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Krono Twin Clic flooring

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How to fit Krono Twinclic flooring

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Prepping A Plywood Subfloor For Hardwood Or Laminate

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We’ll show you how to level your floor, check for excess moisture and mark a starting guideline.

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Hoover FloorMate Hard Surface Floor Cleaner – Item: 824-352

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Prices subject to change. Please visit www.hsn.com or call 1-800-284-3100 for the current selling price. Clean your flooring surfaces as easily as your carpeting with our Hoover FloorMate Hard Surface Floor Cleaner. Use it to vacuum, wash and dry many surfaces such as vinyl, ceramic tile, sealed hardwood, slate, stone, marble and more. It can clean and pick up wet and dry debris – virtually eliminating the need for a mop, bucket, broom and dustpan. And the front-mounted squeegee speeds pick-up and drying effort.The FloorMate’s two tanks detach for quick filling and emptying. And the brushes and nozzle also remove easily to make cleaning up your machine as easy as cleaning your floors. You’ll love the…

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What is the difference between engineered and solid hardwood

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A solid hardwood floor has more movement then an engineered hardwood floor. It will expand and contract more, responding to changes in temperature and humidity. Because of this, only engineered wood is recommended for below grade installations. Doug Robinson, of Certified Carpet Distributors, Inc. (distributors of carpet, hardwood, ceramic, and vinyl flooring materials) explains how engineered wood, especially that with a dry saw face, has the beauty of natural would but is more stable. It can be recoated endless times, and refinished at least one if a color change is desired. Engineered wood with a greater number of layers is better — form instance 7-ply engineered wood is better than 3 ply.

Filmed at Molyneaux Tile Carpet Wood in Pittsburgh, PA. http://www.beautifulfloors.com

Email your questions about flooring to vblog@beautifulfloors.com and we will publish them and our answers in video.

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Hardwood floor refinishing: “Tacking” a hardwood floor

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When applying wood floor finish it is necessary to “tack” the floor to remove all dust and debris which might show up in the finish.

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S.H.E Floor Depot Engineered Flooring (Part 1)

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The Structure of Floor Depot BKB Engineered flooring – 3 layers construction and manufacturing process

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Floor Refinishing Cost

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What’s involved refinishing a hardwood floor, how much does it cost, should you do it yourself or hire a floor sander. Learn more at http://www.diyornot.com

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New revolutionary hardwood flooring now available at www.HistoricRanch.com. It is custom beautiful, eco-friendly, and is a fraction of the cost of traditional hardwood flooring.

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teakwood betz cover

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Roddy Davis, Jacob Schlesinger, Stefan santivicca


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How do you get the stuff out of the cracks when refinishing hardwood floors?

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I am sanding down and redoing my hardwood floors. How do i get the junk out of the cracks that has accumulated over the years? And any tips or tricks for refinishing hardwood floors?

Use toothpicks and a vacuum to get the mess out. The toothpicks are soft enough that they should not damage the wood the way a metal tool might. Be careful with the sander. It is easy to sand gouges in the wood.