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What type of rug backing is best for wood (engineered wood) floors? Do some backings hurt the wood floor?

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I have heard that rubber backed throw rugs are bad for wood floors. And I am purchasing some rugs for my new home, which has wood floors.

It isn’t scratching you need to be afraid of, with rubberized backing. It is the rubber breaking down and either crumbling, or, if anything greasy got on it, it would turn to a sticky, gluey mess.

Look for rugs made of natural fibers, either cotton, wool, or silk. They wear well, and won’t damage your nice hardwood floors.

We have wool rugs on hardwood.

Do you like laminate or real wood flooring?

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Real wood. Sounds, looks, feels and lasts better. Some buildings have original wood floors that are hundreds of years old. How many laminate floors are going to last that long?

Where can I get the best price for installation of hardwood floors in the Memphis, TN area?

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Including wood and installation.

Call 5 or 6 contractors in your area and write everything you want done plus the time frame if the project doesn’t finish on time then charge them a day rate for the time the job is not completed and call the Better Business Bureau to check them out and make sure they are Bonded.

I just bought bamboo flooring and now its supposed to rain. Should I go ahead and install it or wait?

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The flooring is solid wood tongue and groove planks and it has acclimated in the room for about a week. I was planning on installing it tomorrow, but now the weather is calling for rain from this afternoon until the middle of next week. Should I wait for the weather to return to normal or should I chance installing it?

the weather outdoors shouldn’t really have any effect on your installation -your going to love the bamboo its really a great choice

installing wood laminate flooring on second level of home?

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We currently have carpet on our stairs and second level. we would like to put in laminate in our upstairs. my husband says that our floor is slightly unlevel and that we would not be able to unless we have it leveled. any one know if that is the case? also what would anyone recommend for our stairs? can you put laminate on stairs? Under the carpet, the stairs are wood, but not a nice finished wood. keeping the current carpet on the stairs is not an option if we decide to go ahead with the laminate as it is old and worn. my husband is planning on installing the flooring himself.

As everyone has said already, laminate on your second floor (level or not) is not a problem.

As for the stairs, sand and varnish/stain them.

Simple Floors Hardwood Flooring Installed on DiY Network’s Sweat Equity

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Check out how Simple Floors Heritage Woodcraft’s Vintage Couture Hand-scraped Hardwood Floors looks like after the installation has been completed. Amazing transformation with this engineered real wood flooring from Simple Floors.

Duration : 0:3:6

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How To Install Laminate Floor Under Door

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This video demonstrates how to install a plank under a door casing. For more information about this video or Fausfloor® products visit www.fausfloor.com.

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Learn How to Steam Mop HARDWOOD & LAMINATE Floors with a steam cleaner. Learn the benifits and how to avoid damaging the floor! HOW TO, HOW DO I Steam cleaners with a steamer Wood Floor

Duration : 0:9:59

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BuildDirect Explains Engineered Wood Floors

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http://builddirect.com Co-founder Rob Banks explains the factors to consider when buying engineered wood floors.

Duration : 0:4:12

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How to Sand and Save a Wood Floor

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Ron Tanner, from Houselove.org, shows you how to reclaim a damaged wood floor using a belt sander and simple tools.

Duration : 0:10:3

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