace could stop the floor expanding and pushing the planks away from the fireplace . Before they dismantle the fireplace and rip up the floor has anybody any experience of this problem or any other ideas of what may have caused the wood to swell.

you should check that enough of a movement joint was allowed for at the perimeters, and also that the correct moisture content in the timber was used.

If too much moisture is retained in the timber, or too much was taken out priot to installation, that will cause the timber to move.

Which is better engineered wood floor , soild wood or laminate?

engineered floor 4 Comments »

I want to replace the carpet in my hallway.

Depends on your life style and where your putting it, which is better for you. Solid wood, good invest ment but the most maintenance. Not always a good idea for a a family w/ pets and kids.
Engineered wood for some one with and older family members and don t mind a little maintenance since it s about the same as real wood.
Laminate I suggest for a family with kids and or pets, It s good since its tough ( as long as you don t get the 99 cents a s/f junk) Easy to maintain . All 3 products are prone to water damage from kids. pets and water leaks with laminate the easiest overall to replace.
If your doing a dining room that s seldom used, wood flooring. But a high traffic area w/ a busy lifestyle, perhaps not.
Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar . GL

Real of fake wood flooring?

real wood flooring 5 Comments »

Is this real or fake wood in this pic?
I can’t tell…never had any kind of wood flooring before, but would like something similar. Can you tell the difference between real wood and wood laminate floors?

That’s a wood laminate floor. It’s a nice one though. I’ve seen some that look like junk, but this one looks good. Hope this helps.

I am considering installing a hardwood floor. What can I look for as a cost per sq ft/yd for a quality floor?

hardwood floor installation 5 Comments »

Installation will be on a slab. I have two dogs, (nails scratching floor). Is hardwood or laminate better?

Hardwood is always better.

I have 2 dogs too.

Try build direct http://www.builddirect.com/

Sometimes they have sales as low as 99 cents a sq/ft

What are the diffrences between bamboo flooring, and wood flooring?

bamboo flooring 3 Comments »

can you also give pro’s and con’s of both?

Wood flooring is made directly from trees, while bamboo is actually a fast-growing grass. Some say it is even harder than hardwood! Bamboo comes in various qualities – from bamboo laminate, to the more expensive, woven and carbonized bamboo flooring.

There are several pages discussing the pros, cons and varieties of wood and bamboo flooring listed on the following Quick Click Green Flooring Guide.

Specific pages on bamboo are the following:

Hope this helps.

How much would wood flooring (or laminate wood flooring) cost in an 18’x20′ room?

laminate wood flooring 6 Comments »

What’s the cheapest price I can pay for any kind or color wood in that size room?

$400 is probably the cheapest price you could pay. depends, call a local lumber store