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Shipping Container House – 2nd Floor Installation

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Single Family Residence being built in Upland, CA out of used shipping containers.
For details please visit:
Upland Container House Blog at http://uplandcontainerhouse.blogspot.com

Architects: Jeff Veenema & Erik Peterson (Principal)
Claremont Environmental Design Group
480 North Indian Hill Blvd. Claremont, CA 91711
909.625.3916 – www.cedg-design.com

General Contractor: Erik Peterson (Principal) & Jonah Swick
Oasis Design & Construction
401 E. Columbia Ave. Pomona, CA 91767

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Teak wood tonearm

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Teak wood tonearm

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What are the necessary steps to take to prep hardwood floors before refinishing?

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More specifically, do I need to actually clean the floor before starting any kind of refinishing/resurfacing?

You want to do this right the first time. It’s a big job! First you will need to remove all foot boards and heating grates and reset any nails that have raised over the years. Next, sand the floors to give it some tooth. If you are going to re stain you need to go all the way to the bare wood. (rent a floor sander it will save you time and be a lot easier on your back.) The most important part is to get all the dust up after sanding. I suggest, first vacuum with an upright then go back in with an attachment with a brush and scrub the brush into the grooves between all the boards where an accumulation of dust will hide. Leave the room for 30 minutes to let all the dust that’s been stirred up from the vacuum, settle. Then go over the entire floor with a tack cloth. I know it’s a lot of prep, but the end result will be well worth the extra prep. If you have the extra money, hire the pros. Oh and use large sheets of plastic to cover door ways to contain the dust another step that is well worth the extra time.

is plywood floor the same as engineered wood?

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I purchase "wood flooring" as an upgrade in my new home. Just found out that this is "engineered wood" is this the same?

are you talking about hardwood floors.There is real hardwood which is 3/4 inch thick wood boards, usually oak.The engineered hardwood is a thin layer of wood on a layer of plywood or osb.Engineered wood is a good floor but if you paid for real hardwood you should have gotten real hardwood.

What are some things that a good high quality solid hard wood flooring should have ?

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Can some one please give me some specific examples of things that a good high quality solid hard wood flooring should have ?
when i am looking different kinds of flooring what are some things i can look for to tell that it is a very good high quality pre finished flooring ? give some examples and what about the warranty ?

I assume your asking about a pre finished flooring..Some things are .. Listed as #1 grade, consistency in graining, few knots ( goes as #1 grading), wide variation in lengths within the box,and an aluminum oxide top coat GL
Since your looking at samples , you ll have to rely on what info they give you. You can t tell quality just by the sample, they ll give a good looking sample on the board. Warranties will help tell you just how hard the walking wear layer is and how many extra coats of finnish is on the wood. Be cautious, some sales people and manufactures will tell you there are X many coats on the wood. They count the stain as a coat .
Ask about the Janka rating of the wood is, this will indicate just how hard that particular species of wood is.GL

Can you mop an engineered oiled wood floor?

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The fitter said any stains on it had to be sanded out and then linseed oil rubbed in. he said we could not mop it of wash it down. Does anyone know how to clean this type of floor, it is not varnished. Thanks.

Yes, but don’t make it too wet.

Real wood flooring V engineered floors?

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Can someone tell me what is best for a house and why? What are advantages and disadvantages?
The question is not in the price – some engineered wood is more expensive then real one.
I heard that engeneered wood will not warp or expand, doesn’t make gaps with time and has better insulation, and generaly easier to lay. Laminate is definitelly our of question.

Real wood floors are thick, they can be refinished many times, of course you won’t live that long.

Engineered wood floors can be refinished a few times, and is all you need.

Laminate floors, can not be refinished…When they start looking tacky (8-10 yrs) you replace them or carpet over top.

If you are going to keep your house, go for real wood or engineered floors, and before you buy, Ask about the refinishing angle, just to make sure.

What is the pro and con of intallation hardwood floor with "Floating" method?

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I want to install the engeneered hardwood floor to my house. Should I choose the installation method with " glue down" or " floating"? Which one is better?

Floating is good for floors that won’t get "wet" or have dew on the ground. Basements are examples of floors that can’t use floating technique to install hardwood. But the floating method is convenient and not much gluing and is easier to remove if something’s wrong.

As for "glue down" method, it’s good for places like basements, where it will hold even if there is some water dripping on it. I use the glue don method, because I tried the floating method, and when i spilled something, the flooring would lift off the ground and ruin it. So I recommend glue down method, just to be safe of spills. Good luck!

Anyone have a strong opinion about bamboo flooring?

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Have you installed it in your home? Know someone who has? Does it stand up as well as hardwood flooring? I want to hear your opinions.

We put Bamboo in our house a year ago. we like it. we have a small Terrier, and we see some scratches in the floor. 1st thought "uhoh" not a good choice. But then we have some friends though that have a Hard wood floor… noticed it also has scratches from their dogs.

How best to clean laminate wood flooring?

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We purchased a house that has fake wood flooring what is the best way to clean them? we also have white ceramic tiles throuought most of the first floor except living areas how can i clean them without getting soap streaks from appering?

Hi, I just use warm water and sometimes warm water and vinegar 1 cup to a gallon. It works well and I prefer something that is natural. I just use a mop that is well wrung out. Soap-based products and citrus based products can leave a residue on laminate making them look dull. It is good to use warm water as it evaporates more quickly. You do need to sweep, swifter or vacuum regularly. Hope this helps.