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What should I expect to pay someone to install hardwood flooring? Just installation.

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2.50/3.50 a s/f. May vary on the room layout Wide open you might get them a bit cheaper (not lower than the 2.50) If more complex layout they may charge mose since it s more labor intense. GL

Can I use Redgard with Bamboo Flooring?

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I am installing bamboo flooring in my house and I have a plywood subfloor. I was told I can use Redgard to waterproof before I install the bamboo flooring. I did some research and could not find anything on this. Is this true? Can I use redgard on the plywood before I install the bamboo flooring?

Red Guard is excellent for tiling. But I m not sure as to why you d need to do this. If your gluing the bamboo down, I m not sure if the wood glue is compatible w/ the Red guard as far as not reacting to each other and causing the glue not to stick.. If your nailing the flooring down then your not doing anything as far as water proofing or using it as a moisture barrier since your driving nails/staples thru it..And then you still should have a felt ot rosin paper under the wood to keep the sub flooring and bamboo from rubbing together. Although the Red Guard may act in this way. So at 40 $ a gallon and 120$ or so for a big bucket , I d question this practice. Plus to properly put it down you need 2 coats ..E mail me thru my avatar if you have any questions GL

Which is cheaper – Carpet or laminate wood flooring?

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Can’t stand the smell of the carpet in our master bedroom and I’m looking to either re-pad and re-carpet or to get laminate wood flooring.

Does anyone know which is cheaper to do? Carpet & padding or laminate wood?

If they are an average , mid range type carpet or laminate , the cost will be about the same as the others stated . But the cost of labor for laminate will run you more since it is a slower process to install. An mid range carpet, installed, will run about 3$ a s/f ( with a pad to warranty the carpet) . A mid range laminate will run 2.25$ a s/f plus 2$ a s/f for installation. Prices vary from area to area but these will give you a basic idea. GL

Cool Concrete Kitchen Floor-DIY

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See a gorgeous acid-etched concrete floor installed in a kitchen. This video is part of Rock Solid show hosted by Dean Marcisco, Dean Marsico, Derek Stearns . SHOW DESCRIPTION :They’re expert masons and real-life comedic cousins, and they’re only on DIY Network’s Rock Solid! With irreverent humor, practical jokes, and luckily for us, lots of masonry expertise, Derek Stearns and Dean Marsico show you how to build sturdy stone top tables, sensational outdoor showers, fabulous fire pits, and rare rock gardens. This is not your average do-it-yourself show, but Derek and Dean ensure every project is Rock Solid.

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Rejuvenate Floor Restorer on Laminate Flooring

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We installed laminate wood flooring in our hall, kitchen and family room. Shortly thereafter, our dishwasher overflowed and the shine never came back on our flooring. We saw your commercial and my hubby decided to try the floor products and WOW, the floors look brand new. We got such compliments and our floors are so shiny and rich looking. Thanks so much for making such a great product. We recommend it to all our friends with wood or laminate flooring. We don’t normally write about products but this really protected a big investment in our house. Keep up the good work.
Mr. & Mrs. C. Discenza
Beachwood, NJ

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How To Lay a Wooden Floor

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This is the Nuts n Bolts of how to easily lay a wooden floor

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Kahrs Hardwood Flooring Review

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http://www.hardwoodinstaller.com. Overview of Kahrs prefinished engineered hardwood flooring products. Included; Traditional Woodloc, Castle and Cottage, Presidents, Herringbone, and the new Spirit Collection(2009)

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S.H.E Floor Depot Engineered Flooring (Part 2)

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The Structure of Floor Depot BKB Engineered flooring – 3 layers construction and manufacturing process

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DIY 109 – Refinishing wood floors – Putting on finish – part 3 of 3

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The final steps after prep and major sanding. I used a water based polyurethane.

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