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Refinishing Hardwood Floors with Bona Woodline Oil Based Floor Finish

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Applying Bona Woodline Oil Based Floor Finish

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S.H.E Floor Depot Engineered Flooring (Let’s heal our World)

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The Structure of Floor Depot BKB Engineered flooring – 3 layers construction and manufacturing process

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Refinishing Wood Furniture : Sanding Wood Furniture

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Wood such as Mahogany needs to be sanded prior to staining. Learn how to sand and clean wood prior to staining in this free video.

Expert: Curt Martin
Bio: Curtis W. Martin is a third-generation antiques restorer.
Filmmaker: Reel Media LLC

Duration : 0:1:35

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Bruce Lock and Fold Hardwood Flooring Video

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http://www.hardwoodinstaller.com – Jobsite review of Bruce Lock and Fold hardwood floors. Wood flooring product sold at Home Depot and Lowes as of March 2009. This is a floating click or snap together floor that can be installed over concrete, tile, vinyl, or wood floors. Considered a do it yourself (DIY) time saver. Filmed on location in Tucson, Arizona; enjoy our video what to expect when installing the product.

Duration : 0:3:5

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Perpetual Groove – Teakwood Betz (Pt.2) – 12/04/2009

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Perpetual Groove – Teakwood Betz (Pt.2)
State Theater – St. Petersburg, FL
Shot By Wasian Style
Total Time: 00:00 – 26:23
Pt.2: 09:10 – 19:37

Duration : 0:10:27

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How many coats to refinish a hardwood floor?

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We are refinishing 50 year old hardwood floors. The old varnish was just flaking off. How many layers of polyurethane will it take to create a durable finish. Our 70 lb dog will be walking on these. Also does it matter how thick or thin the layers are?

Apply a minimum of 3 coats, scuffing between coats with 000 steel wool. Vacuum the dust and apply the next coat. Oil will give you the most durable finish. Hope this helps.

Floating wood floors. Why do not all engineered wood floors work for floating?

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I’m wanting to put wood floors in and I’ve noticed that not all allow you to float them. Some have to be glued or nailed? They look the same to me. This is going in over concrete. But why don’t all work for floating floors? Whats the diff?

If they are floating floors, they need to lock together. Nail down type flooring is simply tongue and groove, it will come apart if left floating.

Does solid wood floor deform over time?

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I’ve been advised to get engineered wood floor (or top layer wood) because it keeps its shape better with central heating etc over time, as opposed to a solid wood flooring, is this true?

engineered wood is more stable and stronger than conventional lumber. It will hold more weight compared to the same dimensional lumber. Because it is made with waterproof glue, it isn’t as susceptible to moisture as conventional lumber, because of that, it will not warp as easily. It costs more but it is worth every penny.

Has anyone worked with Bostik EFA for installing an engineered floor? Is EFA better than Bostik Best?

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Bostik Best is the premium adhesive in the wood flooring industry, also the most expensive. You should look at Mapei 980, or Taylor MS Plus adhesives for a lower cost option.

best way to soundproof real wood floor before laying over old wooden floor?

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I’m wanting to lay a new ‘no glue’ real wood floor over old flooring (currently covered in carpet) that isn’t good enough to sand down, etc. I have a tenant in the flat below and want to reduce as far as possible, the sounds from my floor. What would you recommend? (I’m not particularly loud but I am aware that sound travels through flooring quite easily, even walking on the floor in shoes might be irritating). If you happen to know where to get good quality wooden glueless flooring at a good price, that would be a huge and unexpected bonus!Many Thanks. Eddie